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  1. wadesgirl

    New Consultant Credit Card Charges

    I know PC usually takes a few days to charge our Order Payment Accounts but what if a new consultant uses their own credit card to pay for a show in their first 60 days? Do they debit the amount right away like a normal credit card charge or do they take a couple days like the Order Payment...
  2. wadesgirl

    Just venting!!

    GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! :grumpy: What is wrong with my hosts this month?!?!?!?!?! I have two this month that are giving me gray hairs!! I always set up the day to close the party before I leave their house with full instructions on how things work after their party. The first one, who's party...
  3. wadesgirl

    Saving money - use a weekly meal plan

    I need to get back in the habit but I find I spend less at the store if I plan my meals for the week and stick to my list.
  4. wadesgirl

    ISO PC pins or pens

    I thought I had some different things left in my office but apparently I got rid of them. I'm looking for any logo writing pens or pins that you can wear on your shirt. I'm not looking to spend a lot of money just want to give my new consultants some things to use.
  5. wadesgirl

    Signing receipts

    Do you have your guests sign their receipts for credit card payments? I only ask because right now I'm doing a book party for another company and she is requiring me to mail her all the receipts that paid by credit card with signatures to her for "verification that they agree to pay". I take...
  6. wadesgirl

    January OOF

    Can anyone else get the non-taxable order form for January downloaded from Consultant's Corner? It keeps taking me to something other than that page.
  7. wadesgirl

    12-12-12 sale

    I'm thinking about doing a 12-12-12 sale but am trying to come up with some ideas. I thought about offering items between $13-18 for only $12 or something like buy 3 rubs for $12. Anybody else doing something like this?
  8. wadesgirl

    Gift for coworkers

    I have three coworkers I will be getting a gift for. I'm debating between the whisk filled with hershey kisses or prep bowls filled with something. For the whisk, do you use the small or big one? What are your favorite fillers for the prep bowls? I'm thinking the prep bowls might be...
  9. wadesgirl

    OT: Secret Santa Gift Idea

    This is my first job that isn't completely surrounded by guys and we are doing a secret santa exchange. The gal I drew mentioned that she likes to try new restaurants. My thought is to get a bunch of menus from some of my favorite restaurants and maybe highlight my favorites at each one. Who...
  10. wadesgirl

    How to turn a $125 order into a $300 party!

    I had a vendor event at a mall today. A consultant of mine was there yesterday and said it was pretty slow and she only got a couple orders. I wasn't sure what was going to happen when I got there today. I had a few small orders come in and spent the first part just chatting with the other...
  11. wadesgirl

    Chicago Hotel

    My sister is planning a girls weekend in Chicago after the new year and we are trying to find a hotel that is reasonably priced, not too expensive to park, possibly a suite since we will have 4 adults and 1 teenager. The best one I could find was Hampton Suites (The Hampton Inn & Suites Chicago...
  12. wadesgirl

    Small Ridged Baker

    Does anyone have a recipe collection for the small ridged baker? There is in the file section but it only has a few recipes.
  13. wadesgirl

    Searching by phone number

    Did you know that you can search by phone number in P3?? I didn't until about a week ago and used it a second time today! There are probably others out there who haven't figured it out so I thought I would share. In the same spot under contacts that you would search for a name, type the phone...
  14. wadesgirl

    Garlic Slicer recall

    Looked at the back order list today (um... beer bread is on back order!) and noticed that there is a recall on Garlic Slicers sold during a certain time. When I click on the link it doesn't take me any where. Did I miss this announcement?
  15. wadesgirl

    Dice game at a booth

    I am in desperate need of bookings :( I have a booth this weekend and was thinking of doing a version of the dice game there. I thought about bringing the Spice Turn About with spices labeled 2-12 with prizes on the bottom. I thought about little things like old season's best, twix-it clips...
  16. wadesgirl

    Facebook party email

    I want to send out an email promoting Facebook parties but I'm blanking on what to say! Figured all my friends here could help me out.
  17. wadesgirl

    Cookware Demo

    What's your favorite cookware demo to do at your parties? After 6 years in the business I'm looking to expand. I've always focused on the DCB and other products but not much on the cookware because I didn't want to carry it with me.
  18. wadesgirl

    Apple Corer/Peeler/Slicer

    Can you just peel with this? I have a host who says she hates peeling potatoes and though that this might work. I don't have one and have never used one.
  19. wadesgirl

    Pasta Carbonara

    I made this for the first time tonight - pretty good considering I don't like pasta with white sauce. I didn't have chicken stock (oops) so I just used water - guess it probably would have added more flavor to it. The one issue I had was with the simmering part. It says to not bring it to a...
  20. wadesgirl

    Missing checks :(

    On Wednesday night, before leaving for Denver, I met up with a past host to get some checks for a few orders that she collected. I submitted the party that night (shipping to me) with intentions of depositing the checks when I got back. Here I am tonight and I cannot find the checks any...
  21. wadesgirl

    Leadership - Taxi or Shuttle?

    Trying to figure out what to do to get from the airport to the hotel on Thursday morning. One of the people I thought was going to grab a taxi with is now taking the shuttle. Trying to figure out what's the best price. The shuttle is $38 round-trip.
  22. wadesgirl

    All chicken recipes?

    I'm working on figuring out recipes for the new season. I've been trying to stick to main dish style recipes to show easy meal ideas. I usually pick recipes that include the DCB and MFP because they are great sellers when you show them. The recipes I'm looking to offer are: Chicken Fajita...
  23. wadesgirl

    Fall Marketing Guide

    Has anyone received their Fall Marketing Guide? I have received my change over kit and the September newsletter but not the Fall Marketing Guide. Thought I would check here first before calling HO.
  24. wadesgirl

    Chicken Parmesan Soup

    I really wanted to like this recipe but I made it for dinner tonight and it just seems incomplete. I feel like it needs something more than just chicken, sauce and cheese. I think it needs noodles or something to give it more body. The croutons were a little weird too. Some of them came out...
  25. wadesgirl

    Ideas for the Cocotte

    I got the new cocotte free and I'm looking at it wondering what I would make it in. I need some ideas so I can share with my customers!
  26. wadesgirl

    OT - weird question

    Some of you may remember that I was laid off my last job for 8 months and finally found a job this spring. I basically took the first job that said yes for two reasons - first I had to because I was on unemployment and second was because I really wanted to start working again. Well after 4...
  27. wadesgirl

    FS: current catalogs

    I have one full and one 1/2 package of unmarked catalogs plus others that already have my label on them. $10 for 25 of them plus shipping. Let me know!
  28. wadesgirl

    ISO Chef's Tools

    My aunt is looking for 2 Small Slotted Spoons and 2 Small Slotted Turners for her RV. She loves the old Chef's Tools and wanted to see if I could find them for her before she buys the current ones.
  29. wadesgirl

    Fall Free for All List

    2 shows Ceramic 8" Saute Pan Round up From the Heart 2012 Cork Trivet Smoky Red Pepper Rub $1500 Color Coated Peeling Knife Food Holder Cosmopolitan Drink Mix Large Cutting Board with Juice Wells Lemon Rosemary Rub Mini Round Cocotte Quikut Parking Knives Twixit Clip Combo Pack...
  30. wadesgirl

    New Fall Product Pictures

    Here's a link - the password is "pampered" (no quotes) http://s287.photobucket.com/albums/ll153/jamiesgirl305/Fall%20Launch%202012/