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    Cheese Ball

    I have a client who is asking for a cheese ball that PC had in a fundraisor recipe book years ago. Does anyone have this recipe?
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    Love the New executive cookware set!

    Ice Cube Thank you for your ideas. I am making the Turlte Skillet cake at both so I will try to get a few from there. There have been post about putting an ice cube in a pan and a plate to show how it melts faster. I tried this at home and it is true but my customers are going to say...
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    ISO FW Catalogs

    FW Catalogs I have a new pack not opened. That I would be willing to get read of cheap. Email me at [email protected]
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    Love the New executive cookware set!

    Selling Ideas I have two large shows this weekend and I would love to sell more pans. Does anyone have advise on selling the pans faster? They sell themselves and I explain about them but I am not really getting very far. Thank you for any help.
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    Website ??

    Help with website I am having trouble with my new website and I don't know where to go for help. I am so frustrated with the websites. :confused: I can't find a quick link to ask for help either. There is a big white spot in the middle of my website and I can't seem to get a picture there...
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    OMG! The NEW Catalog Online!

    How do I How do I get my site to do this? I ordered it last night and I set it up and I can't even get mine to look this way. :cool:
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    New websites

    Websites I am so confused any information that can be lent would be greatly appreciated. I just started my website last night. I am a bit disappointed. :( My website has the old catalogs and I can't seem to get the pictures in the right areas. Is it always so cumbersome. I am so...
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    Got a ?

    HO new number Am I the only one or am I doing something wrong. I tryed to reach HO this weekend and they are closed except normal business hours. What are there business hours. I can only do my Pampered Chef on the weekend. So I am confused. I have an unhappy host who needs a replacement...
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    Hello. I'm looking for any new, fun, exciting games that we can play

    Book Brooke, The website was a great help. Inspiring too. If you get info on the free book I would really be interested also. Christol
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    Rice Cooker Cake?

    Lid Problem The clear part of the lid will not snap back in. Is this happening to anyone. :confused:
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    Mystery Hostess Kitchen Show

    Tickets Emily, The tickets are a great idea. I have thought about the outside orders and I am wondering how you are handling this. I agree with dcorman that outside orders would garuntee a good out come in sales and the selected hostess would have a great show. However, should I set a...
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    Mystery Hostess Kitchen Show

    Wrong date solution Emily, This may be an oportunity for you now you can have one in Aug & Sept. I would try to call anyone that I could so that you can make your August one successful and let the rest fly as Sept. I hope this helps. How exactly are you doing your Mystery Host party...
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    Grease Mop

    Guest love it and want more My guest really wanted more she loved them. She said they were hard to clean if you didn't have a dishwasher. She said she just plops in the top and it would clean well. Or she would set it in the sink with dishwashing liquid and it would clean well. I...
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    Looking for game

    Poster Board I have a large poster board in a picture frame and have added pictures of products under 50 pieces of card stock. This adds more mystery and excitement. Each piece of card stock is numbered and when a guest purchase $50 he/she can choose a card. I have them write thier name...
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    Need some encouragement

    keep your chin up Summer is a hard time to start. However, Septembers specials will make it easier to get going. Make sure to call at least two people a week. The worst they can say is NO. If you don't ask you already have a NO. So you have a 50% chance of a yes. Remember that maybe...
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    Grease Mop

    I had a show this afternoon and one of the guest was asking about a Grease Mop that we carried a few years back. I am not sure when the product was here. She states that it is a product that you would hold over the item you are cooking and the fabric would pull the grease out. Then you only...
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    Letter/Overview/Order Form

    Great info Shari, Thank you for sharing your information. I was afraid of the no responses so I am glad to hear that it happens everywhere. I am hoping to get in to at least one FR this year I am just not sure where the best place other than the schools is a good area. I don't mind giving...
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    Letter/Overview/Order Form

    Thank you Shari, Thank you for the response and the clarification. I would really like to due a few fundraisers this year and I want to make sure I am clear on what I am offering. I am trying to find contacts in the schools to send the information to but I have had no luck as of yet...
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    Free Stoneware Mold

    Stone Mold special I am having such am memory block today. I thought I read somewhere a special that if we sold a certain amount of molds that we received something. Does anyone remember seeing this lately? :confused:
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    I am getting soo discouraged

    Takes a bit of time Cookie, From your post I see that you have great ideas. Summer time can often be hard. Really play up the September specials (Stoneware) and this will help you to get more bookings. I have a full September but an empty October. Hopefully this will change soon...
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    Help for Murder Mystery ?

    Great ideas Cookie, That is a great idea. I would like to plan a Mystery Host in October so these ideas are great. I am a bit confused at starting. I think I will send flyers and post cards and then send follow up catalogs. I just don't want to send out catalogs to those who may not want...
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    Letter/Overview/Order Form

    Fundraiser Amounts Thank you so much for the great info. However, I am confused. I thought the organization receives 15% but the flyer states 25%. Could someone clear this up for me? I really want to start working on fundraisers and plan on sending flyers to the schools if I can get...
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    Just got the new products!

    Woo-Hoo My fall paper work and my earned product came in too. I am so excited. Everytime the UPS man/woman comes I get to have Christmas at my house. My husband thinks I am loosing it because I am always waiting for UPS. :D I do have a question though. This is my first change over...
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    Getting Discouraged

    Fall Stuff My fall things just came in and I am so excited and confused. I received another PP CD. Do I install this one also? Or is this just an update? I appologize for the questions but I am still new I am only in my SS2. Thank you for any help you can lend. Christol
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    Hostess Had party 1 year ago

    Discount expiring I have a post card that I received from Town and Country for this it states: "Past Hostess Discount..... A year goes by so fasts: Just a reminder that your 10% past-Hostess disount expires on________. So if there's anything you'd like from our Pampered Chef Collection...
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    Ultimate Slice & Grate

    Confrence There is so many post on here about how wonderful the confrence is. I just be came a PC consultant in June so I was unable to be there this year but I will have to go in 06. I am so excited. I really wish they had one every 6mths.
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    Septembers specials

    Stoned flyer Rita, Thank you so much for your flyer. It was great. We have so many talented people here. :)
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    Mini Catalogs

    Dialog suggestion That was great thank you very much for sharing.
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    Theme Show Binder

    Thankyou Ginger Ginger thank you so much for the flyers. They are so very helpful.
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    New Consultant Needing New Tips

    Congrats on your up coming show I agree with the recipes. You don't need to be the master of them all find a few you like and can complete in a certain amount of time and use them until your really comfortable and then add new ones everynow and then. Before you know it you will be a pro. ;)...