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  1. janel kelly

    Fall 2007 Theme Show Featured Recipes

    I'm having a brain fart right now but what do you use for the chocolate covered caramels (brand name?) I can't think of what candy they are.
  2. janel kelly

    Christmas Goodies!

    Ok, I just made a recipe I got from a friend. It might be the same as the oreo truffles but they are oh so good. You just chop up very finely a package of oreo cookies and mix it with a block of cream cheese. Then you scoop them out in little balls and stick them in the fridge for a little bit...
  3. janel kelly

    Hey Guys! I'm Only $406 Away From This Darn Trip! I'm Pulling Out

    Oh Kristi, I know if anyone can do it you can!
  4. janel kelly

    byRequest Newsletter Question

    I signed up last January.
  5. janel kelly

    Any Word on the Sell-A-Thon?

    We actually had til midnight central time on the 5th to submit the shows. I looked on the flyer that had the sellathon promotion and thats what it said. No one heard any different right?
  6. janel kelly

    byRequest Newsletter Question

    I have the same problem. I e-mailed her twice and haven't heard from her. I signed up in January so I assumed I would be getting December's newsletter. I went to the website and I noticed that the price for a subscription went up almost $10.
  7. janel kelly

    Discontinued Items 2007?

    I love my silicone oven mit; I just wish they had it in another color. I wish they would discontine the egg slicer plus and make a new model. I like the thing; just wish it were redesigned.
  8. janel kelly

    Another Loss

    I am so sorry for your loss. God bless you as you go through this rough time.
  9. janel kelly

    After Last Night....anyone Reach a Higher Sellathon Level?

    Yes, it was a whole ordeal but I got myself just a few dollars over level 2.
  10. janel kelly

    How Do I Know What Level?

    The only thing about the individual performance tracker is it is the total sales including shows from October submitted in November. If you want to figure out your sales for the sellathon you'll have to look in Pampered Partner.
  11. janel kelly

    Yea for Snow Days!!

    Up here in Minot we always joke that we only have 2 seasons: 3 months of summer and 9 months of winter. These past 2 winters have been a whole lot easier than our first 2 here. When I ran to the store today it was 0 degrees outside but I know the windchill made it colder. I can't wait til we...
  12. janel kelly

    Anything Else on Backorder?

    How in the world did the consultant apron end up on backorder?
  13. janel kelly

    Well! Well! Well!! Happy Birthday Jodi!!

    Happy Birthday!
  14. janel kelly

    My Day - Uhhh!!!

    Aren't you glad we only have days like this every once in awhile. It makes me appreciate those "not much to write home about" days.
  15. janel kelly

    We're Back!...And Unhappy

    I think I remember reading that they will be sending the sellathon products we earned by the end of January. Yeah, its kind of a long wait.
  16. janel kelly

    What Is Your Favorite Slow Cooker Recipe?

    My husbands favorite crockpot recipe is Santa Fe Stew 1 lb ground beef chopped onion garlic 1 pkg dry ranch dressing 1 pkg taco seasoning mix 1 can corn 1 can hominy 1 can rotel tomatoes 1 can kidney beans 2 cans pinto beans 2 cans diced tomatoes Brown ground beef with onions...
  17. janel kelly

    Anything Else on Backorder?

    I don't remember getting e-mails from PC about other items on backorder so I was surprised today to get an e-mail saying that my last 2 shows I submitted have the silicone whisk is on backorder. When did it go on backorder? Is there any other items I don't know about that are on backorder?
  18. janel kelly

    What Was Your Biggest Guest Order?

    Good grief, where the heck are you ladies finding these people who order over $1,000 worth of stuff. I think people are cheaper up here since the cost of living is lower. The most I have had anyone spend have been hosts. I think the highest guest order was almost $200.
  19. janel kelly

    Need to Vent!!!!!!

    Well, good ridiance to that group of hosts and guests. No one needs that kind of stress. Lucky you to have them off your hands. At least you were able to make good commission off their shows.
  20. janel kelly

    Will I Ever Not Be so Tired?

    I normally feel really tired too. I think its more mental thought with all the talking I do at the show and answering questions and trying to remember what I need to say.
  21. janel kelly

    Help Me Get Freed - Show From H*Ll Never Ends!

    If you don't have time to call them or really just don't want to deal with talking to them maybe you can e-mail them or send them a quick note apologizing for the delay and explaining what the holdup was. Did you get bookings from this show? If not I would definately wash my hands off them.
  22. janel kelly

    Yea for Snow Days!!

    Good grief it would have to be like 100 degrees below zero here to close everything. We were negative 25 the other day and everything was open as usual. Before I had my boys a couple years ago I went to work and it was negative 80 outside. Eveyone's cars wouldn't start after sitting in the...
  23. janel kelly

    Need to Vent!!!!!!

    I can't believe your AD is siding with them and taking all the shows and leads. I can't imagine my AD doing something like that. I would be so hurt if that happened to me. I don't know if I could keep doing PC if that happened to me; not that you should quit or anything like that. I'm sure...
  24. janel kelly

    Wedding Registery Help!

    Thats what I thought but then my brain kept saying "what if"... Thanks!
  25. janel kelly


    Remember we still have til Tuesday to close our shows for the November sellathon. I'm glad too because I have 2 catty show hosts that started at the beginning of November and still... I called them Monday. They said to call them Thursday to close. So I called them today and they both want til...
  26. janel kelly

    Add Me to the List Now...

    You know I could tell you the story... but thats TMI. Basically with my last son and this one I told my husband to be very careful because I thought it was around the time I was ovulating and of course he wasn't which is why I'm on #3 now. I think I must be way to fertile because the two times...
  27. janel kelly

    Am I the Only Plus Sized Girl in the Friggan World Looking to Dress up This Season?

    Jennifer, I'm with you on trying to find Christmas outfits for boys. They have all kinds of cute girl Christmas outfits but not boys. I want my boys to take Christmas pictures too.
  28. janel kelly

    Add Me to the List Now...

    Allright ladies, you have really done something to the chefsuccess water. Add me to the list of preggo ladies. I just took a home pregnancy test. I'm due in August it looks like. I can't believe I'm pregnant already. My second son is only 8 months! This is 3 in 3 years! AgggHHH!
  29. janel kelly

    What's Your Opinion

    I finished my degree before I got married and had kids and all that. I actually haven't even used my degree yet since I stay home with my boys. My husband though just recently finished up his degree online. It has taken him almost 9 years since he first started. He started his degree at a...
  30. janel kelly

    Wedding Registery Help!

    When I get notified of a wedding registery order online is there something I'm suppossed to do with it? Do I need to make an individual order or does it automatically get sent out without me doing anything? I'm assuming I don't have to do anything but I want to make sure.