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    French Door Refrigerator Help

    We just purchased a Whirlpool, Freezer on bottom, french door, Convienence drawer in center, with ice and water on the door from Lowes. It is the model from 2011 and he 2012s just came out so we got it for less than the scratch and dent models. The new one goes for $2600 and we go ours brand...
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    Bodybug Opinions

    Body Media used to have one that was the exact same thing just no subscription required (that was 2 years ago). I had one(BB) and switched because of the price of the subscription. I found that if you are obsessive about anything you can work too hard to raise those calories burned.
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    Iso Rental Ideas for 15-20 People

    Deps can do the rental. We used one at Disney and DH did not go with us. We had 10 family members with us.
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    Iso Rental Ideas for 15-20 People

    Have you thought about Military owned Timeshares? Your guests do not have to be Military and they are sometimes surprisingly really nice.
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    End of Year Teacher Gifts

    I do lunch bag, with a citrus peeler, 1 prep bowl filled with candy, and a season's best. I also put a note from my kids/picture for the younger ones int here.
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    New Web Questions Part Deux

    I have a question that I may be missing somewhere but if we link our catalog show via say FB will it still work? Since your email seems to be the key to showing what shows you are invited to. And what if the host didn't have your email information? The tutorial, as I recall, showed them...
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    Denim Apron???

    Wow, I didn't expect such a response. I was just curious what everyone else wore. I personally don't wear an apron, probably because I am always pregnant and can't get them to fit comfortably.
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    Denim Apron???

    I really don't post here much but I had a question. Does anyone still wear their Denim Apron? The reason I ask is we were visiting friends in Alabama and I went to a show at my friend's neighbor's house and the consultant wore the denim apron. She said she picks her apron depending on the...
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    Grill Pizza Recipes

    Jerk Chicken Nachos, YUM!!! Only takes a couple of minutes to warm everything up.
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    Family Dog Lost in Tornado 4/3/12

    YAY!!!! So happy for you guys.
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    Family Dog Lost in Tornado 4/3/12

    Aw, I am so sorry you haven't found her. Have you shared this on FB? It could be nationwide in minutes. I hope she turns up soon.
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    Beef Roast in Dcb in Oven

    What about a PC rub?
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    Costco or Sam's

    I like both. They carry different brands so depending on what I need... Costco around here is a little cleaner and the aisles are more spacious. Oh and I LOVE Costco birthday cake, YUM!!!
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    New Margarita Mix

    You could probably use it to make flavored ices or sorbet. Or maybe mix it wih cupcake mix or icing.
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    Big Announcement!

    Before they came out with a PP3 for MAC I used a spreadsheet that did all of my calculations for me so I could bring my lap top. It did not have to be changed unless the shipping rate changed so I could use it month to month. I do not see an issue if you do not have a wifi, i-product, or...
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    I Would Like to Get Your Opinions on Beachbody as a Direct Sales or

    Re: BeachBody A friend of mine is a BeachBody Trainer. She mostly does her business through lead system and FB (some of her BB connections have led her to outside training jobs, she is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist). She seems to like it. While it is her primary income it is...
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    Kids B-Day Treat for School, Gluten Free?

    I use Plantain flour in everything, so yummy!
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    Shipping From Merrill Store

    I have never recieved anything from them that didn't take forever to receive. I think it depends where they are shipping to. The shortest I ever waited was 4wks.
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    Help!!! What to Make?????

    I would do a pantry show.
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    October Consultant News

    I just saw this, I got my October CN 2 days before my September CN arrived. I did get the email and gave my feedback.
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    Artisan Bread Show

    This is the show outline I was given. You make up 2 batches THE NIGHT BEFORE - takes about 1 minute each Cover and leave on the countertop. SS bowls work great. Then two hours before the show starts ( before you leave for the show) You take one of the batches and put it on a...
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    Artisan Bread Show

    Has anyone done the Artisan Bread Show? How did it go? I am currently letting my dough rise to try the recipe but I was wondering how good of a show this is.
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    What Goes Good With Wine?

    Anything... More wine perhaps.
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    Just Venting a Little

    Hello all... I rarely post here but I figure you all would be the most understanding of my little rant. We recently moved to a new state. Literally, unloaded the last box and evacuated for the Hurricane. Now everything is back to normal. So I have settled in and unpacked, marketed the heck...
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    Please Help!!! Not Sure What to To!?!

    They will show up when you print them from your website because you have to manually input them into P3. They will not show up in P3.
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    onTime Start?

    I set my kitchen timer for 30 seconds and let it go off until everyone is paying attention and if that doesn't work I have a really annoying ringtone that works wonders too.
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    Scam Warning

    I only accept checks at shows, anything else they must be cash or CC. I was contacted by someone and told them this and they did not place an order. c'est la vie.
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    Monthly Dinner Parties at Consultant Home

    Do you offer 10% off to everyone (since the 1st host will get 10% off of every order at the remaining show)? I was just wondering if some will only want to be the first because of this.
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    July Cn

    I call every month but still receive all of mine 1 month late. Clearly because it is available online prompt paper delivery is not a priority. I just download it and reference it. If something really speaks to me I will print it out but mostly I just wait for the real one.
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    Gotta Feature the Corn in Nebraska

    We grill our corn also, leave the corn whole just soak in H2O for 20 mintues prior to throwing on grill. When you leave the husk on while grilling it leaves the bottom as a handle and the silk slides right out. We will make a butter compound with one of the PC seasonings, Chili lime is my...