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  1. kreaser

    One pot baked ziti

    need your thoughts on if this recipe could mainly be done in microwave in large rockcrok? **************************************** One-Pot Baked Ziti serves 6-8 (Printable Recipe) 1 lb Italian sausage, casings removed 1 Tbsp dried minced onion flakes 4 cloves garlic, minced 1 (28oz) can...
  2. kreaser

    Need demo idea for an Italian themed party...would like to use rockcrok for something

    Hi all..I am having a show on the 17th and the host wants it Italian themed. I would like to use the rockcroc for something. She may have a large crowd there..up in the 20's I'm certain. I will probably make a main item and some sort of dessert. Any suggestions while keeping it semi simple and...
  3. kreaser

    Urgent Hospitality needed in West Chester Ohio area near Cincinnati

    Hi all...I am in need a hospitality for one of my team leaders as soon as possible so she can be in on the fall launch with a group. She lives in the Cincinnati Area...(West Chester Ohio) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I am in the Cleveland area.
  4. kreaser

    Pics from my health fair booth yesterday

    hopefully I can upload these...I had to do a booth where I could educate employees coming through on healthy ways to use our products etc..here is what I did..I am now making these little signs for our new products for our county fair starting on monday..they are 4x6 picture frames I got at the...
  5. kreaser

    Prize wheel

    does anyone out there have a small prize wheel that they have made or bought for fairs etc? My hubby said he'd make one for me this week but wanted to see if anyone had pics out there or any internet links that has free templates or any other info that would be helpful...
  6. kreaser

    Specific products fundraiser

    has anyone done a "specific products" fundraiser recently? By this I mean chosen a certain number of the most popular products and put an order form flyer together to offer to a group? I have a consultant in my group wanting to do one of these and didnt want to reinvent the wheel if there was...
  7. kreaser

    Just a FYI with new web program

    came across this end of the month. Was helping a new consultant submit a show on Saturday..Thankfully I had just purchased an I pad before I left for vacation on Friday. I had it with me (while camping...lol ) her show kept reading an error and I was back and forth with the home office..career...
  8. kreaser

    Do we know if NEW consultants are having any issues with submitting their shows?

    I was just wondering if the new consultants out there using the new site are able to submit their shows easily? I think it would be helpful to hear from directors on here or other consultants who have new recruits using the new site.
  9. kreaser

    Can someone answer this

    sorry if this was already asked in a thread about the new app for droids, apple products etc... did we find out if the app will work on a Kindle fire? thanks
  10. kreaser

    Beverage using the infuser

    I am doing a bridal shower this saturday and they want to have a bev in the quick stir pitcher using the herb infuser? any ideas? I was thinking just iced tea with fresh mint leaves? would that work? Havent' used the infuser yet
  11. kreaser

    Need help with recipe pictured in catalog

    Does anyone know what recipe, exactly, it is that is on page 3 of the catalog (fall/winter 2012) within the NEW CONSULTANT MINI KIT PICTURE (shown on the bar pan?) my host is wanting that for a party Sunday. Im thinking a tapanade of some sort, but wanted to be sure. Or even the recipe for the...
  12. kreaser

    Sales during the triple pts dates

    HI all I just wanted to kind of toot my own horn...but more importantly...encourage others here that it CAN BE DONE!!! I usually don't work too hard in Dec. to get shows on my calendar the first week or so of January...but this year I decided to "go for it". The FREE item of slicer or chopper...
  13. kreaser

    Back to business meeting

    Anyone have anything really different and fun planned for their back to business meetings? I am holding mine tomorrow as my schedule to did not permit me to hold it on the 5th...just wondering if anyone had anything "fun" to add to my meeting
  14. kreaser

    Have to toot my horn!

    yeah for me!!!! $35.00 away from the Cruise!~!! My 6th consultant is just $35.00 away from qualifying! I have way more than enough sales pts already for the 1st level cruise....just getting the last one qualified...and I passed off a vendor event to her today that she is doing right now so...
  15. kreaser

