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    Leadership Conference!!!

    They had to sign by October 15 and QUALIFY by November. I was telling Susan that Leadership is even BETTER than National Conference. It is the BEST INVESTMENT in your business and worth EVERY penny.
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    Here Is My October Newsletter

    Rita...just a suggestion. You said in your newsletter that you will leave your lasagna recipe on your webpage one more week.....BUT no where in your newsletter do I see your website.
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    Too Much?

    LOVE your flier. I received on my doorstep a flier from a consultant in my neighborhood. (Should have recruited her myself :oP ) ANYWAY...I thought she did a great job putting it together. She had a neighborhood flier, recipe, $10 coupon if you book a show, and a call if you want me to...
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    Holiday Open House Invitation

    Kati....what a FABULOUS flier! Thanks for sharing!
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    I Have a Idea but Need Help !

    That is a good idea. Another GREAT idea (BEING a TEACHER) is to bring in some special treats for the teachers for their beginning of the year workday. Leave catalogs and order forms behind. They will love it!
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    Chat Room

    I found the easiest way to get your name gone from the chat room is to hit LOG OUT at the top right side of the page. This takes you to an error message. Just click on the Chefsuccess.com a Community for Pampered Chef Consultants at the top left and it will not officially log you out. Your...
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    Recently Moved-Very Frustrated

    Do a search for the bookings. There are a ton of documents on bookings. Greg....is there any way to search files by keyword? You can move your business, but it does take some work. If anyone took the class at conference, moving your business, please post your suggestions or notes here.
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    Down in the Delta

    While you are getting your business up and going, you can still contact your old guests and hosts and get catalog shows going there. Did anyone take the class at conference on moving your business? If you did, maybe posting the notes here might help.
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    I Just Reached $15,000 in Sales!

    Awesome Job! Congrats!!!
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    Does Anyone Have This "Problem"??

    Nell....I really like your letter for the host. It makes the idea sound appealing. I might have to give that a try. I had 4 cancellations this month!
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    Bread Tubes

    Brooke...Laura is correct. I posted a document with recipes and you will find it with a search.
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    Help!! Hostess Having Prpblems With Website E-Invitations.

    So she is able to access the evites, but they are not sending out? This sounds like a call to tech support. (unless she has the wrong email addresses)
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    Locations for Open House?

    Although an open house is always a fabulous idea, it is not always as big as we would like it to be. The key to a successful open house is to treat it as if it were a show with PERSONAL INVITES. So often on an open house we just put out fliers to neighbors or evites. Although those are fine...
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    Driving Business to Personal Web Sites

    The downside is you only get the one graphic to insert. The upside is they might stay and browse a while.
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    Driving Business to Personal Web Sites

    I didn't do a newsletter this past month, but will next month. I will just make a page that says September newsletter. I will copy and paste it there.
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    Qualifing 2 Recruits

    You definitely want to let them know that the ONLY way they can earn the roasting pan is to have 4 $150 shows or $1250 in sales by September 30. There are no exceptions. They must be submitted by midnight September 30. Ask if this is something they would like to earn. If they say yes, get...
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    "Grand Opening" Flyer?

    Here is what I have....(please change the names...I have my last recruits name on here)
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    I'm Doing a Fair Next Month (And One in October) and Am Interested to

    There are a ton of documents on here about fairs. Do a search and you will find more info than you could ever use.
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    Sa Totes

    I have one. I never used it. Email me directly and we can discuss details. [email protected]
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    No Bookings

    If they book a show AFTER the original show closes, the original host can not get the benefit. When guests are wavering at shows, I let them know that we can pencil in a date. That way their friend can take advantage of the host benefit when they have the show. If they don't set a date, their...
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    Bad Situation......help

    I would call HO and get their advice. I would definitely call UPS and have it rerouted. If you can't, I'd find out when it is being shipped to her house and maybe wait for it to be delivered. I'd call back again and let her know that you need the money TODAY. You would be willing to come...
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    Rice Cooker ??

    This is the same recipe as the 10 minute microwave cake in the fluted stone. What happens is that the icing is more dense than the raw batter and sinks to the bottom of the pan. The result is when you turn it over, the icing drips all over the top of the cake and ices the cake.
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    I Have a Question

    You do earn commission on guest specials, but not the 60% off host specials. Good luck with your fundraiser. Do you teach? I was thinking about approaching my PTA (I teach) and propose a PC fundraiser, but was thinking it might be weird being on the staff. Who knows. Can't hurt to try...
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    Mini-Tart Pan Recipes

    Here is what came up from Consultant's Corner when you put mini-muffin pan in for specific tool. Asian-Style Wontons Season's Best® Spring/Summer 2004 2 Asian-Style Wontons Season's Best® Spring/Summer 2005 7 Asian-Style Wontons Season's Best® Spring/Summer 2004 2 Basic Tart...
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    Need Recipe Please

    Go to Consultant's Corner. Choose Product Info at the top and choose Season's Best. Choose the Spring/Summer 2005. You can click on the Ice Cream Torte.
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    Looking for Recipe

    You can do a search on Consultant's Corner for recipes that are only microwave. There are a lot of recipes you could use where you make the crust ahead of time (desserts or pizzas). This is what I have....
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    Housewarming Kind of Party

    You could do this like a bridal show....guests can buy a little gift as a housewarming gift.
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    I Think That I Heard This Idea at Conference but Would Like to Open It

    Here is a site for napkin folding directions. Great idea for the new napkins and table setting theme. Would be fun for everyone to have their own napkin and have a lesson. http://www.weddingdetails.com/planning/napkins.cfm The next link tells you how to correctly set a table...
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    Had Fun... Still No Bookings

    I don't think you are setting your goals to high, but you need to talk to enough people to have your bookings that high. If you want more shows and you are not getting them all at your shows, you need to get on the phone. There is a direct correlation from the size of your paycheck and your...
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    September Shows

    Both fliers are FABULOUS! Thanks for sharing!!