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    I'm Impressed!

    I take my daughter with me sometimes. She is 5. Heck she sells the stuff better than me. We also have a mother daughter team in our cluster. I think the daughter is 15. She actually does the demo but the mom does everything else.
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    Has This Happened to You?

    I think it's a great idea I think that sending out a flyer to future brides is a great idea. I'm sorry but you can get anyone's name and address these days unless they are in the witness protection program. Marie
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    Host Doesn't Want to Buy Ingredients

    Here's what I do When I am talking about hosting during my demo, I just say that it's easy and all they have to do is provide the ingredients for one recipe and open their home and I will do the rest. This is also in the letter I put in my hostess packets. So far no complaints. I started out...
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    Leadership Conference!!!

    I only have one recruit so far so I won't be going but I hope some of you will come back and tell us all about it. :D
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    What Happens When You Become Qualified?

    Thanks Donna Thanks for posting such a detailed reply. I never really knew all that and people are always asking. Now I will know the answer. :p
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    Make Pc Replace Your 9-5

    Count me in I actually gave my notice for the first of the year but my boss begged and offered me a nice sum of money to stay 6 to 8 more months until he retires. Then I will be going at it full time. :D
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    How Do You Make Your Show Fun?

    I love the crown idea. I think I will try that at my next show.
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    Batter Bowl Gifts

    I charged $15 and sold a ton. :D I am very excited about these. They are such an easy sell.
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    Is This Worth It Due to the Date?

    Personally I would skip it. You probably won't be able to have orders in by Christmas. That's my opinion though.
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    Open House Flyers Wanted!!!!!

    Pre-made Batter Bowls Just a note on the pre-made batter bowls. I had some made up and took orders for them at a Holiday Open House. I sold a ton of them. I am inputting the order for the bowls tonight so I can get started making them. I am going to start doing this at all my at all my...
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    List of Things Under $10

    I know I have seen this somewhere. There is a list that lists things under $5 and then things under $10 and so on. My stepmom is thinking of hosting a show and she keeps getting the "Isn't Pampered Chef expensive?" remark. I wanted to email this flyer to her. :confused: Thanks for your help!
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    Need 1St Show Recipes

    Chicken Enchilada Ring My favorite recipe to do is the chicken enchilada ring. The recipe is listed in the pc files above. :)
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    Multi-Vendors Open House

    I think situations differ. I am doing an open house this month with about 10 other people. I think we have PC, Mary Kay, Arbonne, ironwork, jewelry, leather purses, Lonaberger. I can't remember what else. We are doing it at the Longaberger rep's beautiful antique home. There is like 200+...
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    How Do I Help Hosts Increase Attendance at Their Shows?

    I send out invites for my hosts. If they provide me with 40 names I give them a small prize. I just tack an item that is less than $5 on there order when I put it in PP. So far it has worked. ;)
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    Need 1St Show Recipes

    Chicken Enchilada Ring This is my favorite recipe to do at shows. If you go up to the top of this page and click on PC files you will find it somewhere amongst all those files.
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    Show on Game Day

    Halftime? How about have some munchies ready for halftime and have your stuff displayed and talk about the products then. I would concentrate on the higher priced stuff like stoneware.
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    Male Consultant Insite Please!

    This just cracked me up. I love my husband but he is a big goof. I couldn't imagine him doing the demo. Although he has gotten me some orders and a few shows. I think guy consultants are great. I think alot of people would show up to shows just out of curiosity. Good luck to all you men...
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    Stoneware Tips

    Do you need a receipt? When you return a stone do you have to have the receipt? One of my friends broke in the oven last weekend. They have moved twice since she bought it and she can't find the receipt. She didn't buy it from me. :confused:
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    Going to Try Something New Today!

    I give away a cookbook with 3 bookings. I order the cookbook when I close the 3rd show. That way if anyone cancels I am not out anything.
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    Super Starter Dessert

    Could you post the strawberry banana sundae pizza recipe? :D
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    Bonuses on Cc?

    I'm waiting too I also qualified for my SS1 on September 30. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. ;) I did receive the Roasting Pan and Charm Bracelet and the first piece of the Show to Go. Today is Thursday so maybe we will all get a visit from the man in brown today.
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    Will Someone Look Something up for Me?

    Thanks! I am at work and didn't have an invoice with me to look on.
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    Will Someone Look Something up for Me?

    Could someone look up the amount of shipping for $30 if the product is direct shipped? Thanks!
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    Never Pre-Judge a Potential Customer

    My friend's husband loves the cookie press. For some reason that just struck me as funny. He makes prettier cookies than she does.
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    Super Starter Month 1...

    Ohhh I didn't know about the extra bonus points towards your trip rewards. I will be qualified as soon as I submit my last show. Yea! :D
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    What Does "Qualify" Mean? Update

    I agree with Beth to a point. Jess has posted about other difficulties with her director before. I think this site DOES probably help her more. Now if Beth were her director it might be a whole other story because I am sure Beth is an awesome director. ;) LOL. Thank goodness I have a good...
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    Opener to Show

    I like to ask what their favorite PC product is and why. I think of it as free advertising. I'm alot more likely to buy something that my best friend is raving about then I am a product that some lady I don't even know is trying to sell me because she needs to make money. It works good...
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    First Show on Tuesday!

    Good luck! My mystery host party only had 2 in attendance. :( I was a little bummed. I am on show number 4 for my SS1 and going strong so don't get discouraged. I have been really stressing that hosts never pay full price and I think that has helped my bookings. Wow I just realized after...
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    Need Your Input

    IMO if you have certain "business" hours set then you should stick to them. I am an insurance agent fulltime and I don't sell insurance after 5 PM. If you want an insurance quote you come in my office between 8:30 and 5 Monday thru Friday. Right now I don't really have set hours for Pampered...
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    What Does "Qualifying" Mean?

    They won't make you send your kit back. I became a consultant a few years ago. I had 2 shows. They were both pretty decent shows. Due to circumstances in life I quit doing PC. No, I am not a kit napper, I just was not able to continue. I actually felt bad about keeping my kit. I tried to...