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  1. K

    Need Suggestions....

    Will you post that recipe for me...I don't what that is!!! Thanks.
  2. K

    Need Suggestions....

    I'm doing an Open House type show on Monday and doing an Italian Theme. It's for a group of teachers, so we're doing it right after school. I'm making the food ahead of time and taking it with me....I'm making the Perfitterole Puffs (sp?) and can't really decide on the other thing to make...
  3. K

    Wine and Cheese, Sips N Dips Shows

    You should look on the internet for some information....there should be a list somewhere that says what type of wine goes specifically with types of cheese...if you have a Liquor Barn, they would be able to help you. As far as Sip N Dips....you could do margaritas with salsa, guacamole...
  4. K

    Ahhh!! My Pizza Stone Broke in Half!!

    I have a better story- not PC related, but topic related! One Thanksgiving, my grandmother put her dressing in the oven (glass dish) to warm, and the turkey was under it on the bottom rack....the pyrex that the dressing was in shattered everywhere! Thank God she had the turkey in an oven bag!
  5. K

    Pull Apart Bread....

    I was reading a previous thread about Pull Apart bread...This works in the small 8" saute pan?? I can't believe it...
  6. K

    Chillzanne Rectangle Server

    Somehow, I ended up with an extra! It's brand new in the box. If anyone is interested- Make me an offer! Email me at [email protected]
  7. K

    Springform Pan Set

    Okay, I just purchased a Spring Form Pan Set from a fellow consultant...I didn't realize that there was an old version without the glass bottom. If I were to order the glass bottom off of the replacement parts, would it work with the older pan and inserts? It seems to me that the only...
  8. K

    Batter Bowl Gift Set Ideas-

    I actually just made some batter bowl brownies sets for a craft fair last weekend. I sold them for $15...I only sold 2, but there really weren't a lot of people that even came to the event. The ingredients are a little expensive, because of the M&M's... I did tie a big bow on top with some...
  9. K

    Super Starter Bonus

    Just wondering if anyone has the SS2 package and would want to trade for month 3? I'll be reaching my month 3, but have every item in it, but I didn't reach the goal in month 2, and I have none of those products!
  10. K

    See What Host Coaching Can Do....

    Jsut thought I'd update you all....were a little under $1100 now! Closing on Friday, she still has 4 more orders!
  11. K

    Holiday Open House Invitation

    I thought this may be helpful for some of you!
  12. K

    See What Host Coaching Can Do....

    Just got home.....we ended with $915, and there are at least 5 more orders to get this weekend!!!! I really just reminded her that the more outside orders she had, the better benefits for her. I also gave her an extra folder with a letter on the outside to put in the lounge at her work...
  13. K

    See What Host Coaching Can Do....

    I have a show tonight, and last night my host and I talked on the phone and I entered in her outside orders in Pampered Partner....she had $563 in outside orders already! She is expecting at least 8 people tonight and there are more people at her work that said if they can't make it, they...
  14. K

    Fall Flyer

    I love your flyer! Can you please send me the word file- [email protected]
  15. K

    Rice Cooker ??

    Okay, I have read all of the posts on the Rice Cooker Cake- and it sounds great! But, I've never made any of the Microwave cakes and I don't understand!! Sorry- I guess it's over my head! ;) Will someone please tell me, step by step, the "recipe"? Thank you, in advance! Kati
  16. K

    Yard Sale

    I had a yard sale last month- I set up a table with the table cloth on it and some Framed flyers- one saying that if you place an order today...enter to win a PC gift basket. Also had a sign up sheet to receive a PC newsletter by email with new recipes and tips every month. Then, I had old...
  17. K

    Bad Situation......help

    I talked to HO this morning, and they said that since it's already shipped, we can't change the address... It's being delivered on Monday, if I don't have the $$ by then, the HO suggested that I send her a Registered Letter stating that I will seek legal action if I do not have the $$ before a...
  18. K

    Bad Situation......help

    Show is being shipped to her since she lives in another city. My director isn't home- she had a show tonight....left her a message to call. Unfortunately, i don't have the $$ to cover it right now.
  19. K

    Bad Situation......help

    Okay, I did a show August 5th (Friday night) for this girl in a nearby town...she was a guest at a show that my director had done, and she HAD to have that night....all her friends wanted that night, etc... well my director was on vacation, so she asked if I could do it. Basically I had a week...
  20. K

    I'm Brand New- and Just Had My First Show. I'm Trying to Print the Pp

    Isn't it a little unprofessional looking when you can't read the statement at the bottom of the receipt, and there's a page number in the middle of the PC logo? Does everyone have this problem?
  21. K

    I'm Brand New- and Just Had My First Show. I'm Trying to Print the Pp

    I'm brand new- and just had my first show. I'm trying to print the PP sales receipts, and can't seem to get them to print correctly! It keeps printing over the Preprinted text and logo- is there a way to fix this? :confused:
  22. K

    Gotta Question

    I live in Lexington!
  23. K

    Easy Accent Decorator

    I've been practicing some recipes this week (ss1)- I made the Crostinis (tapas) in the Season's Best Cookbook, and instead of spreading the cheese mixture on the bread slices, I used the Easy Accent Decorator- you have to use the largest opening attachment. They looked much prettier than the...
  24. K

    Need Help With Pc Sampling Open House

    open house I just started with PC (don't even havemy kit yet), and have been trying to come up with ideas... My first one is for an Open House, I will call it an "All the Best" show or something to that effect..And have already prepared recipes from the All the Best cookbook with a list of the...