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    New consultant needs ideas on products

    You can still order in this months Kit Enhancement. I signed on March 31st a few years ago and was able to order in the april KE and my 4th Month Kit Enhancement. If you have the money and want to spend it, it is a great deal. Someone correct me if it has changed within the last 3 years. Mara
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    What's your FAVORITE meatball recipe?

    I was so ready to post the recipe i LOVE. BUT it is not an italian meatball so since you were looking to do spagetti mine wouldn't work. It is Pioneer Woman's Meatballs BBQ Meatballs | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond They are more a barbeque ish meatball. Oniony and tangy so good...
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    Locked out of CC

    does it need to be $200? I justed posted the # to show it was over $150. I think it just needs to be $150 rhonda. Mara
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    When will I get access again?

    That is funny cause I posted the same exact thing in another thread. Advice on there was to call HO and another said that it should update by the 10th and let us back on. Mara
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    Locked out of CC

    Okay so I waited until the last minute to submit a show and stay a consultantI was in month 6 of inactivity . I got a success in P3, the show was def. over 200 but now I am locked out of CC. It is saying invalid consultant number. I am wondering if I should hold out and see if it comes back...
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    Voluntary evacuaton of Military Dependents here in Japan

    Shelia, if it comes time to leave I say forget the clothes and pack the heirlooms, or now that you have time ship them? What a hard choice you have to make. Sending lots of good thoughts your way. Mara
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    Voluntary evacuaton of Military Dependents here in Japan

    Seriously, how great is this little Pampered Chef community opening up their houses to people they haven't met yet? LOVE IT! We are in Alaska so doubtful they would send you here, but if they do, well.... you know. Mara
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    March CN is up on CC

    Nevermind I re-read that it is available in May, so much harder reading through everything when I do it online. Mara
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    March CN is up on CC

    Think that apron is going to be for sale in June? I would think a lot of people would buy it for the special man in their life. Mara
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    Before I call HO... cookware problem

    Did she use it as a hammer? I am guessing she is hoping that you can just use the adjustment feature and it will all be good. Sounds like maybe she was a consultant that bent the rules in that way - found a loop hole when wanting to return things that were out of warranty. Complained about...
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    Ladyfingers for Strawberry Coconut Tres Leches

    The ladyfingers here are in the bakery and they are tres expensive! Mara
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    Personal Off Topic Question

    I would search for other disney threads on here too, because there was a lot of advice given this past spring since this summer was the Disney trip. Mara
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    Price Changes and Retiring Products

    I think it is funny that it seems that they are already getting rid of the new colors. I thought they were ugly to begin with. Mara
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    Spring Catalog 2011 - Warning May Contain Spoilers

    looks like it is through the publisher somehow. Because there is a spot where you can make sticky notes as if you were editing it for others to look at as well. Plus the nice header. I know a lot of small community clubs in our town post their newsletter online like this in this sort of format...
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    OT: Personal Information Available To Others

    And also this is not the only website like this out there. When you put info out there, there will always be someone looking for it. The bad thing is that it is all there in one place. Just so you are aware, just because you delete it from Spokeo does not mean it is not out there on other...
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    Roasting Pan on stove top

    Yes it can, It can be used for more than just roasting too. Huge lasagna's or a big brownie batch. Don't use higher than Med-Hi.
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    Spring 2011 Product Suggestion

    I pulled up the thread from 2008 where people were making Spring 2009 suggestions. Some of them have already come true! Here is the link. http://www.chefsuccess.com/f8/product-suggestions-spring-46535/ Mara
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    ???free shipping on 11/29 PWS???

    Does anyone know how to order from JUST the main PC website. I want to use my Gift Cert. but I can't get to the regular PC website, it funnels me to my directors. I don't have my own website anymore cause I am sure it would have funneled me to that? Do I have to delete cookies or something? I...
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    ???free shipping on 11/29 PWS???

    Looks like those US people that are outside the 48 con. states still have to pay the $5 surcharge, but that is WAY less than what it normally would be, I will take it! Mara
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    ???free shipping on 11/29 PWS???

    I wonder if this will be an option on the Main PC website too. I have some gift certificates to use and I always hate that I have to pay the direct shipping. This would be fabulous!
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    Cheesy Chicken Chilaquiles

    I like it much better than the Mexican Lasagna recipe for the DCB. Use really crunchy chips. Chihuahua cheese is a mexican cheese, kinda the consistency of Kraft Parm, but not the same flavor. It can be found with other specialty cheeses. Mara
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    DCB lid

    I do it is from an old host. I think I should be able to fit it into a big flat rate box, but that is like 14 bucks, what were you looking at spending? mara
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    Dessert Duo recipe

    I love this one. Dip: 1 8 oz Cream Cheese 1/4c Peanut butter 3/4 c caramel ice cream topping place CC in SBB mircowave high 30 sec. whisk till smooth. Add PB and Caramel whisk till smooth. Salsa: 1 med Granny Smith 1 Med Red Apple 1 Lemon 1/2 cup Craisins 1/4 c caramel Ice cream topping...
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    Health (off topic)

    maybe cut the salt so you are not retaining any water for Monday. Good Luck sounds like you have been working hard to win. Mara
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    Show in RV with convenction oven

    check out the links that showed below and also you can search for Pamper Your Camper files. Mara
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    What to offer for 6 shows in 5 days??

    If you are not opposed to it and have the time, wash your stuff at the party while people are milling about, etc. Then you won't be tired on top of being tired with work, parties and clean up in those jammed packed days. Your kit will be packed and set. Mara
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    My son won't nap

    We do Feet off the floor time. He (almost 4) has to stay on his bed, he can do quiet things like read or play with a car or two. Most times he falls asleep if he needs it and if not, at least he got down time with no noise. and I get quiet time with no questions or talking. Mara
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    Ice Cream party

    How about freezeing the bar pan or rec. stone and do like Cold Stone Creamery and Maggie Moos where you mix in candy bars and stuff? My kids have fun doing that. Wax paper is helpful when you do that, they each get a scoop on the wax paper, mix it in on the stone then take their wax paper and...
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    Catalog Tote

    Or maybe a utility/messenger bag with a smaller slot for the mini size. I can see a man carrying that off. I definitely think the attitude you have on when you wear it plays a big part. Just think in reverse. If you saw someone wearing a catty tote of another company you like, would you be...
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    Health (off topic)

    Cathy I am interested in the questionnaire, Can you post it here or do you need an email address. Either way [email protected] Thanks! Mara