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    Urgent Local Story I want to share

    I was really hoping it was done by young kids who had no idea how serious their actions were, and who didn't intend for the dog to get away before they took the tape off. Nope, it was two adult men, and, as a Christian and a lady, I can't use the language appropriate to describe my feelings...
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    SUYB- class u r welcome to join

    Yep, that time will be difficult for many of us who have full-time jobs - but, there is no perfect time for everyone. Will the call be recorded for listening at a more convenient time?
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    Lemon Extract

    If anyone wants to pay me, I'd be happy to make some homemade extract! :D
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    Au Gratin Potatoes in DCB

    This sounds very yummy. I can't just leave a recipe alone, though. I'd try to make it a whole meal by adding diced ham and spinach leaves.
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    Voluntary evacuaton of Military Dependents here in Japan

    It seems you haven't yet posted your destination (I'm too tired to figure out the time difference right now). If you land at Dulles (Virginia, airport code IAD), call me at 703-296-9100
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    Variation on strawberry ice

    I don't have the MFP (though, hoping to submit a show tomorrow so I can get it FREE), and haven't tried the strawberry ice yet. My D says it's delicious, though, and I'm thinking of trying it with a little mint added. Also will try other flavors.
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    :( Car payment

    Our car payment is 'due' on the 2nd of the month, but we really have until the 9th. This is a local bank, so it's really just a matter of walking into the branch in our town anytime during those 7 days, instead of worrying about a check. If we are late though (yes, it's happened), the late fee...
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    Ideas for Vanilla Sprinkle?

    I have a customer who wants to order the Caramel Sprinkles to add to her coffee, since she's out.
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    Gina hit $1250 in 30 days!!!!

    Congratulations to Gina for a job well done - and to Leslie for recognizing the potential!!
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    I've never been to National Conference but am planning to go this

    Re: Hotels? Sheila, I've been debating going to NC this year - but, if it means a chance to meet you, I might have to go after all!!!!
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    Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookie!?!?!?!

    Sandwich your sandwich cookie between 2 balls of cookie dough. If you eat ONE of these, you're actually eating the equivalent of 3 cookies. Hopefully this recipe is used only on rare occasions!
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    Porche Garden

    Yep, you know you've arrived when TKG does a parody of your thread. KG, where do you find these pictures?? I'm really hoping you Photo-shopped this one, or that would be a horrible waste of a beautiful car.
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    April Sales Promotion

    Nice to see they'll FINALLY have a guy-friendly apron.
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    New Consultant Launching Her Business... HELP ME HELP HER!

    Hey, Jennifer - OT, but where in VA are you? I live in Bealeton, but work in Herndon.
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    Religion Prayer request re: job search

    Nicole, I just saw this. How did the meeting go?
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    Granna's 100th Birthday...Let's Celebrate!

    Her day of celebration is my actual birthday! I will be thinking of your Granna. Give her a hug from a fellow March baby (though, slightly younger).
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    1 Bag!

    Sorry, I've got you all beat. I had my tools in one reusable bag, and my paperwork in my laptop case (but, left the computer at home). I did have my purse with me, but really could have left it behind, and just put my license, etc., in the laptop case as well. I made the 3 ingredient cobbler...
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    Mocha hazel nut sprinkles

    Had to share this with you all- When I opened my P3 yesterday and it did the automatic update, I received a message my guest could not order the Mocha Hazelnut Sprinkles. A little back story: this guest was $5 shy of the $60 requirement, which I didn't realize until I got home from the show...
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    I'm looking for a document...

    There's a graph towards the back of the catalog (don't remember if they've changed this with the S/S '11 catalog, but it's still this way for the F/W '10).
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    Who needs a laugh?

    Oh, me, me!! I have a DOH moment! A year or so ago our phones stopped working and we could not connect to the internet or cable. All three services were through Comcast, and I happen to have a friend who works there as a trainer. Of course, she's the first person I called, and after she asked...
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    Mocha hazel nut sprinkles

    John, I did totally miss that e-mail, but to be honest, I've been ignoring a lot of the e-mails from HO because, prior to the show this past Saturday, I was expecting to close my business after this weekend. I am, however, re-motivated! Wadesgirl, that's exactly what I was thinking, too...
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    Sorry I have been away...

    Anne, hugs and love and prayers. I don't even know what to say. Yes I do - what an idiot, to give up someone as awesome and amazing as you!
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    Mocha hazel nut sprinkles

    NOOOOO!!!!! I closing a show tomorrow, and one of my guests wants this Sprinkle. I didn't see that e-mail . . . or did I just ignore it? Uggh, that's going to totally throw off my host's totals, unless we get at least one more order in time. Plus, I really don't want to tell the guest she can't...
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    Have you used the new sauces yet?

    I haven't used the new sauces, so I can't give much of an opinion . . . but, BeckyD, I think because of your diet you're not as used to so much sugar in food as many of us, which is why you found the sauces cloyingly sweet. That's a good thing, of course, but your customers probably not have the...
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    Help Need Creative Bakers

    I'm thinking one of those checker board cakes (you know, the chocolate and white cakes with the checkered pattern), but I've never tried making it, so don't know how easy or hard it is to make.
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    Host turning party into a St. Patty's party?

    I did a party a couple of years ago. It was supposed to be a simple grill party, but the host turned it into a full-on barbecue. Very few people watched or participated in the demo, because they were all outside drinking. There was so much other food, I didn't even do one of the demos (I did the...
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    Things I learned from Spring Launch

    I didn't do much different at my last show, my at my show this Friday I'm going with the "less is more" theme! For the past year or so I've been bringing only what I can fit in two reusable shopping bags, plus my laptop case (which holds not just my computer, but catalog folders, etc). Well...
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    Inactive and renewing web site soon

    Michelle, I'm glad to hear you're not willing to give up. We have so much fun with The Pampered Chef, I think some of us (*points at self*) forget it is a business, which means we have to be willing to work to make it grow. We just keep hoping shows and orders will fall in our laps (and...
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    Off topic: DH's physical therapy clinic's contest

    Voted and bumping!!
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    Urgent Kid friendly transportable dessert?

    Do you have a Cut-N-Seal? Make mini fruit pies, using refrigerated pie crust and canned pie filing. Maybe use some Sprinkles. Easy to make, easy to transport (I'd put them in the DCB if you have one), and you can tell the Mommies how easy it is to have kids help make dessert. When, oh when, are...