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  1. jrstephens

    Losing my motivation....

    I feel the same way Susan. I give it to God and let Him provide me with the shows and orders that He wants me to have. When He thinks my time is over then the orders will stop. The first several months of selling I worried myself to death if I did not earn something or have major sales. I...
  2. jrstephens

    Haas anyone use KP Duty for Keratosis pilars?

    I am thinking about trying it and was wondering if anyone on here has used it. It is from Dermatologist recommended skin care products and skin health information. | DERMAdoctor Russell thinks I am crazy for considering spending that much $ but if it works it will be worth it!!! It does have a...
  3. jrstephens

    The Young and the Restless

    I will haveto post after I get caught up this weekend. We're on vacation and I haven't watched.
  4. jrstephens

    Dancing with the stars

    I thought Melissa did awesome! I was wanting the one that is the JACKA-- character to go - he is just plain stupid to me!
  5. jrstephens

    $3 Barbie 50th anniversary

    We got one at Sams at Christmas. You may want to try there. And have you looked online?
  6. jrstephens

    The Young and the Restless

    haha!!! Nick the giggalo! I also think he is a nemphomaniac too the way he went from Phyllis in the closet, to Sharon's room, to Phyllis in the shower! I guess we can have Sharon the klepto-ho and Nick the nympho!:D:D
  7. jrstephens

    Show on hold

    Make SURE you complain about no notification if you did not receive any!
  8. jrstephens

    The Young and the Restless

    Don't be posting any spoilers on here missy!!! I will give you a small one: my guide for tomorrow says "Neil and Tyra make love." Makes me sick b/c that has never been Neils character. They must have totally new writers the way things are these days!
  9. jrstephens

    The Young and the Restless

    That would be something wouldn't it! I do KNOW that Jill is not Katherine's daughter. I forget what happened back then for me to know that but I do know that is what happened.
  10. jrstephens

    Show on hold

    I just went through this SAME thing last week - no notification at all. If I did not keep up with my Shipment Status I guess it would still be on hold.
  11. jrstephens

    Tomato basil squares

    I have always used the bar pan for it. My theory is why should I try to make something round or square when it already fits in the bar pan, ha!! I LOVE this recipe!!!!!!! I even do a version of it on french bread slices when I am wanting it and not wanting to fix the whole recipe.
  12. jrstephens

    The Young and the Restless

    I hope she did steal it!!!! Cane is on my "not liking" list. He was partly one it with the whole Chloe mess and his attitude these last two weeks has put him on it. And Lilli is turning into a hepher and not her sweet normal self too. I mean, why would you want to raise a child that is not...
  13. jrstephens

    The Young and the Restless

    In a month? If she had of gotten her way she would have had 3 men in one day!!!:D Can we get a collective "KLEPTO-HO"!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. jrstephens

    Everyone In Alabama

    I saw this on the news last night. I am in AL but have never heard of this town. I need to look it up on Mapquest and see how far it is from me. It is sweet of yall to check on us all to make sure!:D
  15. jrstephens

    Credit Card not processing

    I had one declined the other day b/c it was a DEBIT card and HO runs it as a CREDIT card. The customer had to change cards b/c they could not get it to go through.
  16. jrstephens

    New Policies: receiving CN

    I have already read mine online when I get it in the mail b/c it is always so late.
  17. jrstephens

    The Young and the Restless

    Who do yall think Victor has this woman that had surgery looking like? And who she is? I know we talked about it a while back but lately. My mom thinkgs Sabrina is not really dead - she thinkg they faked her death. B/c when he went to Mexico it showed him calling someone to tell them "I'm...
  18. jrstephens

    The Young and the Restless

    Yes they were together YEARS ago. Of course we know they will break up eventually again so she can go back to Victor.
  19. jrstephens

    What's for Dinner? (Mar.5)

    I am picking up food from the Dairy Bar tonight. Yahoo! No cooking for me!
  20. jrstephens

    PC Decal for car- replacement letters??

    Maybe you could take it to a local shop and see if they could add just those letters in.
  21. jrstephens

    Losing my patience....

    I never had problems with I first started 3 years ago but this last year there seem to be many of them and there is always an excuse for it but never a permanent solution it seems.
  22. jrstephens

    Product adjustments

    I have sent emails before that has never gotten responded. I would call back either first thing in the morning or right before closing to try to get them on the phone. Also, make SURE you complain about your email not being answered.
  23. jrstephens

    Help me understand Facebook

    Here's a creepy contact for you This is so STRANGE!! My mother was married and had two children before marrying my father. Her first marriage broke up b/c he cheated on her and she caught him. Well, today the son of the woman who he cheated with and he's now married to but this is not...
  24. jrstephens

    Help me understand Facebook

    I was told they do not get a messgae but I do not know if I disappear from their friends list or not. Or if they just do not show up on mine any longer. He is still able to send messages but I do not see anything about him in any feeds and if he does send me a message I hit delete.
  25. jrstephens

    No return label following adjustment?

    There are cases where they do not need it to be returned but they tell you that. The return label will come via the post office so it could take longer to get to you. I would wait a few days and if you haven't gotten it, call the SC to check on it.
  26. jrstephens

    What's for Dinner? (Mar.4)

    We're eating at church. They are having BBQ chiken, baked beans, salad and dessert.
  27. jrstephens

    Anyone have a recipe using goat cheese?

    I have never had goat cheese. Or at least not to my knowledge anyway.
  28. jrstephens

    Help me understand Facebook

    When you are looking at the pic you want, on the bottom right hand corner below the pic click "make my profile." It will then take you to another screen so you can "crop" it and when you finish cropping it will make the pic your profile pic.
  29. jrstephens

    Help me understand Facebook

    I wish I had of came on here this morning when I was trying to adjust my feeds.Would've saved me a lot of looking!!! But I think I have it now. I ignore some of the applications and some I do. It all depends on how much time I have at the moment. I made fun of Russell for joining FB and...
  30. jrstephens

    The Bachelor

    I am totally agreeing with you!!!! UHHHHHHHHH! WHAT A JERK!!!!!! He must think he is some kind of God to play with people's lives like that!! I am SO GLAD he sent Stephanie home now!!!