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  1. erika_m

    Winging a Wedding Registry

    It would be fantastic if they could come up with a registry, then we could promote to Baby Showers too.
  2. erika_m

    Recently retired director - lots for sale

    I'd love another tote! Message me?
  3. erika_m

    Are there any Sticker Websites for Pampered Chef

    Can you tell me more about these stickers? I'm new and they sound awesome...
  4. erika_m

    Hello from Boston!

    Hi all! OMG there are so many resources! I just signed up this week, and I'm already learning a lot - my girl Niki told me to head over here and I'm glad I did. I'm sorta giddy about being a PC Consultant now. About me - I'm a photographer and love to cook. I just left my day job to pursue...