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  1. J

    Beer Bread Question.

    Not meaning to un-hijack, but I will... =) PC's beer bread is MUCh better than TS beer bread. And we do have a dip that goes with it - try the SW Seasoning mixed with equal amounts of mayo and sour cream. YUMMMMMMMY.... Also just as good is the Dill seasoning with the mayo and sour cream...
  2. J

    Need Ideas for Email Address......

    I definitely agree with Kelly. You'll want to set up an email account for your business that is NOT dependent on your internet provider. Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail, there are lots of them out there and most are FREE. Even if YOU don't have any plans to change your internet provider, you never know...
  3. J

    Ot: Wanna Help Me Narrow Down Names?

    I have a Carson, a Spencer, and my newest (10 days old!) is Parker. I thought it was kind of unusual but now I see like a hundred of you all either have or know Parkers. =) I guess it won't be so unusual after all. I can imagine in 2013 when Parker starts kindergarten there will be five...
  4. J

    Anyone Got Any Fall/Winter Catalogs Left?

    I have some old catalogs... but I live in NJ. I will not use them for anything else, so if you don't get any local responses I'd also be happy to send them to you for just the cost of shipping.... Let me know. I haven't been checking Chef Success often lately because I just got out of the...
  5. J

    Pc Visa Card

    No, anything charged after the closing date goes on the next statement, no interest is charged on the additional pending balance. No loopholes; all of my credit cards work this way. If you have it set to autopay the balance in full, then it just pays what was due in full on the current...
  6. J

    Pc Visa Card

    Through the credit card website.
  7. J

    Semisweet Choc Vs Chips Question

    YES! I make this all the time at shows, but I find that if I use the amount of chocolate called for it's never enough to impressively spread over the edges of the cake like the picture shows. Use about a cup of chocolate chips. I ALSO found that the type of caramel makes a difference - the...
  8. J

    Pc Visa Card

    Here's my take: I use the new credit card for all of my shows instead of the debit. When I get money at a show, I deposit the checks into my seperate PC checking account, and then I have that credit card bill autopay each month in full from that account. I don't have to remember to pay the...
  9. J

    Currently Have Att ... Considering Sprint What Are Your Thoughts?

    We used to have ATT (which used to be Cingular) but then switched this summer due to really bad cell service at our house. Never had much trouble elsewhere, but at our house we couldn't even answer the phone. We switched to Sprint, which was my husband's idea. I HATE Sprint now and can't...
  10. J

    Countdown to London

    I earned Level 3, and I wanted SO badly to go to London. But... I'm having a C-section this Wednesday. After much deliberation, I had decided that I'm not going to be ready for travel by April 6. So I chose the gift card option. =( But I will be thinking about all of you who are going...
  11. J

    I'm Freaking Out a Little Over Here...(Long)

    Mine were 10 lbs 1 oz... then 8 lbs 1 oz... the third (and FINAL) to be determined Wednesday morning. =) Jen
  12. J

    Postcard Stamps

    Thanks, Vanessa. =) trps - Actually I do all of my banking online and by automatic payments, so I only very rarely mail out anything at all - besides postcards for my shows. It would take me years to go through 130 of them to use for other purposes. Becky - I print the host return...
  13. J

    Postcard Stamps

    Well, I tried that once. With the host return address label on the postcard invites, there's not enough room to put the 1c stamp. I did do it anyway, to two parties, last time postage went up... tried to force it all on there... but then BOTH hosts called me later complaining that NO ONE...
  14. J

    Postcard Stamps

    Do you mail invitiations for your hosts? Please remember that postage is going UP (again) on May 15 from 26c to 27c for postcard stamps, and from 41c to 42c for regular first class stamps. I'm having a baby this Wednesday (yes, three days from now), so I am not doing any more parties...
  15. J

    Monkey Bread for a Small Family...

    Funny... I have always done Monkey Bread in the Small Batter Bowl - never in the fluted stone! It's the perfect size for 1 can of biscuits - cut each into quarters, dip into butter then cinnamon/sugar, bake about 30 minutes. Then, when it comes out of the oven, flip it out onto a plate, and...
  16. J

    This Is a Neat Idea!

