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    Recipes and photos are PC intellectual property, right?

    Related to this website, but off topic. I clicked on the Perfect scrambled eggs link. Started reading when I noticed that the words were moving. Curious, I looked closer. In no particular order, there were random white dots falling down my screen. I was trying to decide if I should say...
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    ENewsletter Setup

    I wish they posted that info under e newsletter setup. I've been trying for the last couple days to set up my newsletter thru PC & it just sits there. I tried it again today with the same results & decided I would call tech support tomorrow. However, I was cruising thru the posts & saw this one...
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    Hi, Thanks for the tip. I did try that but it printed out the actual email. I was looking for a...

    Hi, Thanks for the tip. I did try that but it printed out the actual email. I was looking for a hard copy of the free/$5 shipping to drop in bags I was handing out.
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    Personal When do you (as a parent) 'stop' celebrating your kid's birthday?

    I agree with wadesgirl, doing both is a bit crazy. I have pretty much done the same for our youngest the last couple years-choose between a dinner with the family (immediate only-no extended!) & a present or a party with no present from the parents. Most of the time both (DD9 & DS7) choose the...
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    Personal When do you (as a parent) 'stop' celebrating your kid's birthday?

    BethCooks4U-It is interesting that we all do things differently depending on our circumstances & traditions. My dad was in the military & we had six kids in our family. 90% of our birthdays were cake after dinner. The other 10% of the time we were visiting relatives so we would celebrate with...
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    Personal When do you (as a parent) 'stop' celebrating your kid's birthday?

    Several questions regarding birthdays: For those of you with older kids, what age did you stop inviting guests over, having a huge cake & making a big deal (I mean really BIG) out of a birthday? For those of you without kids (or if you would like to answer the question), what did your...
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    Check out what I found in Finland!

    I just saw them at Ikea today. As this was my first time visiting Ikea, I took time to browse the housewares. I saw that the clips had colors similar to ours BUT only had two sizes-small & medium. We have the HUGE clip which works for tons of bags.
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    Twixit! Clip Poem

    Out of curiosity I googled "Foof Queens" and got some interesting results. Including this one http://foofqueens.com/ This product is pretty cool! I love the idea of making the wrapping itself be enjoyable. With it being FDA approved for food, I am thinking my Christmas baskets are going to be...
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    2011 Countdown to National Conference

    The Sheraton had some listings from 2010. Fingers crossed they got it cleared up.
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    Urgent Pineapple salsa in MFP?

    In case anyone is looking for the recipe (like I was) http://www.chefsuccess.com/f7/pineapple-salsa-recipe-50623/
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    I did it!!!

    AWESOME!!!!!! Can't wait tilll the next meeting so we can all celebrate!!!!
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    Where is everybody?

    There have been a couple times I have hopped on late night, here, Alaska which is 3 hours behind Chicago, and there are a lot more people on than I would think is possible. I know I stay up late, usually going to bed when the East Coast is getting up (they are four hours ahead of me). For...
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    Outlook contact sync with Samsung Galaxy

    After several months (almost a year!) of hints & discussion with my hubby, I picked up a new phone. My biggest critera for picking the Samsung Galaxy was the ability to use the phone throughout the entire state. Something to do with cell platform, service or something like that. After playing...
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    Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!!!

    Try this: http://alumnae.girlscouts.org Also, register with your local council. Not sure which part of NY you are in... http://alumnae.girlscouts.org/?page=NY
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    Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!!!

    :sing:March 12, 2011 marks the beginning of a yearlong celebration of 100 years!!!!:D Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low assembled 18 girls from Savannah, Georgia, on March 12, 1912, for a local Girl Scout meeting. She believed that all girls should be given the opportunity to develop physically...
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    Choc Hazelnut Torte

    Sounds like an easy fun way to blanch hazelnuts. I ended up toasting the nuts and rubbing the skins off with a microfiber towel. I Guess I will have to make the Torte again so I can use blanched hazelnuts. Sigh. The things I do for Nutella.
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    Nylon Tools Turning Gray

    ***WARNING*** Thread Hijack!! So, I was kinda thinking about this last night. I woke up at 4am, and realized that this whole phosphate thing is related to the xray machines at the airport. See, I have really been going back and forth about flying to conference this year. Where I live, Alaska...
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    Nylon Tools Turning Gray

    chefjeanine- Yupe, thats what I'm talking about. I remember reading an article about the lack of phospates in the DW detergent. My first thought was "why are they doing this? This means that I will have to rinse the dishes each time. That means I am using more water to clean my dishes. Which...
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    Nylon Tools Turning Gray

    Says to log in. I have that happen with my tools, glassware, cutlery etc... What I do is let the item/s soak in vinegar & hot water (about 50/50 ratio) for a while. Not sure why this happens. I have used JetDry-seems to make the problem worse. We have well water and have moved 3x in the last...
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    Dessert Ideas using MFP

    Darn Good Idea! I myself have the blender stored away, out of site because I don't use it everyday. i can't wait to get my MFP!
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    Minute to Win It

    This would be a fun game to do! The five minute veggie tray would be a good idea. Give three different way to cut carrots into discs/sticks. UM, Knife & Handy Scrapper. Depending on which one they use, they can cut them into discs/coins/sticks. I will have to think of some more ideas.
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    Laughs of the Day

    Re: The Official Continuing Discussion of American Humor Been a while since I have posted a new joke. Most of the ones I hear (you know-forwarded emails) I think are on here. Right now my 6yo son's favorite joke is: What do you call a flying skunk? A Smelly-copter!!!!!! Then he...
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    ISO Necklace from Conference

    I was thinking that is what it was for. I made sure to bring all three postcards to conference. When I got in line for the incentive, the PC HO lady said that I should have a 'ticket' on the same card as my lunches, classes etc...
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    ISO Necklace from Conference

    Looking for the "Be Amazing" necklace we got from 2010 Conference. Black cord, silver pendent. My daughter would like to have one to match mine. (I've been wearing mine daily to remind myself to, well, Be Amazing in all I do. Be it as a mom, wife, Pampered Chef consultant, Girl Scout Troop...
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    Cc community

    Hmmmmm. I don't like stale & boring. I prefer the bag of mixed nuts we have here.:cool:
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    Cc community

    Any idea why? I was wondering if maybe the number of participants had gone down? Is PC thinking maybe webinars?
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    Cc community

    Sooo, is this why the teleclasses are going away? Or did they introduce a new training option?
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    What do you wear to shows?

    PCJenni, totally agree with you. In the various business classes I heard many times that you need to dress for the level of success you want. I beleive very much in that, but, in my community (especially in the winter) dressing fancy is black jeans. When I have done shows in Anchorage, I do wear...
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    David Meenan on YouTube

    My thought exactly!