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  1. chef-kina

    NEED HWC stuff

    So I'm a moron and waited til the last min to do my hwc order and it didn't go through. If anyone has the following my customers would appreciate it! We did one combined order and I screwed it up. ya like i said I'm kinda a moron :blushing:. Anyways here's what I'm lookin for: Small square...
  2. chef-kina

    Price ??

    Does anyone have a list with the HWC products prices? I have a set of the cups/plates and customer wants to buy them but I honestly don't remember how much they cost me and on ebay they are overpriced, I think. Thanks!
  3. chef-kina

    ISO: DCB and Logowear

    In serious need of a DCB asap. Also looking for logo wear in M. Don't care what color or anything, just want something to wear to shows and out and about. Shipping to 85741 and I can paypal you. You can PM me or email me at [email protected] Thanks!
  4. chef-kina

    ISO: SB f/w 08

    I need 5 of them asap. If you have them please let me know a price w/shipping to 85741. [email protected] thanks!
  5. chef-kina

    Half price items ?'s

    One of my hosts wants to buy 2 sets of cookware, she is going to get the sets at 60% off because she hosted her show last week, but she wants to know if she can order another set as one of her half price items?
  6. chef-kina

    HWC or DOTS Apron

    Anyone earn this and not want/need it? I submitted my show a little too late, and didn't earn it. Or if you have the dots apron I would like that one too.
  7. chef-kina

    I need help...

    I have been doing PC for a little over a year now. My husband is in the Navy and we just got transferred. My question is: Can any of you give me tips on starting in the new community? I have not been out to very many things yet, because it is really cold here. I really want to have a good summer...
  8. chef-kina

    November show

    I was looking everywhere but I can't seem to find the invitation that was made for the leftover Turkey show. I saw it about 2 weeks ago, and I can't find it anywhere. If anyone can help please do. Thanks!!!
  9. chef-kina

    Retired food chopper needed asap

    Hi guys. If anyone has one I need it shipped asap. My dad broke his and is dying with out it. He refuses to let me send him a new one, old dog ya know?! So if you have one please let me know, and I can paypal you asap. Thanks, Jenn
  10. chef-kina

    Help please!!

    Ok so I am not sure how to go about this. I need your wonderful help. I got an email, from a moms group I am in. This woman has never heard of PC, but wants more info on signing up. What do I say to her? TY!:D
  11. chef-kina

    PC jacket for sale

    I have a PC jacket, that is approx a 3xl. It is a maroon color that has the old, old pc logo on it. The one with the chicken. My MIL gave this to me last year. She bought it in 2002 and paid around $55 for it. It is still in excellent condition. I didnt wear it more than 3 times. I need to get...
  12. chef-kina

    Help me quick!

    Just wanted to give an update. Thanks everyone for asking about my stuff!Please help me clear out. My husband just got new orders and we are moving in 4 weeks! EEK! Thats military life for ya!! LOL! I prefer paypal. Shipping is from 85755 USPS only, I will ship priority or parcel post...
  13. chef-kina

    How to handle this

    :confused: Hi everyone! Well I have just recently gotten back into full swing with my biz. I have a dilema though. I have been selling since feb, and when I first started I NEVER did any CC calls. How should I go about calling those people, or should I just leave it be? I feel really horrible...
  14. chef-kina

    Help Quick

    HI everyone! I need help fast. I am submitting a show and I saw down at the bottom of the submission information a row that says MONTHLY BONUS.....what does this mean?