    Oh! They've got a Stainless Kapoosh already, too! It's more expensive but it's pretty cool looking. Here's a link to one: http://www.target.com/gp/detail.html/601-8737505-2363307?asin=B000O38NRK&afid=yahoossplp&lnm=B000O38NRK|Kapoosh_Universal_Knife_Block__Stainless_Steel&ref=tgt_adv_XSMG1060
  17. J

    This Is a Neat Idea!

    12 Well, currently, I've got twelve in there: Forged Santoku Forged Chef's Forged Boning Forged Utility Forged 3 1/2" Paring Forged 3" Paring Color Coated Santoku Color Coated Tomato 4 Quickut Paring and Kitchen Shears (but... *gasp!* Not Pampered Chef!) It IS a little crowded, I...
  18. J

    This Is a Neat Idea!

    I use a Kapoosh to store all my knives. Love it! Never seen one? Here's a link to a picture... Kapoosh
  19. J

    Best Credit Card

    I use Chase for absolutely every single purchase I make (and pay it in full each month). We have the Flexible Rewards program, which gives you points based on dollars spent, sometimes with double point bonuses for spending at certain establishments, etc. I can redeem the points for airline...
  20. J

    Working With Other Businesses

    Gift Warranty Information When I first started PC about two years ago, I was very concerned about the lack of availablity of gift receipts - partly because my mom is a realtor, and when she hosted a show for me, she had bought several gift items to give to people closing on their first houses...
  21. J

    toSort or Not to Sort......laundry Quandry

    I used to sort, but I found it was wasting tons of time. Now I've got one laundry basket for each person's room - the only exception is we have one master basket for whites; that goes in my room. All the kids bring their underwear and washcloths and other whites to that basket, and when it's...
  22. J

    Pregnant and Have a Question

    I'm 11 days from having my third. (Can't wait!) This pregnancy was DEFINITELY harder for me than the other two. Shooting pains, yes, I had that for a while. Then it went away, but many other pains surfaced. I asked my OB about all of it and they just grin and say "yes, third pregnancy...
  23. J

    Cookware Protectors

    Ohmigosh I just LOVE the cookware protectors! They are my favorite new product by far! I was always worried about my cookware getting scratched up because of the nonstick on the inside AND outside - I was always being so ultra-careful but now they are protected wonderfully! As for other...
  24. J

    Sticker Shock: Tax Preparation

    Sure! Multiple forms are not complicated using TaxAct online. It goes through the wizards and it creates whatever forms you need based on your answers. Super simple. You could always try it, and then if you think it gets too complicated, just stop. They don't ask you for payment until...
  25. J

    Sticker Shock: Tax Preparation

    I use TaxAct online. Cost me $12.95 to e-file both federal and state; I did it yesterday. No software fees, and no software to install and have to keep for later. I hate that. I think it is normally $16.95, but I have been using it for several years so I think they sent a coupon earlier this...
  26. J

    What Is the Fast Track Program for Directors?

    It's discontinued. It's on page 14 of the Feb Consultant News.
  27. J

    Chef's Tool Strainer.....

    It's curved.
  28. J

    What Booking Games Work for You?

    I have had some luck with one game that I play with the host - but I don't know if it's what you are looking for, since it's not directly involving the guests. When I arrive at the show early to set up, I will ask the host about the guests that are coming, and we'll talk for a moment or two...
  29. J

    Director Benefit Kit

    Hi Laura... I can't go back and look up the exact date of shipping... it seems FedEx and UPS websites don't go back that far by reference number, and I can't remember who was shipping then... but I do keep track of all my G shows and what date they show as "show date" from Home Office.... you...
  30. J

    Weight Watchers

    OOH - AND I bet you could split it up into stations for your VERY successful new interactive shows! Station 1: Dressing, Station 2: Slice cucumbers, onions, Station 3: toast almonds, prep strawberries...