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    Oops Placed as an Individual Order, Not on a Show

    Thanks for the reply Amanda, I will contact the mom and see if she is willing to do that.
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    Oops Placed as an Individual Order, Not on a Show

    Is there a way to move an individual orders to a host show? I have someone who has opened a show as her Christmas list, but it looks like her mother has placed an order, but it is not showing up under her show. So I am assuming that she placed an individual order. I am assuming the answer is...
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    Not Another Ds Business ...

    I would love the information as well [email protected] Thanks
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    Someone Should've Told Me!!

    I currently have a website, but have not reached my $1250 limit yet. I just had a friend try to place an individual order and it would not let her, luckily I have a show that closes this Friday so she just placed it under that and did direct ship to herself. It is very interesting that...
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    Problem W/Pocket Thermometer

    I am so glad I found this post. I was upset that my new thermometer was not working...guess what...the battery was not under the little silver thing. I would have never figured that out for my self. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this website
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    Consultant News

    I received mine just the other day.
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    Sweet Honey Vanilla Sprinkle

    so true... I need to find several recipes to make, my husband keeps eating it straight out of the bottle.
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    Sweet Honey Vanilla Sprinkle

    Anybody have any ideas for the Sweet Honey Vanilla Sprinkle?
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    Bread Tubes?

    Check Ebay or craigslist. I think I saw some on ebay the other day.
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    Weird Question

    Good to know
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    Idea for Male Customers

    I would focus on the DCB and maybe the med bar pan. I grew up with my dad (he won the custody battle when i was in 5th grade and was a latchkey kid). So I grew up eating alot of microwave dinners (i can't stand the sight or smell of hot pockets or hamburger helper). If I wanted a real meal it...
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    What's for Dinner..wednesday, Feb. 24

    I think we are going to try the Sicilian Roast Chicken. Just got my DCB over the weekend, used it last night and can't wait to use it again tonight.
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    My Delivery Was Stolen

    Well Good News...a guy and his son from a different street just brought over my three boxes. I am so glad it was someone honest. I love how the Fedex guy swore that he delivered to my house. Scott - love that idea. Patty - good to know that
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    My Delivery Was Stolen

    Thanks for all the replys. I will call HO and see what they say. I was really upset after the Fedex guys left, I am better now. I was so looking forward to playing with my new deep covered baker today. I had printed several recpices from this site and was ready to start playing. My fedex...
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    My Delivery Was Stolen

    I just joined Pampered Chef this month, did my first 2 shows (both closed on the 15th, to get HWC), and both host wanted the products shipped to me. According to Fedex the products were delivered yesterday, I was so excited (I had ordered as a guest at one of the shows - had to get some...