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    New Spring Product - speculations?

    So, I just read pcwire and it says it's the product that's most requested by consultants. What do you think? I know there's a lot of us that would like a smaller dcb. I know I would love that. What are your speculations?
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    Pretty in Pleats bag

    I got it about a week ago. It smells horrible. I noticed the first one had the same smell, but it chilled out. The new one has been sitting outside airing out all week and I can't get the smell out. I've febreezed it. Help? Any suggestions. I wanted this one more than the others, because...
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    File for all ingredients

    Isn't there file here somewhere that lists all the spices and sauces and whatnot altogether on one page? I know I've seen it somewhere. I have a guest/future host who wants gluten free products.
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    Care to take a guess what the new product is?

    I'm surprised there isn't a thread on this, but I'm just dying to know what the guesses are.
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    Conference 2011

    Is July 7 through 9th
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    Care to share notes from Go for No?

    I couldn't take notes for a few various reasons. I tried taking some pictures of their pop ups, but the screens switched so fast that I missed a few. Anyone care to share them? I really wanted to share them with my husband. Thanks!!!
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    Is there a file for?

    The Apple/Peeler/Corer Slicer? Thanks!
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    Warehouse screw ups

    I've had many lately. First off, my top selling host ever ($1500+ show & 6 bookings), ordered a replacement part. A part was delivered that had a completley different customer's name on it and was the wrong item. How in the world did they screw up a customer's order from Canada to go to...
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    A few bugs

    I've complained about these things to home office, yet they still haven't been fixed. Perhaps if more of us complained, these will get fixed. Have you noticed that when your guests send their email invitations through the website they were only able to send Holiday invites? That might have...
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    What other audio files?

    I just listened to the cookware audio from Lisa Amblo that you talked about on the knife thread. Who else can I look up in the files section? I really liked listening to that.
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    Tooting my own horn!

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but I just had to share. I haven't closed it yet, but my show tonight is just under $1,200. Whoo hoo! Sold a bunch of DCBs and Fluted stones. The mini whips were a hit tonight, since we've had a ton of snow and I told them how it makes hot...
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    Need Stainless Steel cookware Recipes

    I don't see any files. Does anyone have any? I have a customer who just bought the 7 piece set from me, online. I'd like to send her some recipes.
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    Turkey Tetrazzini

    Where's the recipe for it? I can't find it on PC site or on here? Anyone know?
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    Do you pay for a table?

    I am having a vendor/open house show in a few weeks at my house. I passed around flyers. Then one of the recipients of the flyer emailed me and asked me to do a fundraiser on Nov. 21 and asked me to see if all the other vendors from my open house would be interested. I called and I got about...
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    Potato Chowder variation

    I have made a clam chowder variation to this recipe by omitting the cheddar cheese and adding two cans of clams. Drain off the broth and add to the milk, then when it's finished, add the clams and microwave for one more minute. There are only four of us in my family and there are usually...
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    When I call

    I get people that seem all excited when I first talk to them. They give me their number and then when I call, suddenly this month's not a good time, that's not a good time, yada yada yada. I wish people would just say no they don't want to do it. I'd rather hear that then go through my...
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    Mexican Chicken Lasagne ??

    I made this tonight. My daughter and I like it, but dh didn't (would rather have homemade enchilada sauce - yeah how the heck do you make that?). Anyway, the receipe calls for 12 tortillas and only an 8 oz bar of cream cheese. I tried spreading the cream cheese out, but I really needed more...
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    Question about orders on pws

    I just got my first order on my PWS. It was for last night's show. I did the web site synch on PP+ but her order doesn't show up. Am I supposed to manually enter her order in? I thought it should show up in my host's show. Does it take a few hours to catch up with itself, or is there...
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    Color Coated Knives

    I have been looking on the website and and I cannot find what the exact benefit is for having a "color coated" knife. If I ask this question, I'm sure someone is going to ask me this. I don't have them and won't buy them. I'm a knife snob and I acutally LOVE the forged knives. I have several...
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    Need egg white mini fritatta recipe

    A friend is using her mini muffin maker and asked me to share a healthy, low-fat egg white recipe for her mini muffin maker. I make mini fritattas all the time in mine by just throwing diced bits of ham and cheese or prociutto and provolong, bacon and cheese, etc. I mix a couple of eggs and...