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    Oct Host Special

    I'm trying to enter a show that is $2400 in sales. It shows the FREE Product amount, but the "Star" next to Host special isn't popping up??? Has anyone had this problem? How do I enter the October special, when it doesn't pop up??
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    LOOKING TO BUY: Party Sticks

    OK! She just called me back AND wants 3 Sets!! Soooo, we will take your set too! :) Can you let me know how to proceed with the sale? Thank you!!
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    LOOKING TO BUY: Party Sticks

    My customer said she would like to purchase both of your sets. Can you send me a message with pricing and how you would like to complete the sale. Thank you!!!
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    LOOKING TO BUY: Party Sticks

    I spoke with my customer and she wants 2 sets, so I will contact gbakes27 for the 2 sets she posted. Thank you for posting yours though!! :)
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    LOOKING TO BUY: Party Sticks

    Wonderful!! I will text my customer and let her know!
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    Thank you for your comments :) I am now doing Credit Card Only :)
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    LOOKING TO BUY: Party Sticks

    I have a couple customers looking for Party Sticks (the ones you put in the ground to hold a glass - discontinued last year) Does anyone have any?
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    I have a couple customers that would like to purchase Party Sticks .... 2 sets. Does anyone...

    I have a couple customers that would like to purchase Party Sticks .... 2 sets. Does anyone have any for sale?
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    I know.... I have been a consultant in the past and sooo much has changed. Definately getting cash up front next time. I think I'm just going to send the invites withouth the Mini Catalogs and just have my Hostess ('s) Promote, Promote, Promote!! :)
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    Does anyone have any extra Spring/Summer 2015 Mini Catalogs I can buy from them?? My director just quit and now I do not have a local upline to call on (my upline is someone in Chicago -not sure who..otherwise I would contact them) AND to make matters worse... I recently had a hostess not pay...
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    Brunch themes?

    Actually, I found it after searching my files. This Brunch Invitation is a oldie, but a goodie! Unfortunately, I did it in Word and Chef Success will not allow me to upload it for some reason???
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    Brunch themes?

    Along time ago time there was a "Brunch PJ" invitation that I downloaded (it had a lady in her housecoat & slippers). I have since changed computers and lost this full page invitation. Does anyone have a copy of the "Lady in Housecoat" invitation they can send....?? Thank you!!
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    Needing: Simple additions Square plates

    I just left a message for my customer yesterday to let me know :) Hopefully I will hear back from her today and let you know!
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    Needing: Simple additions Square plates

    I have a customer looking for the old Simple Additions square plates
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    Food @ booth?

    I do pineapple pieces with a toothpick in each one (small trash can under my table) while also showing a 1/2 of a "wedged" pineapple on display for the customers to see how it works. Also, I fill up my decorator bottles with Better Crocker cream cheese frosting (colored for the occasion -...
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    First Gill Party - Invite

    Actually, I just did a search for "Grill" on Chef Success and found the Amazing Race theme, (it has 2 recipes broke down to print, a tool list for each team, instructions for the game - everything!!) Before I started I gave both the host and her husband a gift, she then introduced each couples...
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    First Gill Party - Invite

    I just closed my first Couples Thrill of The Grill (invites) / Amazing Race (game) at $800! The hostess invited 15 couples, then had her husband cook up around 80 pieces of chicken on the grill before the show (he actually was still cooking when I arrived, which showed off our grill tools...
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    Kids Valentine's Day Cooking Class

    I'm wanting to do this! I think it would be fun for my little town :) Jessica, what dip did you serve to the parents? In your invite did you request parents to be present? Do you have a agenda sheet? How are you doing the pizza's (or other recipes...?) When you get the new "Valentine"...
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    Holiday Party with other vendors

    I have a booth Friday and always bring the Decorator bottles filled with colored icing (store brand) for people to decorate Christmas cookies (from Dollar General - their good too!! & I don't have the time to make them myself!) I usually sell at least 10-12 decorator bottles just with this. In...
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    Booth Follow-up calls "You've won!"

    With the "raffle" you mean they pay to put their name in?? or buy tickets??
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    Getting Holiday Bookings - Idea

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    Grilling shows!

    I'm having a Grilling show next month - couples. I will have a table outside for the "guys" that includes all the grilling items. I will also put order forms along w/catalogs out there too! They will be in charge of grilling the Kabobs and veggies while the girls will be inside with me making...
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    Pampered chef basket bingo-fundraiser

    Well, they would sell the tickets first, then we purchase the product (like a show and they are the host, with benefits). As I mentioned, consultants have been doing this all over the country from what I've seen online. I'm going to follow up with some this morning and will let you know how...
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    Pampered chef basket bingo-fundraiser

    Okay, after searching I found the following article that really helps (kinda), just put Pampered Chef in where it say's Longaberger. I'm still looking for advise for someone that has actually done this type of fundraiser please.....!! Bingo fundraising events have been around for decades...
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    Pampered chef basket bingo-fundraiser

    I am meeting with a Personal Care Facility that works in Assoc. for the betterment of Retarded Adults TOMORROW!. They currently raise money for their facility by holding weekly bingo. The head of marketing approached me at a recent business expo explaining how they would LOVE to have a...
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    Fajitas in the DCB

    I've had HUGE success using the DCB and fajitas! Selling 2-3 at every show! If you want to bring up your sales, this is the way to do it! Also, using the Booking Slide (printed on bright paper, in sheet protectors, taped together) WORKS!! Use it at the end to review everything you talked...
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    **The "I'm not ordering" guest**

    I have had many shows where there is a lady in the crowd that seems to like to heckle. 1.) If you start out (after saying thanks to the host) and say "Who here likes to cook?" "Who here Doesn't".... this will give you an idea of who you will have to do some convincing too. 2.) I always...
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    Time for double recipe DCB fajitas?

    I'm doing a show tomorrow with the Loin, Southwest Fajitas. The host expects 15 people +.... should I have her double the recipe??
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    Showcasing Feb Sprinkles

    I put this together, but with my new(er) computer could only transfer from my old with a .rtf file, which we can't upload, but anyway, this combines a ton of ideas from previous threads and this thread. I'm printing out 1 side and other side is "Cool Tools for Under $10" to give to my Feb...