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    Saying Good Bye to PC :(

    Ladies - this thread is over a year old. :)
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    Is Sellathon in June or July this year?

    HAHA Deb! No - I later got an email apologizing and stating that I'd gotten the email by mistake. I was told to disregard the info in the email. :)
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    Is Sellathon in June or July this year?

    I got an email saying that it was in June, but the email was meant for PC Great Britain...so now I know that theirs is in June. :) Actually, they are lucky, because the email said it was in June&July, so they have a two month window to earn the new products.
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    Cucumber Lime Dip

    Never mind...found it!
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    Cucumber Lime Dip

    The demo for the cucumber lime dip is supposed to be on CC - but I can't find it - can anyone tell me where it's located? Thanks!
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    Eating Healthy

    I've made a similar recipe in the blender. It's okay, as long as you don't mind an avocado taste to your chocolate pudding. I love avocados, but not like this. Don't like them in smoothies either.
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    Need a Bridal Shower activity that is NOT a game.

    Amanda and Karo - I love both of those ideas! Thanks so much - I hope others can use them too!
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    Need a Bridal Shower activity that is NOT a game.

    Hi all - I'm looking for a Bridal Shower activity - maybe a fun way to do introductions or something, but one that is not a game. I've seen the 50's Bride vs Modern Bride thing, but I don't care for that. Personally don't find the modern bride part to be very funny, and quite a bit...
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    Microwave Grips

    I have to say that these are my surprise favorite product! I keep them sitting right next to the stove. I don't use my microwave much at all, but they work beautifully for lifting the hot handle of the grill press, and for grabbing cookie sheets out of the oven, and for lifting the hot lids...
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    Cleanest and Dirtiest Foods

    EWG's Shopping Guide is the name of the app. It's free! :)
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    Cleanest and Dirtiest Foods

    I have an app on my iPhone with all this info! :)
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    Well- I never thought that would sell!

    LOL - same here. I sold mine in a garage sale. Why would I want to dirty 3 more dishes to coat something. I use paper plates. :) I don't coat/dip food that much anyway. But I've also had several customers love them. There are some things that I totally forget we even carry, because...
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    What samples package/s are you ordering?

    I'm getting the fresh lasting lid system - because I already know I want more lids. Not sure what I'll do with the extra vacuum piece. :(
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    Director So what does everyone think about the new products?

    I lOVE the tea infuser! I had one on my Christmas list that wasn't as nice as this one, and now I'm so glad that was something I didn't get! Personally, I'm reserving judgement on the egg cooker. We don't use the microwave for cooking, but I found a couple baked egg recipes on Pinterest, so...
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    When is an Avocado Ripe?

    I just pinned this the other day - how cool is that? Perfect avocado every time!
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    Spring Launch Product Discussion

    Re: *SPOILER* Spring Launch Product Discussion *SPOILER* Was any mention made of using the egg cooker in the oven, or was it strictly for the microwave? We don't cook in our micro. :(
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    Spring Launch Product Discussion

    Re: *SPOILER* Spring Launch Product Discussion *SPOILER* Hmmm, that's a bummer about the xanthan gum. It's a (highly processed & very expensive) corn product, and we don't use corn either.
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    Clean Pampered Chef Recipes

    We eat clean - but for us that means grain free & refined sugar free, and we eat raw dairy. We love the new Tex-Mex bites, and the recipe from a couple seasons ago with the cheese crisps w/ guacamole. ( can't think of the name)
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    Opinions on New Seasons Best

    I agree with Amanda!
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    What's for dinner tonite?

    Well, last night was grain free pizza. (New recipe - very good!). Tonight we have a sitter, and it's DATE NIGHT! Not sure where hubby is taking me, but I know I'm not cooking! :)
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    Director Ticket Activity

    I've had WAY more success with the Stealing Hearts game. I thought I'd shake things up a bit, and went back to the ticket activity, and it's just not as much fun, or as successful as far as bookings or recruit leads.
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    Guesses on New Spring Products?

    That's what I said! And according to the latest Newswire - there are at least TWO new stoneware pieces!!! (It's in the spoiler alert about new products.) Sooo, do you think the new stoneware might be more of the glazed stoneware like the new little piece from the Fall? (can't remember...
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    Anyone still doing these?

    I didn't like them either. Everyone has a different style they are comfortable with while demoing, and the interactive show wasn't mine. :)
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    Director I recently found out that PC discontinued it's

    It wasn't very user friendly. I visited a couple of times, but it wasn't worth it.
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    Director Bizarro Use for Mega Lifter

    I love odd uses for our products! A favorite one of mine is the host whose goal was to get the salad spinner for free. Not to use for any kind of food though. She wanted to spin dry her family's swimming suits while they were vacationing. :D
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    Director First one!

    That's what I don't understand. I'm getting plenty of online orders. In Dec. I got 27 orders for a total of almost $900! My dollar total for online orders in Nov. was over $1000. But this was the very first request I received for a show. I used to get show/business inquiries too - 3-4 a...
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    What's wrong with Christmas?

    LOL! Just had to laugh at the idea that saying Merry Christmas is a new idea. :p
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    Hi, all. I'm not dead (yet) - checking in with the old-timers

    Oh...so now I'm a creepy stalker? ;)
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    Hi, all. I'm not dead (yet) - checking in with the old-timers

    Hi Ann! I'm hardly ever here anymore. I discovered I like Facebook better, since I only have to friend the people I like, and don't have to listen to all the complaints of others. :) I've missed you - in fact, I've looked up your page on FB, but it looks like you aren't on there anymore...