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    This year during Kit Enhancement month, I purchased a Rectangular

    This year during Kit Enhancement month, I purchased a Rectangular Baker, which I use ALL THE TIME. I always follow the use and care guidelines on ALL of my PC products. I never put them in the dishwasher or expose them to extreme temperature changes, etc. Tonight, I used it for something...
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    PC Website

    Anyone else not able to get into it?
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    Another Pampered Partner Question!

    HELP!! My recruit had her first show Saturday night. It went fairly well (I was there with her for moral support, etc.) Anyway, a couple people ordered things they wanted to use for Memorial Day. We told them it wasnt likely to arrive before then, but we were hoping we could pleasantly...
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    Grilling Additions - NEED QUICK ANSWER!

    I am closing a show for April and the host chose the GRILLING ADDITIONS special. I'm not at home right now and don't have any of my PC stuff in front of me. What is the GRILLING ADDITIONS??? I can't get the APRIL Host special flyer to come up. Can someone help?????
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    Product Adjustments - UGH!

    :mad: It seems like for the last three months or so , every show I do has one or more items MISSING. I've never had a broken item or even a wrong item, but there seems to ALWAYS be something missing. I always just do the online product adjustment, have the item shipped to my house (or the...
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    Cream for Profiterole puffs

    :( :( I love the idea of this dessert, but I made them for a show this weekend and I didn't care for the cream. I was hoping for a less creamy and more airy filling. The cream in the recipe with the Madascar vanilla just has too much of an alcohol taste (I guess it's the bourbon). Does anyone...
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    What did you get for Kit Enhancement Month???

    I got the Simple Additions 3 tiered stands and the medium bowls/squares that went with it, the Ultimate Slice N Grate, the last 2 cookbooks I didn't have (Main Dishes and Casual cooking), square baker, tart pan, skinny scraper, julienne peeler, beer bread, dill, Italian seasoning, southwestern...
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    How long before I can submit the C. Agreement?

    My last hostess decided to use her free product value toward the purchase of her kit. I entered and transmitted the show, then I went to enter her Agreement online and got a message saying that they didn't have a record of the kit credit. Does anyone know how long I have to wait to be able to...
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    First Recruit

    I just signed my first recruit today! Does anyone know if there is anything else I am supposed to do after I submit the online agreement? Her first Super Starter Month isn't until June so I'm not sure she'll get her kit right away. Do they send me any kind of confirmation or anything once...
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    UPS Is The WORST! - SORRY long.

    :( :( A host of mine had requested to have her show shipped to my home because she doesn't live in the best neighborhood. No problem. So I close her show and put my address in as the "ship to" address. I verify on the next screen that my address is the correct one. Yesterday I get the email...
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    Is this allowed?

    I know the Ebay thing has been beat to death around here, but I saw a little twist on it while searching for old Season's Bests (trying to collect as many as I can!) and got to wondering if this is "legal"? This person seems to be using EBAY to get shows - she offers (for the price of ONE...
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    Which Lid?? NEED QUICK ANSWER!

    Goes with the PROFESSIONAL FAMILY SKILLET? Is there one? I can't tell from looking at the website. :confused:
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    Need Answer Quickly

    I have a guest from a Feb. 27th show - that hasn't closed yet - who wants to order 25 cake testers (she wants to give them out as part of a gift basket for each of her employees.) Are these still available for a February show even though they aren't for March ones? Also, is this amount the...
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    Question about Pan O Rama

    I noticed the Pan O Rama points redemption form on CC. Right now I have 2374 points. My goal is to get both sets (the 5 and 7 piece). Since I have enough to get the 5 piece right now, am I able to order that set, keep trying to earn points and order the 7 piece later or do I only get to order...
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    Coffee Question

    I have a host who LOVES our coffee. I wanted to throw some samples her way but I don't have any - the only ones I had before were from my first couple of shows when I got them. I see on the supply order that they are $4.00 but it doesn't say how many samples come with it and whether it is...
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    I think this is a dumb question but...

    I have a show tonight and one tomorrow night. They will not close the night of the show as both have told me they have several outside orders. Even though they won't close until March something, will they still be able to order the cookware specials (including the half price 10 piece...
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    Went to a Tastefully Simple Party the Other Night

    I had a great time. I actually had bought a few products from this particular consultant before so I knew her. One of the things I noticed about her was how relaxed she was while doing her presentation and how easy it was for her to ask for bookings. As a result (and the fact that she let...
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    They NEED to do something about UPS tracking!

    I'm sorry, but what is the point of being able to track a package if the only information you can get shows up the DAY it's being delivered? I had a package go out on the 14th. Ever since then, it's showed as being already delivered somewhere out in Idaho sometime in 2004. So I check the...
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    Does anyone know if UPS is operating tomorrow? I know USPS is closed,

    Does anyone know if UPS is operating tomorrow? I know USPS is closed, but I wasn't sure about UPS and I can't find any information on their website.
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    Some People have NO clue!

    Had a show last night. Host was a really nice girl that I know from my church. She used to be a consultant and loves PC and really worked hard at having a good show. She had about 12 people there. Sales were good but what I really needed were bookings (I only have one show on the calendar for...
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    Geez, HO is taking FOREVER to ship these days!

    I ordered some stuff thinking it would certainly be on time for a show I have tomorrow night but it still says "RECEIVED". It was last minute stuff I needed or I would have ordered earlier but I still thought it would be here on time. I hate when shipping times are inconsistant!
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    What was your highest Commission Check?

    Some might find this question too intrusive, but I figure, we all start out at the same rate and we all have the same opportunity presented to us so... Anyway, I am trying to motivate myself to really start thinking about trying harder in the recruiting area and my director has told me before...
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    Bank Question

    I have a separate account for my business. I don't use it for ANYTHING other than P.Chef. I had a show last week in which the host insisted on writing one check for the entire order. I normally don't do it this way but when she dropped off the $ for the show, only my husband was home. I had...
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    What to give a potential recruit

    Hey all, I have a girl who is REALLY interested in signing. I'm not sure what information I can pass on to her that would be helpful. I talked to her about the opportunity a little but not much. I am doing a show for her sister next week and told her we could set up a time then to talk about...
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    Cold Calls

    Does anyone ever do these? It's about where I'm at right now. I've pretty much exhausted everyone I know. I do have a few tentatives on my calendar but nothing set in stone as of today. Since I'm trying to make this my full time thing, it's looking bleak. Just wondering, for people who have...
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    Gimme Some Ideas PLEASE!!

    Ok, so I am in desperate need of some bookings. I have none for February. (Yes the dreaded thing has happened to me - I ran out of bookings!!) Anyway, of course I've ready lots of ideas on here about how to get them (thanks everyone!). I even bit the bullet and made some phone calls. I have...
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    Merrill Corp

    Does anyone know what the average time is for receiving orders from this place? I placed an order on Monday for some new business cards and other things and so far, they haven't even charged my CC yet. Just wondering if anyone has received anything from them yet.
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    Need Recipe Idea -

    My husband is taking a trip in the next few weeks. I told him I would send him off with a little extra spending money if he would do a catalog show for me - I would let him keep the commission earned off that show. I sent him to work with a couple of catalogs and he's done pretty well so far...
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    Changeover Kits/December Incentive Products

    I know it's been posted here before, but I can't find it. Does anyone know when the December Incentive products and the Changeover kits are set to be shipped?
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    Cluster Meetings

    I'm going to my first one this coming week (My director lives fairly far away and I've asked her to set up a hospitality director for me but until that's taken care of, I figured I'd suck it up and make the drive this time). My question is - what do you do at these meetings? I'm so looking...