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  1. lisa717

    HELP!!! I need the flyer with the November Pan prices on it at 60% off....

    I can not find the list of pan prices at 60% OFF on the beta site....does anyone have it saved in your documents that could share it with me so I can print it off?
  2. lisa717

    Butterball Coupon?

    Are people still waiting to get this? All of my host got theirs and I still have not recieved mine? Should I call..if so who?
  3. lisa717

    Nov past host code not working?

    I have a catalog show for Nov...I am trying to put in a Past host special...she wants the mini muffin pan @ 60% off....I enter X606 and it comes up no longer available???? Am I doing something wrong? HELP!!!
  4. lisa717

    Still have a pack of 2010F?W Catlaogs available

    Someone said they wanted them but it has been over a week with no payment--up for grabs again--I will mail them today if PAYPAL recieved. $19
  5. lisa717

    Gift Certificate Question

    One of my customers recieved a GC for Xmas--but not through me. She wants to redeem it....does she call HO direcctly? Can she go through my website? I have actually never redeemed one.
  6. lisa717

    Host question

    I just had a host call me that just recieved her show order today and ask what a HOLIDAY HOST PACKET that was listed on her sheet was. At first I thought she meant the holiday mini catalogs, but she said they were listed there too....14 holiday flyers,14 recruiting flyers and a holiday host...
  7. lisa717

    Half price combo-spice rack with spices

    Does anyone know what spices come in the half priced combo? Or are they random and different every time? I have a host asking...I have no clue.
  8. lisa717

    Booking question

    This may be a stupid question..but alas...if there is a booking off of a fundraiser show...when that show comes along....can the chairperson get the monthly special or no?
  9. lisa717

    Chipotle Chicken Cornbread cups

    I CANT FIND this recipe...can someone help me...that recipe finder on CC SUCKS!!!
  10. lisa717

    Dcb in micro measurements

    Does anyone have the measurments for the DCB in the microwave handy? I need to tell a host.
  11. lisa717

    NEED F/W catalogs

    Does anyone have 10-15 catalogs they could sell me ASAP?
  12. lisa717

    I want my 1099 now...

    Gosh darn it all....JUST SAYING:D:D:D
  13. lisa717

    Product adjustment question...???????

    Can I put two seperate adjustments in the same package if I have both reference numbers on the outside?
  14. lisa717

    How's the shipping right now?

    I have a show that prob won't go in til Tuesday---how is the shipping running right now--I KNOW that they say expect it by 12/22-just wondered if it was a bit faster?
  15. lisa717

    Gift Certificate Question!

    I have a good friend in Canada.....If I bought her a GC for $25 would she be able to use it because it came form USA?
  16. lisa717

    Zhu zhu hamsters

    One of my good friends is desperate to find 2 of these ZHU ZHU pets in two different colors...if anyone can help me out let me know please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. lisa717

    Gift Certificates

    I have never had anyone order one on a show...but when I put the order in what info do I need? AND does it get shipped directly to the person who purchased it? I don't need to know who is getting the GC do I?
  18. lisa717

    Gaucamole Dip Recipe?

    Anyone have one that they do at shows? Please share..ty!
  19. lisa717

    Samples ordering deadline?

    Is today the last day you can order samples?
  20. lisa717

    Return Question

    I recently had to do a return for the first time for a customer.....FED EX picked it up...it was listed in my adjustments on cc....it is gone now...but I haven't gotten a refund in my account yet...how long does this take?
  21. lisa717

    Return Goods ADDRESS?

    Does anyone have the Returned goods address handy? I have a Fed Ex pick up tomorrow and I didn't jot down the address. HELP!!
  22. lisa717

    June...booking credit ????

    The host that the show was booked from only gets ONE bowl even if the party is over $700 right?
  23. lisa717

    DCB Question

    Does anyone have the microwave measurements handy that are required for the DCB ? TIA!
  24. lisa717

    Tracking on CC

    You know you can track your sales each month on CC....mine doesn't show April how come? I have Jan Feb and Mar with a total but April isn't even listed????
  25. lisa717

    Fed refund?

    Did anyone get their federal refund directly deposited this morning? If so when did you file....I just want to see if they are on schedule with the estimate..I should get mine on the 13th...filed 1/29 after 11 am....
  26. lisa717

    PP+ Question

    I had a call from a friend who recently downloaded PP+...she has no shipping and handling on it...when I do mine it automatically comes up...anyone know why this is????
  27. lisa717

    PP+ question

    I was tutoring my director :D on how to use PP+ and she asked if there was a place to fill out your "profile" like the old pp????? I have no clue....LOL...I told her I'd research and get back to her....She said on PP when you put the payment in her PC debit was in there all ready cause she put...
  28. lisa717

    ,,is better than a PASTRY BLENDER>>>TRY IT!!!

    ,,is better than a PASTRY BLENDER>>>TRY IT!!!
  29. lisa717

    Anyone else listening to Xmas Carols...

    ON HOLD at the HO right now? Ho-Hum...Jingle bells....
  30. lisa717

    Strawberry Trifle with the yogurt

    :grumpy:Anybody have this recipe handy..it was in last years s/s catalog I think.....which I don't have-----:grumpy: