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  1. ChefMommyinOC

    Gifts for nurses in hospital

    I'm going to be having surgery soon and want to put together little "Thank you" gifts together for the nurses. Any suggestions as to what to put in the boxes (the PC gold and white gift boxes) that won't put too much strain on my budget, and any ideas on what to put on the note that won't sound...
  2. ChefMommyinOC

    Best Knives Deal

    Has anyone figured out the cheapest way for an October host to get all of the new knives? Assuming a $600 show was achieved (average for me), what knife should the host choose at 60% and which knives should be used under free product and half-priced items? I'm trying to help my hosts achieve...
  3. ChefMommyinOC

    Hooray for Kit Enhancement

    I'm so excited! My kit enhancement order arrives today! I'm stalking the UPS website to see when it hits my doorstep. I don't anticipate earning any points on Pan-o-rama (reallllly slow couple of months with not another show until middle of next month), so I ordered the 7 (or 8?) piece set of...
  4. ChefMommyinOC

    So excited

    I work 8-5 M-F in a call center and have a hard time getting bookings outside of my shows. So today (casual day) I'm wearing my pink HWC baseball T from VIP. I got a booking and two booking referrals from another person in the building! If you've ever considered buying PC clothing, trust me...
  5. ChefMommyinOC

    Suprising Hosts

    My mother has been a Pampered Chef host for years for my Director, and now for me. She's always had $800+ shows, and is my top 5 for top shows with $1100+ show. Earlier in the month, I was discussing with her that I'd like to have an open house showcasing the new products (I had no shows in...