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  1. vanscootin

    Odd question

    After you lose your D title and return to a TL ... your D contract exprires? Yes or no?
  2. vanscootin

    FS - Exclusive PC Weber Charcoal Grill

    Remember that grill that was a recruiting incentive back in March? I chose the grill... brand new, never used, but out of the box. I have no use for it and don't know why I chose it. :( Cost on the 1099 will be $100. Asking $50 plus shipping.
  3. vanscootin

    I think I'm burnt out

    I'm starting to think I'm a little PC burnt out... with all the changes that are going on, I'm fustrated. I had 12 people on my team... 2 of my most consistant gals up and quit, then I had 3 girls drop off due to inactivity and 2 more are going to drop off this month. That leaves some very...
  4. vanscootin

    New Consultant/New Web Question

    I have a gal signing up today... any one know how the new debit card thing works? She has orders ready to go in. Will she be allowed to use her card just like you can in P3 until a certain date?
  5. vanscootin

    Did anyone else.....

    get bombarded with shipping emails last night with shows that had been shipped back in April? I had 17 emails this morning all from shows that had shipped way last month that I had already gotten shipment confirmations on. Just wondering.
  6. vanscootin

    Expense App

    I just had to share about this app because it is super awesome and works perfectly for tracking expenses.... in light of the new web coming out... even though it's supposed to have an expense report tracker, it's not there yet. And it won't track consultant gifts since there is no payment option...
  7. vanscootin

    New Web Vergabe?

    You know how you tell guests they can order on the show by going to your PWS, clicking shop online and entering the host's name, etc.... well I'm wondering if anyone has come up with the proper verbage for how to do that in the new web? I have been tossing some ideas around and everything I come...
  8. vanscootin

    New Web Questions Part Deux

    First off, I'm excited it's finally here.... but. I'm concerned. I went through the tutorials again last night, and I just can't wrap my head around having customers create and account... it's kind of forcing their hand, and I'm not sure I want to do that. :( I know that they don't have to...
  9. vanscootin

    Recruit say wha?

    So I have a gal on my team who has gone inactive (6 months)... after calls and emails to no avail I get an email from her today. "Hey Dawn, I know I've been dropped as a consultant, but I want to resign up. I've had several people ask me about catalogs and shows and were disappointed when...
  10. vanscootin

    Hmmm.... I wonder....

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet... that email last night about the current wedding registries staying up until June 15th, which is the last possible date they can keep it functioning.... I wonder if this is a roun about hint that the new system will be in place in June? I'd like to...
  11. vanscootin

    Personal Vote for Chardon

    In wake of the Chardon High School shooting on Monday, area Clevelanders are showing support and sending cards to the school as well as voting for one of the local radio stations to "Rock Your Prom".... I know it's probably off base with the recent events there... but Chardon is close to my...
  12. vanscootin

    March CN

    Who has their March CN already? Can you tell me who the consultants are that they featured? You know... where it has the picture of a consultant and they interview them about different things? Please and thank you!
  13. vanscootin

    Prayers for Chardon High School

    Please keep the students and faculty of Chardon, OH high school in your prayers. There was a shooting this morning in the cafeteria... this kind of hits close to home for me because I'm from the next little town and I have family that still lives there.
  14. vanscootin

    FS- Large Set of .....

    For sale... an entire set and more of soon to be discontinued items.... pm for details.... I hope I did that right :)
  15. vanscootin

    Personal OT: Teachers (a lil long)

    I know there are a few teacher/consultants out there so I feel ok ranting and looking for feedback on what I should do.... My daughter is 6 and in the first grade. We moved to this school district because the schools are supposed to be one of the best in the area. I am having such a hard time...
  16. vanscootin

    Spring Into Success DVD

    Just finished watching the DVD... Chef Damien is THE MAN (fanning self with new Season's Best)... loved the video, but I wish they had given more instruction on how to use the products instead of vague descriptions. Maybe I just need to watch it again.
  17. vanscootin

    Annoyed at CS

    I know there have been posts before complaining about the cs reps... but I want to vent just a little. This month I have had to VIP customers, and by VIP I mean very important pain. The first one wasn't even supposed to be my customer. I got a text at 630 one morning from a consultant asking...
  18. vanscootin

    ISO Hospitality....

    .... in/around NW PA
  19. vanscootin

    Dish Network Using the Food Chopper!

    So my hubby was watching tv and I'm cooking dinner in the kitchen and he yells for me to come in... he asks me if I've seen the Dish Network commercial with the Pampered Chef stuff in it.... uh no. So he rewinds it and sure as $h*t there is our food chopper being advertised as a slap chop! I...
  20. vanscootin

    E ticket?

    So what's an e ticket? Is it just the email that ITA travel group sent or is there something more to that? I've never traveled with an e ticket ever. Just want to make sure I have the right stuff before I get to the airport for New Orleans.
  21. vanscootin

    Check out the Bed Bath and Beyond ad

    Just got the latest BB&B circular and I'm browsing and what should I see? But an entire 10 piece set of leakproof glass containers for only $19.99... I wan to run around to all the mail boxes in my town and steal their circulars and shred them. :(
  22. vanscootin

    Really? I must have been mistaken?

    So a customer at my show the other night ordered the knife block set... yay... and booked a show because she had things she needed to get... we had her show yesterday... it was me, her, her grandpa, her boyfirend, and the past host. They had a fire at their house and wanted to replace their...
  23. vanscootin

    Event today

    I'm doing an outdoor event (what was I thinking) for the local Second Harvest Food Bank today. I've been thinking that my display has been a little ho hum the past few events I've done so I'm changing it up today.... Here be the plan.... I have my table which I will set up almost as...
  24. vanscootin

    Chicken Breasts in rigid baker

    How long would you do 2 chicken breasts in the ridged baker?
  25. vanscootin

    Stamps.com vs. driving to the post office

    I've been staring at a Stamps.com offer on my desk for almost 2 months now. I loathe, abhor, and detest going to the post office and I'm thinking about doing the Stamps.com... I was wondering if anyone has tried or uses it and what you think of it.
  26. vanscootin

    Skinny Mini and Gas card

    I got my Skinny Mini and gas card in the mail today... the mini is super cute, but super mini! It doesn't fit a smart phone... which is ok cause I'd probably not put it in there anyway... BUT it makes a super cute change purse and reminds me of an updated version of something my Grammy would...
  27. vanscootin

    Need a little help

    I'm making a Booking Binder with the upcoming specials and recruiting info as well as with fundraiser and wedding registry info to pass around at shows. I am trying to come up with funny reasons for people to host a show, but I am totally drawing a blank... I went through reasons why I would...
  28. vanscootin

    Merrill Burnout T

    So I spent $60 at conference at Merrill... then came home and spent another $60.00 and wouldn't you know it but the shirt I ordered is on back order. It's that cute blue burnout t.... I ordered an extra large and in the time I ordered it til now they have changed the product descritpion to say...
  29. vanscootin

    I recruited... my mother

    I am completely amazed... I jsut welcomed my mom to my team! I came home from conference and was telling her about all the amazing promotions and new products and she says, "Sign me up." She has been a consultant for 2 days and has already submitted almost $700 in sales! I'm so proud of...
  30. vanscootin

    Disgruntled Guest

    So I'm at my show last night... the invitations I use invite guests to do sort of a scavanger hunt and get tickets for door prizes.... well after the 4th guest arrived and I gave her her tickets, I ran out! I decided to do the door prizes a different way..... Show was going well, first guest...