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    I'm Back!!!

    Thank you. I hope this year starts getting better it has been one thing after another all year so far and it is wearing me thin.
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    I'm Back!!!

    What a rough month. My Dad had a massive heart attack last month, then shortly after arriving in ND, he died. I have been gone for about a month, it has been a rough one to met some one and say good bye to someone all in a week. It has been a emotional roller coaster. I did get to meet some of...
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    Happy Birthday to Jenneyb, Sk8Mom209, Chefkristin, Bree4Bryce, and Mgg!!

    Wow!! Happy birthday to all of you cheffers!!!!!
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    Washer /Dryer Front Load Recommendations

    Though mine our new my friend owns the same brand and nethier of use have had mold or "smell" problems. She has had hers for almost 2 years.
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    Washer /Dryer Front Load Recommendations

    Mine are frigidaire (sp?) both are front load just got them in Feb. I love mine as well, electric bill, and water bill went down also. It takes me 1/2 the time to get all the laundry done. I never used to be able to keep up, but these days I can.
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    I Was Just Doing a General Search on Pampered Chef Newsletters to See

    I believe Joy will send you a word version if you need it.
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    I Was Just Doing a General Search on Pampered Chef Newsletters to See

    No if you were in her cluster you would know that she contracts all of those things out, she pays them to send it for her. If you can't tell she is my director.
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    Rough Day, All I Want to Do Is Cry...

    sslangley, I thought you might enjoy this poem, it was in my Compassionate friends newsletter that I got today. Dear Mr. Hallmark, I am writing you from heaven, and though it must appear a rather strange idea, I see everything from here. I just popped in to visit your stores to...
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    Rough Day, All I Want to Do Is Cry...

    As I said above I can't imagine how it must feel to lose a child after 4 years. It looks like we are part of the same amazing group. I'm sure you like me have some comfort in knowing your angel is no longer suffering. They are angels, God had a bigger plan for our children.
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    Rough Day, All I Want to Do Is Cry...

    I said the same thing to the girls doctor the day Kiley died, about how lucky we are to still have 1 child to bring home. If I didn't have Alissa I don't know what I would have done. I have always wondered what is worse, your situation, mine or losing a child when they are older. I hope I never...
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    Thread Killers Unite!

    I win, well for now.
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    Please Call Ho

    Which I guess limits us to our local papers?
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    I Just Gave Myself a Raise!!!!!

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    I Forgot to Tell You Guys!!!

    That is a double awesome for you! I have never had that happen to me ethier.
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    Pc Newbie Here

    Though we have already chatted a bit, I would like to welcome you to our virtual cluster. You will love it here.
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    Rough Day, All I Want to Do Is Cry...

    I know how you feel. I had twins almost 2 years ago, very complicated end of the pregnancy, long story short my girls were born at 32 weeks old, my eldest daughter was very ill with NEC, she died at 10 days old; After 2 surgeries and so many blood and platelet transfusions I lost count. I...
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    Booking Blitz

    I replied to your other post.
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    Booking Blitz

    do a thread search for 24 bookings in 24 hours, It gives you a script and is a great idea.
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    Need Extra Trifle Bowl...what to Do??

    Do you know any of the consultants in your cluster? If not I would call you upline director to see if she knows someone in your area.
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    Does Drinking Affect Sales?

    I would say yes. But not all the time.
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    Please Call Ho

    I will send an email to HO right after dinner.
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    Happy Birthday Melody

    Happy Birthday!!!
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    Tanning Salons

    Well said Anne, toothpaste, chicken, plastic, and the sun also cause cancer
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    toTip or Not to Tip the Fedex Guy?

    As far as tipping goes I have never tipped the fed ex guy or UPS.
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    toTip or Not to Tip the Fedex Guy?

    Funny you say that I just talked to a UPS guy today, who just transfered up here from IL. He stopped me because of my PC coat. From what I heard sounds like that complaint should be taken up with the HO.
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    Happy Birthday Margie

    Happy Birthday!!
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    I'm Official!!

    Congrats to you!!!!!!
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    Pampered Chef Stealing Inventions?

    I don't know that a product like that can be patented. The reason I say that is if that were the case only 1 company could sell a food chopper, only on company could sell cookware, only one company could sell a spoon. Right????