    Has anyone received their order of the new calendars yet? just

    has anyone received their order of the new calendars yet? just wondering if I should be getting concerned that ours hasn't arrived yet? thanks
  16. kreaser

    Sept recruiting info

    wahooo...the Sept recruiting info is available!!!! Great for new recruits!!! as well as the recruiter!!!! Gosh I love this company!
  17. kreaser

    Having a 9/10/11 show at 12:13pm

    HI all one of my consultants is having a show on Sept 10, 2011 with the start time of 12:13pm...clever...huh? So she asked me to brainstorm on anything fun that she could incorporate into her show that day for guests... so if anyone has any fun ideas please post them here! thanks bunches...
  18. kreaser

    Fun way to train on new products

    does anyone have a creative way they are working with their teams on learning the new products? some fun and different way to train on them? thanks
  19. kreaser

    Got my insulated tote for May!!!

    yeah yeah yeah...I got it today...love it...even better than the pics..I'm telling everyone right now....get your 2 shows in...no matter what it takes to get them in....it's one of the best incentives they've given away since I've been with PC for 13 years
  20. kreaser

    Outlet ordering

    quick question and I know I should know this! If I am ordering under consultant corner (managing my business) and placing an outlet order under a customer name do we make commission on this? for some reason I thought when I placed orders like this before it counted towards commissionable sales...
  21. kreaser

    Looking for 1 or 2 roommates for conference

    We have a room booked at the Hyatt Regency right at McCormick Center. I have stayed at this hotel for the past 13 years of conference...even way before they made it a conference hotel. I would not stay any other place. I booked the room independently from the PC housing dept...and got it for a...
  22. kreaser

    Need help quick

    Hi all..for those of you have already gotten the May newsletter and summer marketing guide!! On the back of the marketing guide it gives the idea of doing a "COOL N SERVE SHOW. It says to use the manual food processor to make "delicious dips for the fruits:!! Does anyone have any recipe idea...
  23. kreaser

    Heading to Toronto

    whoot whoot...heading out in the morning for Toronto!!! leaving 5 kids behind...just me and hubby!!! This should be fun!!! Thanks Pampered Chef
  24. kreaser

    Why I believe in doing the kick off show

    wanted to toot a horn here a little. I did a show for a host of mine..she's a repeat host a few times over!!! She was a gal that when I met her years ago, friends joked that she couldn't even make ice cubes!!! Did her show in February and then she decided she wanted to sign up. Got her 3...
  25. kreaser

    Health fair...need a little help

    Hi everyone I am invited to set up at an Educational Center Health Fair this friday morning. Set up is at 7am and the event starts at 7:30am only til 9am Teachers, and staff from the area will browse the booths for the 1 1/2 hours before going into their meeting. We are pretty much welcome to...
  26. kreaser

    Hospitality needed in Webster NY

    Hi everyone I was wondering if there was a director out there who would be willing to take in a new consultant from Webster New York? We live in the Cleveland Oh area and she is new over in NY...she just signed on July 20th and I wanted to check here first before I go through the home...
  27. kreaser

    Just got my SA products and director's box

    yeah....Fed Ex just delivered 2 big boxes..I haven't even gone through them yet...but I know it's my SA stuff and my director's box..I did $6,000 in June so it's like Christmas here right now...whoohooooooooooo
  28. kreaser

    DCB sales and bookings

    Had a show last nite..first one since the announement of the DCB info. Had 10 ladies there. It was a "spur of the moment" show...someone referred this host to me the day before I was leaving for Disney...told her I could do a June 22nd show... 5 of the ladies ordered a baker, 1 ordered 2 of...
  29. kreaser

    How do you change a show from fundraiser status to regular show

    hi all...here's my situation. Doing a show for an Iraq soldier who was injured. They originally wanted to set it up as a fundaiser. So I set it up in my website as fundraiser. Had orders also placed via my website. Now they may want to turn it into a regular show instead and get him the products...
  30. kreaser

    HWC vista print postcard

    Hi was wondering if anyone has done up a new postcard for HWC with vista print thanks in advance