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    Dawn Tolman-Shopping Spree Winner!!!

    Hi everyone! I was reading over my Weekly Bites, and I saw Dawn Tolman's name as one of the $100 shopping spree winners! CONGRATULATIONS! Are there any other winners on here? I recognized her name from her posts--isn't it cool that for those of us that are here often, that we will now be...
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    This probably sounds obvious but ...

    I close my shows over the phone or email. I then have the host mail me the orders and checks in an envelope I give them in their host packet. I prefer this method because I like to get the information from the checks of my customers for my client base. Just my preference!
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    Leadership Conference!!!

    Hey everyone! I'm definately going to Leadership--and I plan to walk as a director, hopefully! I live in Indiana, so some of my cluster and I are driving (about 7 hours) to save some $$. I'm in the conference club, so paying it off each month instead of taking one big hit! We need to come up...
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    Need Survivor Show Help :)

    Well, I did my show on Tuesday, and it was so much fun. I had the two teams come up with a tribe name. I did three challenges: the first for first pick of the tools, the second for first pick of the ingredients, and the last for two free swaps with the other team. The first challenge was...
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    Follow up on Bookings or Sales Question

    As a consultant, I think it's easier for me to control bookings, if I have to choose. I think that most people come to a show with a "limit" on how much they can spend. I know that I can control what items I show, offer items that compliment what's on their order, and "sell" the products, but...
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    Bookings or sales: which would you rather have (and why)?

    Hmmmm, tough one-- I'd have to say bookings. My reasoning is this: I may have a poor show with only $200 in sales, but if I leave with 4 bookings, who's to say one of those bookings isn't a $1000 show! However, I might have said high sales if it meant high attendance. The bigger the...
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    Outline for Shows?

    The Let's Be Nosy game is a recruiting game. I tell the guests that they can be nosy, and ask me anything they want about my business! They can ask about products, but they won't get a ticket. For every question asked I give a ticket. I will either set a time (3 minutes) or 10 tickets, and...
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    Outline for Shows?

    I guess I have a basic outline that I follow at every "regular" kitchen show (some theme shows and hands-on shows are different). Here it is: Brief Introduction of myself--"Before I get my hands in your food, I guess I should tell you a little about myself" Thank you to hostess--talk about...
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    Display Crate

    I use the display crate for dirty dishes. I don't use it in my display. I actually bought a second crate--one to carry in/out the clean dishes, and one for the dirty dishes. However, that will change now that I have my third show to go piece!
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    Help-Need Sept. Outside order form

    Here's the one I made for last month, and the PC one:
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    Bar pan recipe?

    The Clubhouse Chicken Squares is also a great recipe!
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    Individual order for September?

    You sure can! I just sent out an email to my preferred customers to give them a "Last Chance Offer" for 20% off Stoneware!
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    Need Survivor Show Help :)

    Wow, thanks for the great ideas! I love the idea of the necklaces and beads--so creative!!! Do you have a file of the trivia questions you use? Also, do you do both recipes, or just one? Is this a hands-on show, or do you make the recipe? Also, do you sprinkle the trivia questions...
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    Show recipes for Roaster

    Great poem! So creative!!!
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    Open House???

    You sure can!!! Just pick on date, and put all the orders on the one show! I will combine two small catalog shows together sometimes if I need a $150 show, or add outside orders to kitchen/catalog shows also.
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    Terrible Show

    Kristen, I like you idea of incorporating that into the Big M.A.C. calls (morning after calls). I make these calls to every guest that attended a show the next day, and thank them for coming, and remind them about what they ordered and use and care or recipe ideas. I've been doing PC for...
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    Offers for hosts???

    I use this Tic Tac Dough, and honestly, I haven't paid out on it yet. Not because I haven't had anyone that won, but because the host hasn't reminded me about it. This may sound tough, but when I host coach, I have the host pull it out of her folder, and I go over each square with her, and...
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    Show Details Tracking??

    That happened to me as well. I had the older version of PP (13.1) and the Stoneware Loaf Pan was the incorrect price on PP. That put my host just below her level, and I had to add something to make up for it. Wasn't a big deal, but that was why my show showed in the Performance Tracker, but...
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    Question on murder in Margaritsville

    I hand out the scripts to the suspects, and randomly pass out the alibi's. Even the suspects have to figure out who the murderer is!
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    Want to Walk at Leadership????

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in, and see if anything has changed in anyone's status. I had one of my four leads attend my cluster meeting last Monday, and she's decided to become a consultant! I think she's going to be great, and I'm excited for her! That puts me at 4...
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    How do your shows flow?

    Here's the point game, which I think is pretty close to what you are referring to. It's a fun game, and your consultant probably changed the ending to make it more open to recruiting. Hope this helps! :)
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    Super starter dessert

    Here you go!
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    When do you hand out catalogs at a show?

    Becky, I guess I've gone back and forth on this quite a bit, because I see your point also. Do you ever feel though that they talk themselves out of buying stuff if they have the catalog in their hands too long? I have seen too many order forms with things crossed off by the end of the show...
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    3-part sales receipt...Need Opinion !!!

    Teresa, I like your idea! I have been handing out the order forms at the beginning of the show (not catalogs) and telling people to mark anything they hear me talk about that they'd like to have in their kitchen on their wish list. Some do, some don't. I wonder...what do you all think...
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    How many products

    Usually I'll bring one crate full of products, my tool turn about with my "little stuff", and my Stoneware tote with the Round stone, bar pan, deep dish baker, pie plate, and small oval baker. (I set those up on the Stoneware Storage Rack). However, since I've earned the new Tote Bag, I use...
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    When do you hand out catalogs at a show?

    I used to hand out the catalogs and order forms at the beginning of the show. But now I find that I get more participation in the show if I wait until the very end of the show. I actually find that this also cuts down on the chatter through the show also. I still give them the order forms at...
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    Need Answer ASAP about Host Special

    Yes Cindy. Put the order in the husband/mom's name, and then add the Jar Opener for free! Also, when the customer buys the Roasting Pan, her order will be over $50, so she'll receive a second Jar Opener free!
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    Need Answer ASAP about Host Special

    Yes, she can!! :) You just need to put the order in someone else's name. She'll have to pay shipping on the order, but then she'll be eligible for the host benefits.
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    PC Biz Web Pages....??

    I agree. I too received two orders this past month from people I didn't even know, in different states! It was an additional $100 in commissionable sales for the month! I also really like it for the hosts. I set up all my shows on line, and 90% of my hosts take advantage of the webpage...
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    How do your shows flow?

    I'd stick with the game--it will add fun to your show, which is the best booking incentive you can offer! I don't usually offer booking incentives. If you talk up everything that your October guest will earn for free, that should be extremely convincing! (60% off host special, $100 in free...