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  1. K

    2 Step Fudge ASAP!!

    I had a quick question if anyone knows - I am having another Desperate Housewives show tonight and the host just called and asked me about the two step fudge for tonight. I could have sworn on here that I read you can use the EAD. If I do use the EAD - how long will it take to chill? I don't...
  2. K

    Oven bags and the roasting pan

    I had a host from last month buy the roasting pan. She recently emailed me and asked if she could still use the oven bags and just place the turkey in the pan. Or will the bag melt? I wasn't sure so I thought of you all immediately. She said she has been using the oven bags for years and is...
  3. K

    Top 10 PC Items

    Hi Ladies - I need your opinions on what you think the most popular items PC are. I am putting a top 10 list together to help newbies and people not too familiar with PC. I am doing a fundraiser tomorrow - sort of like an express show for a bunch of soldiers Christmas shopping for...
  4. K

    Stainless Steel Bowls Price

    At my last show - someone made a really good point about the stainless steel bowls that I thought I'd share with you all. I bring those bowls to my shows because I think they look great displayed and I've also noticed people actually "see" the details better (silicone bottoms, internal...
  5. K

    Conference registration

    This may sound silly - but I was wondering if I registered for leadership conference, and it turns out that I cannot go. Will I get my money back? I'd much rather pay the early bird price! I will only go if my husband's schedule allows. He is in the army so sometimes asking his commanders...
  6. K

    Asian Granishing Ideas?

    Does anyone have any asian garnishing ideas?? I am making an Oriental Salad with Sesame Ginger Salad Dressing (not a PC recipe). It's for a gathering I am going to tomorrow (they are having an asian theme lunch) and there may be some potential hosts. Any advice would be great!
  7. K

    Leadership Conference

    I am still trying to figure out if I can make it to Leadership Conference this year. I was curious what all goes on there. I keep hearing that it's worth it - but what kind of workshops do they have, events, etc. This would be my first conference to go to. I would love to attend but with my...
  8. K

    Which guest special?

    I am alittle confused on what to do. I have a fundraiser tonight and everyone there wants to collect outside orders. The organization wants to close the show November 5th. My question is, can I still give them the October guest special or do I need to promote the November guest special...
  9. K

    Bridal Expo...Is it worth it?

    I really need your opinion and advice!! I recently got in touch with an organizer for a bridal expo. It is $610 for a booth for the weekend. They do all kinds of advertising like commercials, radio, magazine and newspaper advertisments, etc. I would also be the only PC consultant there. I...
  10. K

    Tool Turn About Idea

    I don't know if this was mentioned before in another thread or not, but I was just up at Hobby Lobby and I was flipping through a scrapbooking magazine (I forgot what the magazine was called) when I came across some organizing tips. I saw in a picture one of our tool turn abouts as an organizer...
  11. K

    Radish Flowers

    Has anyone tried making the radish flowers as part of their veggie plate?? I saw this in a picture, always thought it was cute but never have I tried it. I know you are supposed to cut petal shapes in the radish with your quick cut paring knife then let it sit in cold water. How long do you...
  12. K

    Building up fundraiser attendance

    OKay ladies - I am suffering from a bad case of writer's block I guess you can say. I am trying to put together a flyer for a fundraiser I am doing in the middle of this month. We've figured out ways to get people to host fundraiser's but how can I convince people to come :confused: . I am...
  13. K

    Out of Box Calls

    I just did my FIRST call to someone I didn't know about TPC. AT our garage sale I had a table set up, etc and a guy entered his wife in for a free kitchen show by filling out a slip. He said they just moved in and "she likes this kind of stuff". So I called and left a message a second ago - I...
  14. K

    Pampered at Work Network

    Has anyone tried or done a "Pampered at Work Network" show? I have the flyer from this site and was wondering how you approach the businesses. I am looking to increase my sales before October is up and to get my name out there more. Do you offer incentives, etc? I would appreciate any advice...
  15. K

