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  1. ChefMary412

    Direct shipping on App

    I am doing my first show with direct shipping on a lot of people with the new app. I can't seem to get it to go to direct shipping. I add in the new address to ship to, but each time I do, it reverts to "ship to host" as soon as I save. Any suggestions? I am doing it on my ipad...
  2. ChefMary412

    New Beta Site

    So I just got the email for the new Beta site and that it is available for me to use now. So I did unsubscribe from my old personal website and that is fine. But when I try to log on using my consultant number and password- with capital letters, it says that my username and password are not...
  3. ChefMary412

    Expediated shipping through P3?

    Can we do 2 day or faster shipping through P3 for an individual order?
  4. ChefMary412

    Fb status that works

    Has anyone used a particular facebook status that has helped book shows, recruit, or collect orders? I have put on there what I am cooking now and then, or what I am excited about... but try not to be overly PC on it. Just wondering if and what others do on their status, related to PC
  5. ChefMary412

    Paperwork to bring with me

    So, I have a cluster meeting Monday night, but want to go over the things I need to bring (paperwork wise) now! What are the things from HO that I need to bring with me? -postcards from April, May, June -BINGO card
  6. ChefMary412

    Onion-Cranberry Marmalade

    Does anyone have this recipe for the Onion-Cranberry Marmalade? I think it is in the cooking for two?
  7. ChefMary412

    Supply order.. will it make it>

    I just placed a supply order now for more catalogs. I need them for Friday night. Do you think they will get here? I am in Massachusetts. Just wondering if I need to find a clustermate just in case to borrow from.
  8. ChefMary412

    Sesame place

    has anyone ever been to Sesame Place? I am headed there on the 28th with my family. My daughter is almost 4 and my son is 15... he is a trooper. He is willing to go along for his sister as long as he can get a good cheese steak sandwich. haha. Has anyone ever been? Have any advice? We are...
  9. ChefMary412

    New microwave.... bad reviews

    So, I finallu got a microwave that will fit the DCB. I went out at 9pm last night. I could not wait any longer. Well, now reading reviews, the one I got does not always seem to good. Does anyone have this one Emerson 1100w microwave with grill/combo? 1.2ft. Looking for positive reviews, as I...
  10. ChefMary412

    Netbook at conference?

    Does anyone use their laptop/netbook at conference? I will probably bring it anyways to skype with the family at night, but I am wondering who brings it to take notes during the meetings? I am thinking it might be a good idea.
  11. ChefMary412

    Doing a show for the parent of a student!!!

    I did a show for a coworker a month ago and got a booking from a lady... but she is the parent of one of my students that I teach now! I am not too nervous about it now, but assume I will be this evening. Does anyone have advice?
  12. ChefMary412

    Weird shipment... order missing

    Something weird happened with a recent show. When I submitted, the order for one woman was there... paid with credit card.. all info in P3... but when the host got it, the woman's order was not in there, neither was a receipt (paperwork to help host sort) When I look back to do a product adj...
  13. ChefMary412

    Staff meeting snack?

    I am making a little treat for my coworkers at a staff meeting tomorrow... talking about the HWC fundraiser I am doing and want to make a little something to promote it. There will be about 70 people there... what can I make that is easy, cheap, and would work well? It will probably be a hot...
  14. ChefMary412

    1/2 as much as they want... explain please

    I have read a few times that some of you give the host 1/2 off as much as he/she wants when they reach $1000... can you explain how this does not cost you soo much? I keep thinking they would get 3 knife blocks, a few sets of cookware... and it would add up on the consultant end. It sounds like...
  15. ChefMary412

    Where to I put in who the check is made out to?

    it is the Organization or the chairperson? It is for a avon walk.. so the person is raigin money.. should the check be made to her?
  16. ChefMary412

    How do I know how much the group gets??

    the commissionable sales was $546... so is it just $108??? I thought it would show up on P3
  17. ChefMary412

    View pink products online?

    I have a show May 2nd... can people find the pink products online? I cannot seem to find them.. Are they only able to view on May1st?
  18. ChefMary412

    $50 to win for registering

    Has anyone been notified that they won the $50 for registering? It seems as thought it should have been picked yesterday. Just wondering, as I cannot find it on CC.
  19. ChefMary412

    Magnetic notepads... make your own?

    has anyone made their own magnetic notepads? I am thinking about trying to make my own to give to hosts... I want to have a notepad with my business card on their too... any suggestions?
  20. ChefMary412

    Money spent on Conference

    I am curious on the average amount of money spent on conference including everything (reg, air fare, food, hotel, etc) Just trying to figure it out. I am flying out of boston, prov, manchester, Nh.. wherever is cheaper. I know that southwest and jetblue usually have good deals. I know I will...
  21. ChefMary412

    How big is the rice cooker?

    Does anyone have the measurements for the rice cooker? I am hoping it does not need a microwave as large as the DCB does.
  22. ChefMary412

    Visa gift card

    I got a visa gift card from Sprint when signing up for a new service. Can I use that towards my kit enhancement in april? It has a credit card number, just no specific name or billing address. I have used one at a grocery store before and they just run it as a credit card.
  23. ChefMary412

    Micro steamers-- what not to do

    Do not cook spaghetti in the microsteamer and then try to drain it in the sink. The holes for steaming are too large for spaghetti... it goes right through. Take it from me! :o
  24. ChefMary412

    DCB lasagna

    Is there a recipe for a lasagna in the dcb in the microwave? I think I remember seeing one...
  25. ChefMary412

    Close a registry

    Is there a way to close the registry without letting the bride know? I have the mom that bought everything for her daughter and want to close the registry before anyone else buys stuff from it. She originally set it as "do not contact me". Can I still somehow close it? I ordered everything for...
  26. ChefMary412

    Transfer show.. to print?

    I have my P3 info on a netbook that is not currently set to a printer. Is there a way to save and send a receipt to another computer with P3 on it to print? I need the help of my brother to set up the printer with this thing, and he is out of town... I need the receipt now. I think my...
  27. ChefMary412

    Just got a GREAT email!!!

    A mother of the bride just emailed saying this.... I want to get everything on my daughter's registry. Here is a credit card number. Just send me a receipt. WOO HOO.... it is a total of about $450!!!
  28. ChefMary412

    Problem... what would you do?

    I met a rep. for Arbonne (beauty, skin, direct sales company). She wants to host a pampered chef show on April 1st. Well she just found out that her neighbor is having a PC show with another consultant on April 9th. She still wants to have her show. Quite a few of the guests will be the same...
  29. ChefMary412

    How long does it take to get the money?

    How long after you close a show, does the group get the money?
  30. ChefMary412

    Cheesy Chicken Chilaquiles

    had anyone made these from 29 mins to dinner volume 2? I am doing it at a show tonight and have never done it!! I am usually fine with just trying it once there...just wanted some tips, if anyone has them!