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  1. maldvs

    PERSONAL: Please Help with Vote!

    Hello Fellow Cheffers! Personal help request! I've entered a photo of my niece and nephew at Stone Mountain to try and win some free tickets. Could you please help me out by voting for it?? Thanks so much...
  2. maldvs

    Cookware in 2005?

    My mother-in-law has a cookware set from 2005. It is in pretty rough shape even though I KNOW she does not use metal in them. I just tried to call HO and to make a long story short, they didn't help, so that's why I'm here asking you all! How do I figure out what type of Cookware my MIL...
  3. maldvs

    ISO Catalog Tote

    ISO Catalog Tote for a reasonable price. I have paypal and will pay immediately if your price is right!
  4. maldvs

    Rules for "Cash and Carry" at Festival Booth

    I'm doing a vendor booth for the first time this Saturday and was thinking about selling a couple items that I have doubles of. (I was an avid PC host before signing up for my biz) I also wanted to sell some Season's Best and a couple Itty Bitty Bevs that I have. I just want to make sure I...
  5. maldvs

    Tried and True Recipes for RCB

    I know a lot of us have talked about the boil over issue with the RCB with certain DCB recipes cut in half. I have a customer (a recently divorced male) who just bought an RCB and wrote me an email last night raving about how much he loved it. He cooked chicken in it last night and was so...
  6. maldvs

    Merrill Order- How long does it take??

    I placed an order with Merrill on Feb 29th. Their confirmation email didn't have order tracking info or anything. How long does it normally take? I just got a huge box of S/S 2012 catalogs that I was hoping to use my new stamp with... :confused: