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  1. soonerchef

    Does anyone else have their own business, beside PC? I have started

    We have it at my OfficeMax so I would imagine that you could get it at almost any office supply store.
  2. soonerchef

    Does anyone else have their own business, beside PC? I have started

    Have you thought of buying Quickbooks for Dummies? I have a lot of customers with my other job that swear by it.
  3. soonerchef

    OMG, Stop Sell Notice!!

    I was going to just write the same thing...where else are we to vent? It's not like our spouses will really understand when we say "you know I can't believe that they put the DCB and DBS on stop sell!" My hubby would be saying "oookay, it's just kitchen stuff anyway...what's the big deal!"
  4. soonerchef

    Order All In A Mess!!!

    I have the shows come to me now and the last show was awful! I had one box that was completely crushed and had a Pie Crust Shield that was bent completely in half and then two of the new Tiles Rectangular Platters were basically dust they were broken in so many places. I love the platters but...
  5. soonerchef

    OMG, Stop Sell Notice!!

    Here's what gets me...since going back to work full time I haven't found the time to have enough shows to earn free products...so.........I base what I buy in the sample orders on what I think I could sell, the covered baker is one of those and it's just irks me that I spent money on something...
  6. soonerchef

    Last night I wore my new PC shirt (love the periwinkle

    You could also get some extra towels and sew a ribbon to them to make a smaller apron...I usually don't wear one at all and I tuck a towel into my belt and that seems to be all I need. I wear jeans too, usually people are dressed down around here, sometimes even in their PJ's!!
  7. soonerchef

    Extreme Makeover

    It looks like there is a Bamboo Carving Board on the counter in the photos from the show. I also couldn't find any mention of PC on the EHM site either...bummer!
  8. soonerchef

    I'm Frustrated!

    Call and speak with a supervisor....what a disaster!! Unfortunately the only way I have found to get around this stuff is to speak with a supervisor/manager there at HO...it's seems as if PC doesn't empower their front line people and that in itself is very frustrating.
  9. soonerchef

    Do you think I was wrong?

    I think you did exactly what you should have done, actually I would also call and speak with a "supervisor" with TPC HO and polietly rip them a new one! It's outrageous how they are treating you and the customer and this is not how we want ourselves portrayed!!!!
  10. soonerchef

    Need Advice ASAP on discontinued item!

    If it's not the Corn Butterer then it could be the Magic Mop, it takes grease off of the tops of soups and what not.
  11. soonerchef

    When you mail....

    I do both, I snail mail everyone and e-mail everyone as well!
  12. soonerchef

    Discontinued Products Outlet

    You think PC has some crocks taking up too much space?? Sheesh, I am glad this will be chaning frequently!
  13. soonerchef

    Potty Training

    We are having the hardest time with the twins...Kate, she does okay but is now being stubborn. She was about 95% there and now we are back to 75%, Ryan on the other hand just will not do it. He says he needs to go potty but never does. He doesn't care if he is wet in a pull up, diaper or...
  14. soonerchef

    I used to like Miss Manners....

    Perfect...that's what we should put in the e-vites!
  15. soonerchef

    I used to like Miss Manners....

    Oh that's a good one, maybe we should all send her an e-vite!!
  16. soonerchef

    I used to like Miss Manners....

    But now, with the below Q&A that I found I am not so sure. This is just what we needed...:rolleyes: "Dear Miss Manners, I have a question concerning the proper response to some "invitations". The invitations to which I refer are not those in which potential hosts request that you attend a...
  17. soonerchef

    Three Months Till I get married!!!:)

    I had a small wedding too except we spent $18K on 65 people, so when I say it's not about the wedding I know from experience...I wish I would have saved some of that money for a second honeymoon!
  18. soonerchef

    Bad Back as the excuse. Whats the answer?

    Sorry the bad back is not a very good excuse...we have a girl in our cluster that only has one leg! She has never used prosthetics and uses crutches to get around, she has been extremely successful for years....
  19. soonerchef

    My Daughter is getting Induced in the morning! WooHoo

    Congrats and we can't wait to see pics of the new "cheffer"!
  20. soonerchef

    Three Months Till I get married!!!:)

    I am sure that it will be gorgeous...just don't stress too much, it's more about the marriage not the wedding.
  21. soonerchef

    What's you fav PC cookbook?

    For the 17th time...All the Best, 2...Stoneware Inspirations and Main Dishes is 3 for me.
  22. soonerchef

    I entered an Apple Pie Baking contest

    Way to go...so are you going to share the recipe you used?
  23. soonerchef

    Suggestion for Thread Titles?

    Should we just see how many different subjects we can talk about in one thread?
  24. soonerchef

    What would be a great recipe for first show?

    Any of the super starter recipes would be great, there are two recipes for each catagory in the Season's Best or you could use the recipe that has the note cards that came in your kit.
  25. soonerchef

    On The Road Again, in Lombard, Illinois and close to Home...

    Glad to see that you found a way to get on here while on the road! Maybe just pop in to say hi to Doris?
  26. soonerchef

    Anyone else trying to conceive?

    Fingers crossed, Amanda.
  27. soonerchef

    Direct Sales Companys?

    Depends on if you need your head pulled out of your AS*!!
  28. soonerchef

    30 min. roast chicken

    Did you do a search? Try the recipes section....might be in there too.
  29. soonerchef

    Grating cheese is healthier!

    I always tell my guests that buying the packaged shredded cheese is a great way to get your fiber, that is if you like wood for your fiber!
  30. soonerchef

    Suggestion for Thread Titles?

    Ewwwwwwwww!! DH and I have a long standing disagreement about the Mets...he is from NY and is a Mets/Jets fan (I love the Jets btw) and I was raised to hate the Mets, so of course I would marry a Mets fan! DH gets really upset when my oldest calls them the Poppie Mets...I feel somewhat bad but...