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  1. smarteez2

    I Am Back After a 3 Year Break and I Have Questions

    Ola everyone!!! I sold PC from 2005-2010. I just resigned to begin again and I see a ton of stuff has changed. Just wondering if anyone can give me a quick rundown on the rules of facebook and PC? I know when I left we could not mention it in any way shape or form in basically any blog or...
  2. smarteez2

    Wow Who Knew?

    Ok apparently I fell way behind and did not even realize it. So far behind that I can't even log into consultants corner anymore.....what do i have to do to become a consultant again?
  3. smarteez2

    Dumb Question

    But now that the conferences have started, when can everyone else find out about the newest item? I have been away for awhile so I am not sure anymore. If someone knows already can you send me a PM? Thank you.
  4. smarteez2

    Tax Question

    Never mind found what I was looking for.
  5. smarteez2

    Went to a Salad Master Show Tonight!

    The purpose of the test is to show you how the pans retain flavors etc. When I went to one years ago, they test the glass pans, a cast iron skillet, non stick etc. It all tasted disgusting!! I am a die hard PC fan but I did buy their stainless steel cookware in 94' for $4000 AMAZING cookware...
  6. smarteez2

    Stupid Torte Pans!

    LOL well that's not the pan's fault!! LOL
  7. smarteez2

    Recruit Etiquette

    I would sit and talk with both of them cause frankly once you sign on the dotted line you are stuck with whomever you choose!! Feel them out and figure out which of them them you prefer to deal with. Then make your decision from there. Best of luck and welcome to the Pampered Chef Family.
  8. smarteez2

    Executive Cookware Problems

    I have both sets and no peeling or flaking in any of them. What does amaze me is that people worry about scratches. It is going to happen no matter how careful you are with them. I amazes me that people expect things to stay perfect...hello normal wear and tear happens. I am sorry but even...
  9. smarteez2

    soWhats Your Favorite New Product?

    I can't really say what my favorit new item is yet....I get them on the 11th so after a few used of each item I will be able to better judge, I am excited about the grill tray though and connot wait to use that!! Could care less about the glasses, I do not care for the Dot's items at all. I...
  10. smarteez2

    Simple Additions

    Nope never. I dont d the dots though I have the old solid white SA, dont know if that makes a difference
  11. smarteez2

    New Use for Measure, Mix and Pour

    I hate the MM&P. So mush that I threw it out!! I tried making dressing in there and Blahhhh it made a mess. I much prefer the dressing thing from tupperware the one that completely seals so you can shake it. Sorry my 2 cents only.
  12. smarteez2

    What!?!?! How Many Recipes Do You Do?

    Kindly tell her that those extra recipes were provided by the host and not you. You only do 1 maybe 2 recipes. Me myself usually have a recipe made and then I make a recipe for the show. Tha's just the way I do it, but the majority of my hosts usually have a buttload of food there as well...
  13. smarteez2

    Tax for Afb ?? Help

    I knew I was right I knew I was right!!! :cheerleader: Yay me!! Sorry couldn't help it I have had a bad day and this just made me feel better. ;o)
  14. smarteez2

    Spring '10 Product Predictions?

    I don't know about predictions however I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a spice rack for all of my PC spices!!
  15. smarteez2

    Tax for Afb ?? Help

    Ok from what I remember there was none but if other people say there is the only thing I can think to do is call Home office and find out for sure. They are the experts :o)
  16. smarteez2

    Tax for Afb ?? Help

    Actually there is not a tax on the base. I am military as well as a consultant and have done parties on the base no tax.
  17. smarteez2

    What's Your Favorite Appetizer?

    I like homemade jalepeno poppers myself, slice and deseed the jalepenos insert cream cheese wrap in bacon and bake in onen at 450 until bacon is crispy!!!
  18. smarteez2

    Stoneware or Sheet Pans - Which Do You Use?

    I like both for everything I have no preferences actually to tell ya the truth
  19. smarteez2

    Cookie Press/ Potato Ricer

    I would think not however it may work with say like small new red potatoes cause they have a thinner skin, however I would not think it would work with regular ones cause the sking is thicker.
  20. smarteez2

    What's for Dinner...monday, Dec.28

    I will be utilizing some leftover ham and making scalloped potatoes with ham and will also have leftover greenbean casserole along with it.
  21. smarteez2

    What's for Dinner...sat., Dec 26

    I make a rue with butter and flour, then add milk to make a cream gravy s & p to taste and when it's thick I add shredded pieces of turkey, usually the dark meat (that's the only way I will eat dark meat) and let it heat through and then we eat that over mashed potatoes.
  22. smarteez2

    Pastry Blender

    I love my pastry blender, I have never used it for pastry per say but use it for deviled eggs quite a bit and for mashed potatoes I have used it for many other things to but I can't remember what they were, but anyway I love my pastry blender.
  23. smarteez2

    Simple Additions Scratches

    You know I have scratches in mine too and have tried things to get them out but I finally realized.....who cares!! It shows that they are used with lots of love!! LOL Seriously though, think about it if there is food on the plate who is going to see them? ;o) I think it is funny that people...
  24. smarteez2

    Best Cookie Recipes

    I love the after dinner mint triangles!! However I would like very much to be able to make them into shapes...i.e with cookie cutter but they are very hard for me to even cut any suggestions?
  25. smarteez2

    Aldi Is Out of Almond Bark

    ok what is almond bark? Is it just meltable white chocolate?
  26. smarteez2

    Easy Show Recipe?

    I just did the After Dinner Mint Triangles yesterday at my show and they were soooooooooo easy!! And oh my gosh so delicious!! I highly reccomend them!!
  27. smarteez2

    Payment for Order

    Yes you can absolutely do that. As long as it is paid for you are good to go. I have done it several times in different situations and have never had a problem. You do not have to change the host name to the boyfriend just leave it as is.
  28. smarteez2

    Personal Feedback on Jenny Craig

    OK here is my 2 cents on JC. I have never done it however wanted to really really badly but could not afford it. So what I did was this. For breakfast I would have either a package of oatmeal or cream of wheat with 2 packages of splenda and a piece of fruit. Three hours later I had a 100...
  29. smarteez2

    Host Specials?

    Well thank goodness I am not the only one. I really hate having to explain and such, I hope they sloww down on these type of host specials and go back to normal cause these really suck....sorry just aggrevated...LOL
  30. smarteez2

    Host Specials?

    Is it just me or in anybody else getting tired of these lame host requirements? Why make it harder than it has to be. I understand that it is supposed to be an insentive but how bout we do say every other month instead of every single month? In my opinion it's getting old anyone else? Oh I...