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    ISO: White Scissors

    If anyone has the original white scissors NIB, please let me know.
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    4 Consultants in LA/Long Beach area ONLY

    I've decided to leave PC and I have lots of things that I must get rid of. Everything from brand new vegetable peelers to the Rolling Show to Go and Tool Turn About. I want to offer these items to local consultants only so I won't have to deal with having to ship them out. If anyone is...
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    Help with Shipping

    :confused:I just finished doing "inventory" and I must get rid of a lot of my PC stuff, but I've never dealt with shipping and such. How do I know how much shipping to charge for? Can anyone help me with this... please?
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    ISO Chilzanne Cooler for 2 liter bottles

    Does anyone have this cooler NIB? :rolleyes:
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    Director Cool Poem to Share

    Just got this: ATTAINMENT. Use all your hidden forces. Do not miss The purpose of this life, and do not wait For circumstance to mould or change your fate. In your own self lies Destiny. Let this Vast truth cast out all fear, all prejudice, All hesitation. Know that you are great...
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    Got something cool at my Kick-off meeting

    I had my kick-off meeting with two special guests, one was Val Muzquiz from HO. I had the most people I've ever had in attendance so I was really happy. Here is the description from my Director (my other special guest) who travled two hours to be at my meeting: Dear TEAM, On Friday...
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    What do you handle this?

    I think I have shared that one of my star consultants has joined another DS company. :( She signed with me 15 months ago and was very consistent in sales and recruiting, encouraged everyone at our team meetings... She signed with SwissJust in Feb and her PC sales started going down, she only...
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    Director Webzine Article Re: Direct Sales (MLM's)

    My Director just shared this article with me and it is a HUGE eye-opener!!! It is very long but worth the read. The best thing about it is that although it puts some popular DS companies in a bad light it is really POSITIVE when mentioning Pampered Chef (whoohooo). One more reason to be proud of...
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    My picture on Consultants Corner

    So I get home from work yesterday and I ask my husband if he went to the PC website and saw my picture. Mind you my husband is always really sweet and loving.... He said that everyone else looked natural and I looked plastic, that it didn't even look like me. :eek: My initial response was...
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    Leadership Locations

    Just curious... For all of you seasoned Directors. What locations have been chosen for Leadership that you can remember and which were your favorite?
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    The Block/Shredded Cheese Controversy

    I have a customer that only eats "organic" food and she is very cautious about everything. When I did her show, I shared with her guests that buying block cheese was better than the shredded. For one it's more economical and another reason (tip I got from here) is that there is a preservative...
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    2 shows in one day!

    Has anyone else done this? I did two shows yesterday... one at 11:00am and the other at 4:00pm. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted!:yuck: How do you all manage?
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    Venting... "Why are people so mean... and strange"?

    I'm so frustrated with a lady that called requesting a catalog. I had been trying to follow up with her for the last couple of weeks and she had been giving me the run around, faking to be someone else answering her cell phone. Since she is bilingual I decided to call her this Friday and...
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    Scarves - Great Team Incentives

    [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] I am proud to announce that I am now an authorized "scarf" vendor here on Chefsuccess! As some of you know my husband owns a garment business and as a result of his business I have come to realize how popular personalized gifts are. People often keep and...
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    Scarves for Leadership

    [/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG][/URL][/IMG] Hello Everyone! Make sure you bundle up well at Leadership next month because according to Cincinnati: Weather and Much More from Answers.com, during the winter, particularly in January and February, several days of snow can be expected in Cincinnati...
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    HO closed on Saturdays?

    I thought HO was open 7 days a week? I have a new recruit that I entered myself last night and my credit card is being charged twice:eek: I need to talk to someone:cry:
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    A Visit from the Dream Patrol!!

    Congratulations to Adriana Sanchez! Adriana received a very exciting visit from the Dream Patrol last night at her monthly cluster meeting in Los Angeles! She was surprised by Jean Jonas, Valerie Musquiz, Al Fournier and the PC camera crew! Adriana recruited 8 consultants in September and...
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    Engagement rings

    Jean Jonas in my mom's kitchen!!! I got a surprise visit from the dream patrol at my meeting yesterday!!!! I was in total and complete shock!!! I had been rushing all day and when I got to my mom's house (I hold my meeting there because her kitchen, dining room and living room are all...
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    Guest Special's Question????

    I always forget to offer these at my shows. I'm confused about them anyway... Is there a minimum that Guests need to buy, or can they purchase the Guest Specials without purchasing anything else?
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    Desktop or Laptop

    I am thinking of replacing my old desktop computer, but I'm debating whether I should get another desktop or a laptop this time. What do you prefer and why?
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    CN - To Keep or Not to Keep

    I have over 2 yrs worth of Consultant News :eek: and I'm running out of space to keep them. What do you all do with them? :rolleyes: They're so pretty that I hesitate to throw them away.:cool:
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    Who is going to NC from the Los Angeles area? How much are you

    Who is going to NC from the Los Angeles area? How much are you expecting to pay for your airfare?
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    HWC Guest Special or Individual Sales

    As I can remember correctly, last year we were able to sell HWC items to individuals, it didn't necesarrily have to be a fundraiser or Guest Special. Will we be able to do that again this year or are we only going to be able to offer it as a Guest Special? Confused:(
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    Belinda Ellsworth or Julie Weitz

    Serious dilema here! Both Belinda and Julie will be coming to Southern Califas on April 23. I can't decide where to go. I've heard great things about both ladies. Any suggestions?:confused:
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    Process of a Recruiting Interview

    Hi Ladies and Happy Sunday to all!:) For those that are pro's at recruiting, I wanted to know what process you follow during a recruiting interview. Is there a small spiel that you give before going over the A Closer Look binder (if you use it at all) and are there specific questions that...
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    Discontinued Products

    I have a couple of Feb shows that need to close. I got quite a few orders for items that were discontinued as of Feb. 28. Does anyone know when the cut-off is to order these items?
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    Are we using UPS again?

    Is this weird or what?! I just checked the delivery status on a recent show and it is giving me a UPS tracking #. :confused: And when I clicked on the tracking # it took me to the UPS website! Has this happened to anyone lately?
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    Paperwork for Shows

    What paperwork do you all take with you to your shows besides order forms and catalogs and what do you carry it in?
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    Packing for Leadership

    Help! Hairspray? make-up? body wash? Where do I pack it. What about beauty essentials... curling iron, hair dryer! Can everyone tell that I don't do much flying? I've heard airport security (LAX) to be very tight (which is good), but I'm very nervous about how I should pack. I'm...
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    Scarves for Leadership

    What would you and your cluster like to be identified by at Leadership? :rolleyes: How about Embroidered Scarves?!! :D My husband has a Garment business in Los Angeles and he is offering Embroidered Fleece Scarves for $15 +s/h. He just did a few scarves for my Director and they really...