    Garage Sale Leads

    I just had to share - we had a garage sale this weekend. We will be moving in about a year (yea!) so we are starting to sort out what we don't use now. Anyway, I had a PC table set up...no products out though because I didn't want any ridiculous offers!! I had some catalogs from last season...
  16. K

    PC Charity

    I just read my email from The Pampered Chef about our consultants in the areas struck by Hurricane Katrina. I found it very heart warming that PC understands and will allow those consultants to remain active until the end of the year. And that they are trying to come up with a plan to help...
  17. K

    Gas prices and mileage

    This came to mind as I was filling up my SUV with gas and it surpassed the $50 mark :eek: ...but do you think they will increase the rate they give us per mile?!?! I would hope the government gives us small business owners a break when it comes to the milage we are putting on our vehilces along...
  18. K

    Need recipe help!

    Okay, I have a show at 3 and I am starting the Mocha Borwnie Dessert but already ran into a problem. The brownies have different directions for different pan sizes. I am using the deep dish baker...I don't know which directions to follow :confused: - to me it seems alittle bigger than a 9x9...
  19. K

    Folder Host Packets

    I'm curious to know what everyone does with their host packets. I am replacing the binders I've been using and using them for something else. I went to WalMart lastnight and bought 80 folders for 5 cents each!! I'm going back today for more!! Anyway, I was trying to figure out what to put on...
  20. K

    Shoulder tote

    I was wondering if any of you have the black shoulder tote with the clear packet on the front for a catalog? Does it help you start conversations with people at stores, etc about Pampered Chef?? And also, does it fit diapers :p ?!? I have a little one to tote around as well. Let me know what...
  21. K

    Brownie Mocha Dessert Recipe

    I have been looking for Brownie Mocha dessert recipe. Does anyone have it? :confused: I've been looking for it with no luck. I was hoping someone could help. I have heard good things about that recipe and would love to try it out for my show on Saturday.
  22. K

    Director's Agreement

    I am just curious as to what the Director's agreement consists of. I know you sign and submit a director's agreement after you have recruited your 5th consultant. I was sort of curious what the rules are, etc after you have promoted to director. Thanks in advance for any feedback! :)
  23. K

    Grandparent's Day

    Hi Everyone! I just got back from the post office - I mailed a jar opener to my husband's grandparents and while I was in line I thought of a great idea to start advertising at your upcoming shows - Grandparents Day is September 11 (I took a double take at the date when I saw this posted at...
  24. K

    Baked Potstickers Substitution?

    I have a host who LOVES the idea and look of the Baked Potsticker recipe, however she isn't a big asian food fan...she sent me an email asking if we could substitute the asian ingredients and maybe just use chicken and cheese, etc. She is hosting a show for me in October. I haven't even tried...
  25. K

    PC Dollars

    Does anyone know if you can use your PC dollars towards the sample product orders for the new fall products? Thanks in advance!!
  26. K

    Website Photos

    Okay so I just subscribed to my website and had fun setting it all up. But why is it that most of my pictures are not appearing :confused: ?? It is getting frustrating because it works on one only one page. I think it looks so mch better with pictures! I am selecting photos from the ones...
  27. K

    Monthly Bonus Kits

    I didn't know they were going to change the Super Starter Monthly Bonuses?!?! I just saw this as I was going through my fall paperwork that I got today. They include a new opportunity brochure in your packets. Be sure to look at it if you haven't yet! What do you all think about it? My...
  28. K

    Cooking brown rice in the rice cooker

    Has anyone tried cooking brown rice in the rice cooker? If so, can you tell me the directions? I know you have to cook brown rice alittle longer than white rice so I assume it is going to be different. I've cooked white rice in it plenty of times and every time it has come out PERFECT! I...
  29. K

    Tele Class Registration

    How far in advanced do you have to register to join a tele-class? I haven't taken any yet and I keep hearing how much they help. There are a few I want to take. Thanks in advance!!
  30. K

    July Recruiting Promotion

    This question are for those of you who went to conference - Can you make Septemeber your SSM1 and still qualify for the July sign up promotion? That is all I want to know! I have someone who is thinking about signing up and payday (for her) is tomorrow. I would like to get the word out to her...