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  1. melizabeth35

    New Microwave Popcorn Popper

    I have used it many times without incident! I've never heard of an inverter feature and honestly don't know how prevalent it is. It may be something to mention, but definitely not a deal breaker for the product as a whole!!! My only complaint is that I wish it were larger. :)
  2. melizabeth35

    Updated SS 2016 Gift Giving, Baby Ideas, and Dorm Room

    Thanks so much! You are wonderful and generous!
  3. melizabeth35

    Salad in a Jar Recipes

    Pinterest is a great source of info and ideas for these salads.
  4. melizabeth35

    Salad in a Jar Recipes

    Please feel free to email me -- i have stuff for the show and am doing one on 4/15. [email protected]
  5. melizabeth35

    Kitchen Spritzer

    I don't but really enjoy this product! I have one with regular veg oil and the other with olive oil. I can spray any of the stones without worry as well as the bakeware! I don't want propellent and love the fact that it sprays only what I put in it!
  6. melizabeth35

    Consultant gifts

    I typically give them a Season's best - I don't think larger gifts are expected. :) Good luck!
  7. melizabeth35

    12" Steamer Recipes

    Thanks so much, Shari for posting this -- you're breathing new life into my steamer. :) Going to do these tonight.
  8. melizabeth35

    Mini Catalog for S/S 2016?

    Totally disappointed about no mini. I loved using those for business building and invitations to parties. Much easier to carry with me on the fly to give someone. Hope they reconsider for the fall.
  9. melizabeth35

    What Happened to Chef Success?

    Me too!
  10. melizabeth35

    Mini Catalog for S/S 2016?

    Hello all! Anyone know whether there will be a mini catty for Spring/Summer 2016? I see the regular catalogs and the flyer with all the new products, but no mini..... thanks in advance!! Lisa
  11. melizabeth35

    Question about BBQ or Sweet & Saucy meatballs

    Sorry this isn't an answer to your question, but I wanted to chime in as I hoped you'd get a response. I too use the chili sauce/grape jelly recipe regularly, but wanted to do something new this weekend. Thanks in advance to anyone with experience in these recipes who can weigh in!
  12. melizabeth35

    New Spring Products?

    I'm thrilled to see a new Spritzer. I also liked the 5 section tray for the cool and serve (I personally use the tray a ton) as well as the burger press. I found the silicone lids interesting. I have a spiralizer, but it's not the most user-friendly tool. I'll be interested to use the PC one...
  13. melizabeth35

    12" Steamer Recipes

    I know you posted awhile ago, but thought I'd throw in my .02. I have used it for eggs (and had spectacular results), but I don't get much use out of it yet and I've had it for a bit. For me, it's definitely not a "must have." It may be more useful for larger families -- I think it's great...
  14. melizabeth35

    Garlic and Brie Baker

    Has anyone used this with the Raspberry Habanero sauce? And comments/tips appreciated!!!!!
  15. melizabeth35

    Flyers with December

    Ditto ! You Rock!!
  16. melizabeth35

    Flyers with September

    Just can't thank you enough for doing this!! I'm so thankful!!
  17. melizabeth35

    Brownie Pan Pancakes

    Thanks so much, Deb! This is great!
  18. melizabeth35

    Flyers with August

    I just want to join the chorus of Thank You! This is so helpful!
  19. melizabeth35

    What's Your Essential Pampered Chef Product?

    Manual Food Processor and the grill pan
  20. melizabeth35

    Post Bariatric Surgery Party

    I've had a large group for a check out and I have them put their order face down at the table where I am. I just pull from the bottom and call them up one at a time. If someone is in a hurry, it's been okay for them to jump to the head of the line.
  21. melizabeth35

    Post Bariatric Surgery Party

    I'd love to help, but I'm not sure what you need help with. Is it what recipe to demo? or whether you should demo? or what products to focus on?
  22. melizabeth35

    Yummy Microwave Chips!! Wow!

    My first instinct is that she's cooking them too long. Has she tried a shorter time?
  23. melizabeth35

    Former Consultant ... Selling lots of things

    Hi! I'm interested in the table cloth/runner (not sure which one it is). Can you let me know if it's still available and whether it's a cloth or runner and the approx. length/width? Many thanks!
  24. melizabeth35

    FW 2014 Gift Ideas, Dorm/Apartment, and Baby Brochures

    You're doing an invaluable service and, like the others, it is truly appreciated! Many many thanks.
  25. melizabeth35

    Need demo idea for an Italian themed party...would like to use rockcrok for something

    Dessert could be a cherry chocolate cake - choc cake mix, 3 eggs, cherry pie filling. Mix really well in the rock crock and in the micro for 10 -11 min.
  26. melizabeth35

    Need demo idea for an Italian themed party...would like to use rockcrok for something

    Bruschetta Pasta -- see Consultant's corner for the video by Jill Lerner. She does an Italian show with the RockCrock and the Bar Pan
  27. melizabeth35

    Updated!! Items for sale

    And the timer. :) Lisa
  28. melizabeth35

    Updated!! Items for sale

    Hi -- I'm new to the site and not quite sure how to PM you. I'm interested in the child's apron. Thanks! Lisa