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  1. urbnk8

    FoodSaver - Anyone have one?

    Google "foodsaver coupons (or coupon code)". That's what I did and was able to find a really good coupon code. :)
  2. urbnk8

    Filling the Easy Accent Decorator

    I put the frosting in a ziplock bag, cut the corner off and squeeze it into the decorator...super easy!
  3. urbnk8

    March 2012 Marketing Idea

    Turns out I can just delete the comment, so I did!
  4. urbnk8

    March 2012 Marketing Idea

    Okay so I loved this idea and posted it to my FB page. The only response I have gotten so far is from a guy that I was friends with in high school (that I had blocked from seeing on my fb page becuase of his rude posts a long time ago). He posted this link with the comment "just sayin'"...
  5. urbnk8

    PLEASE! I need help closing my shows

    Love it!!!!
  6. urbnk8

    Supply order

    Aren't they reprinting catalogs due to mistakes? That's probably why...
  7. urbnk8

    Would you risk it?

    If it's a microwave recipe it may not matter. All microwaves react differently anyway. It may work better or worse in hers compared to yours. I have done lots of recipes that I haven't practiced...they've all gone pretty well. Just make sure you follow the recipe good and use common sense...
  8. urbnk8

    Food plans for Valentines Day?

    My mom always used to make heart-shaped meatloaf on Valentines Day. I would do that too, but I wasn't thinking ahead and made meatloaf last Saturday. Oh well. We might try and go out for an early dinner...try and avoid the crowds.
  9. urbnk8

    How would you respond to this host?

    I once did a combined show with Tastefully Simple. There weren't very many people there. I was worried about it, but I ended up over $400! I don't think that the TS girl did quite as well. I definitely say go for it!
  10. urbnk8

    Sample packages...please?

    I agree with you on this. I don't push the pantry items. I feel like every ds company is going this way (even Partylite!) and I don't get it. They must make more $ off the stuff. I would have signed with Tastefully Simple if that's what I wanted to do. I'm not saying that some of these things...
  11. urbnk8

    New products question

    I like the Paisley, but I am seriously running out of places to store bags!! My first thought was "more bags?" They are cute, but how many bags do I need? I am excited about the lunch one though, because I missed out on those before. Really, not complaining...I am happy with anything free. :)
  12. urbnk8

    Can someone help

    $2.50 .
  13. urbnk8

    Question about Facebook

    How do I find out what my facebook page link is. I signed up for Tasty Tidbits and do not know what to put for my facebook link. Hopefully someone knows what I mean by this. Copying and pasting the address didn't work, and I can't seem to find it on the page anywhere. On my regular FB account...
  14. urbnk8

    Loaded baked potato soup on stovetop??

    Won't help you for your show, but for future reference...I've done it on the stove and it worked fine! My microwave doesn't fit the DCB so when I made it at home I did it this way. I just "baked" the potatoes in the microwave ahead of time and just used the 8 quart Executive pot to heat...
  15. urbnk8

    PC Bucks

    Thanks Janice...the woman that called me back said that it should be depositied right away...but I fully believe your person over her. She didn't seem to have a clue about much! lol I'm guessing I won't get mine until next month then, because my consultant qualified on Oct. 2.
  16. urbnk8

    PC Bucks

    Thanks Janice! I did email them today too, but I haven't heard back. We'll see if our answers match!
  17. urbnk8

    Very excited new consultant!

    You're welcome! Glad you were able to see it. I'm sure it will come any day!
  18. urbnk8

    Very excited new consultant!

    It does not show up under Shipment Status...I just went through that recently. If you go on CC, under the "Managing Your Business" tab, "My Shows", "Serving Your Customers", and then Product Adjustment...from there, check the box that says "I have read and accept......." and hit continue...
  19. urbnk8

    PC Bucks

    When do you get the 30 recruiting PC Bucks? My consultant qualified in her first 30 days and I got the 100 PC Bucks, but wondering when the 30 comes. Anybody know for sure?
  20. urbnk8

    Has anybody had their own Grand.Opening Show be a flop?

    I had mine a couple weeks ago. Although this is my second time around (I have been inactive for about a year, year and a half) I was still very nervous. The week of my show I was feeling like I hadn't done a good job inviting people, and that I was going to end up with a very small show. It...
  21. urbnk8

    Tasty Tidbits Question

    Thank you Kristina!!
  22. urbnk8

    Tasty Tidbits Question

    What is the difference between the two versions...one says "close" and one says "out". I've been away for a while and at a glance I don't see the difference. Thanks in advance!
  23. urbnk8

    Mini kit vs. full kit....

    Thanks Beth! I have 2 of the consultant totes now (one from when I originally signed and then my mom bought a brand new one at the Goodwill and gave it to me!) I just re-signed 2 nights ago and ordered the mini-kit. I'm not too patient so I was curious what the tote was like. Thanks for the...
  24. urbnk8

    Mini kit vs. full kit....

    Bumping again...I am curious to know what bag comes with the mini kit...anybody have a picture or anything?
  25. urbnk8

    Pie Crust Shields

    And why does a pie crust shield need to look good? That was my first thought...it's not like you serve the pie with the shield still on there. As long as it serves its purpose...
  26. urbnk8

    Guest Address Labels

    Yeah, exactly! Wonder what's up with that? Maybe they had to update or change something? Hopefully they'll be back.
  27. urbnk8

    Guest Address Labels

    Saw this on Newswire this morning, but went to CC and cannot find it anywhere. That's when I searched this site to see if anybody has said anything about them and saw this thread. I don't have them under mine...anybody else having this problem today? There is nothing under Managing Your...
  28. urbnk8

    Teach me how to use the Grill Pan

    This is what I do...I pound the chicken so it's thin and uniform, sear one side for a couple of minutes, flip it and add the press. The press actually gets fairly hot just by being in the pan. I flip it halfway through cooking and it turns out great with nice grill marks!
  29. urbnk8

    Tool Cleanup

    I used to wash them at the Hosts' house, but I always felt I was there too late. After figuring peoples orders, etc. it was late by the time I left. I started bringing a rubbermaid tote with and now I just throw them all in there and bring them home. It makes cleaning up and getting out of my...