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    The Dollar A Day Stoneware is the best thing ever!

    I saw people talking about this Dollar A Day Stoneware idea and thought it sounded pretty okay. I've now changed my vote and am the biggest fan ever! I'm trying to overbook my July and August, since I'm taking a 3 week vacation in September. Since I haven't had much luck in bookings at my...
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    How late is too late to call?

    It's been an ongoing discussion in my household and cluster, so I'm curious how you all will respond!
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    What would you do?

    A friend of mine moved from California to Minnesota after I joined PC. She called me Sunday night with a question. She booked a show off of her sister-in-law's show. The consultant came in and did the show, but my friend did not have a good experience with her. Now it is three days after...
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    Customer Care Calls

    I've just set up weekly phone appointments with my director, this Monday will be our second. Her challenge to me has been to contact 20 people by phone every week. Not just make calls and leave some messages, but to talk to a real live person! *gasp!* So far it's been going pretty well...
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    Bouncing back into business

    Hi everyone! I've been an admirer of this site for so long, and I thought that perhaps I could get some inspiration from you all. I've been doing PC since September 2004 and it seems like I've had to fight for most of my bookings. It hasn't been easy, but I've really enjoyed it. Here's...