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    Ipad 3 accessories

    how do you get the pc discount anyone know the code
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    New Glass tote bag for sale

    interested if still available how much
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    New PWS Newsletters

    went to pc website but i cant track my newsletter , it says the feature will be up today but thats it:(
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    Anyone need a roommate?

    i might have room for 1 roommate
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    Putting window decals on

    I have a chev pickup truck... I have a large pc logo ,my name , phone and web site all listed on the back window:sing:
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    What scares me about Obama in a debate...

    what scares me is that ,many people believe he is the answer... He has already stated if he did not win he is going to court
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    Your own theme

    jill, i would love to see your flyer with the theme for this season
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    November Host Special

    when mine loads it come to a pdf file and i cant change the month:cry:
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    Fair listing website

    i went to this site and you have to pay a membership:thumbdown:
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    Anyone else disappointed....

    yes you could use the new grinder for nutmeg and other spices ,at conference they had grinders filled with a lot of different things
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    Sheet pans - NOW AVAILABLE!!

    sheet pans anyone made a cute flyer to e-mail sheet pans availble?
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    E mail/internet show

    online show I live in florida , have lots of family in chic area. I have had host do catalog show all through my site. It was very easy but the host still has to follow up with guest:sing:
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    Going out of Business SALE!!

    items for sale e-mail me a list too please [email protected]
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    Whatcha think about this?

    out orf blue calls This is a great idea can you post your script?
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    Need ideas for Homemade for the Holidays theme

    homemade for holiday Does anyone have a show outline typed up for a homemade for holiday show? I have one tomorrow night , and would like to see an outline so things move smooth and quick
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    Using a PDA

    just talked to tech support , they said we can use pp3 on a pda, but they wont give tech support. Wondering if anyone was using a PDA for their shows
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    Monthly drawings?

    do you get alot of response with the contact drawing on website
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    Sealed envolope game

    i was thinking you could have 1: grand prize 2: free shipping 2: with s/b 2: 10% off their order today 5: congrat you are my next host let everyone know that they don't have to play but they are taking a chance and if they open one with the host they will host a party. No one opens...
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    Summer booking Ideas

    I thought we don't get comm on host specials or 1/2 price items?
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    Weekly Bites

    trifle bowl when i put up my easter dec. I used the trifle bowl,set easter grass in bowl,stand in center places my easter tree on top and set cermic eggs in the grass....so cute
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    Help W/pp3!!!

    Pp# I don't like it, either. I try to play around with it but it keeps locking up my computer. It works very slow, tech support was no help they say it is my contection to internet, that is crazy I have the highest speed in my area
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    After christmas sale

    any ideas on an after christmas sale. need to push up my sales for the end of the year.
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    I know this is early but I have two shows already booked for October

    halloween I dont have the mini fluted pan but I am going to try them in the prep bowls
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    You'll LOVE this

    invites doesn't it take more time to print all the ivitation ?wouldn't be quicker to print all the labels?
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    Host coaching

    Does anyone have post cards they send to catalog host to keep them going?
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    Riddle Game - ?? on how to play this

    this game is so funny with the right crowd, i use it alot...iread the question and they yell out the answer. i would like for someone to come up with some ore riddles for some of the newer products
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    Weekday Daytime Shows

    i would love to do that too trying to advert weekday brunch when kids are at school. no bites yet
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    Just for fun - World's Shortest Personality Test

    just for fun <table width=350 align=center border=0 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2><tr><td bgcolor="#E1E1E1" align=center> <font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif" style='color:black; font-size: 14pt;'> <strong>Your Personality Profile</strong> </font></td></tr> <tr><td...