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    Opportunity Night Flyer-what do you think?

    Awesome Idea!! I think your idea is awesome. I think I might try that also. Thanks for sharing.
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    Opportunity Night Flyer-what do you think?

    Awesome Idea!! I think your idea is awesome. I think I might try that also. Thanks for sharing.
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    How late is too late?

    I take care of my calls 7-8. I always feel that people do not like to get calls past 8:00 because I do not like to get calls past 8:00.
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    Need to get selling again

    Thanks I think I will try that. Thanks, Debbie
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    Need to get selling again

    I have been selling for over a year now. I have no shows on my calendar at all. I had a hostess bounce a $750 check and had a really hard time getting the payment from her. It really set me back. I was considering not selling anymore because I just never expected such a problem from someone...
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    Is there tracking on adjustment orders?

    Back Order The FREE Cutting Boards are on back order, that may be why your hostess didn't receive all of them. As for the adjustment, I have never had it take that long either, usually when it is approved it only takes a couple days depending on where you live. Hope I helped.
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    The day AFTER...my 1st kitchen show

    Call those who didn't attend Make sure you call at least those people who said they were coming. Get more outside orders. I think $400 for 5 attendees is awesome. Good luck! :D
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    I don't know what to do

    That was just aweful! I can't imagine being treated that way. True her business is her business and yours is yours but she didn't complain about any incentive she received from recruiting you. You think she would have at least shared with you how she became that successful. 90 registries is...
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    Newbie Question

    Mailboxes I think it may have to due with the fact that they were on their mailboxes. I think it is illegal to put anything in or on a mailbox other than mail from the actual mail carrier. I'm not positive.
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    New consultant rewards

    Separate Promotion There was a promotion for those who signed up in February. If they qualify by March 31st, they get the 12" Skillet for Free. You only qualify for the promotion that was going on the time that you signed up. You are also able to save points for the Pan-O-Rama promotion...
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    I am SO EXCITED !!!!

    Getting Back To The Initial Topic I had my best month so far. I closed out 6 shows, total sales of $2800 and 10 bookings. My goal for the month was $4000 in sales but I also had 2 shows that did not close out yet. I need to get more shows on my calendar for March. I only have 2. All the...
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    Tracking panorama points

    Hoping to get a set! I'm at 592 right now but I have 2 more shows to close out for last month that each have 2 pieces of cookware on them. I only have 2 pieces of cookware and no money because I am saving for a Disney trip. Good Luck to everyone! :D
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    Billing registry cards to couple?

    I am from Pennsylvania, and in our area we do not put registry cards in our wedding invites. I'm pretty postive the surrounding areas do not either. In my area it is usually customary to get the bride and groom a gift for the Bridal Shower but to give cash for the wedding. Every wedding that...
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    Entering checks into pampered partners

    Put your name on also If someone accidently writes out a check to Pampered Chef instead of me and I do not notice at the show, I put a / next to Pampered Chef and then my name. I have showed the bank what I have done and I have never had a problem with it.
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    PAN-O-RAMA rules

    I'm so excited about this month I have 8 shows that will be submitted this month and there are 3 of the hosts that I know want cookware themselves. I only have 2 pieces of the cookware so I am really excited to try to earn more. Good luck to everyone. :D :D :D
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    New paperwork supplies??????

    Did you update with disk? Did you update PP with the disk you received in your new paperwork box? That will work just the same as if you pulled from the web site. Good luck.
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    Turbo Tax

    This may be a stupid question, but on Turbo Tax do we put ourselves down as a consultant. When my husband was doing our taxes, he did not put me down as a consultant and he said there was no place for prize write offs (door prizes, consultant gifts, etc.). I'm really confused can anyone help...
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    Flyer for new Gift Registry

    Thank You!! Thank you for sharing your great flyers!! :D
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    Celebrate Plate

    Field Services said it would automatically ship, but he also gave me instructions to update. In Pampered Partner: Go to update Click on Product Information Click on Lookup Enter hf88 Double click on that item Change the category from Host Special to Specials Then click on update I...
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    Celebrate Plate

    Thanks Beth :)
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    Celebrate Plate

    The item and the item # are both there, the program will not let me enter it though. It is showing up as a second host special and a warning comes up that it exceeds the # of host specials for the transactions. Did anyone try to do yet? Please help, I can't close her show until this is entered.
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    Celebrate Plate

    I was trying to enter the Celebrate Plate for FREE for my Hostess last night and Pampered Partner would not let me. When I tried to enter as the Host Special it was warning me that there were too many Host Specials for that show. She had 15 orders, so I know she is entitled. Please help...
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    Personal Websites

    Got mine in July Noone has used mine either. I really stress my website to all my hosts, I even mention at my shows. Noone has used. Someone had suggested a scavenger hunt on their website on another post. I think I may try that.
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    What does "Qualify" mean? UPDATE

    I love this site!!! :D I don't know what I would do without this site. I don't really have time to be talking on the phone either. I DO NOT miss a Cluster Meeting but most of the other ideas and advice I have gotten from this site. It is basically a 24 hour service, if you really think about...
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    Gift Ideas

    Maybe one of the new Small Simple Addition Bowls. Since she does Tastefully Simple, they would be great for Dips. :D
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    Got a ?

    When it is really close to the time you purchased, they are really good with returns. They probably won't even question. Do your product adjustment on Consultants Corner, they will probably just ask you to return.
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    Question about fundraisers

    If they were to make the check out to the United Way, how would their company get credit for the fundraiser? Do you know what I mean? Basically how would the United Way know that the check was from this company doing a PC fundraiser?
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    Question about fundraisers

    By the Way The reason for the Big Smiley :D is there are 400 employees and she has already asked me for 130 order forms. :D :D :D
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    Question about fundraisers

    One of my past hostesses is having a fundraiser for me this month. I understand the whole $ amount thing. She is having the fundraiser at work for a donation from the workers for the United Way. How would I set this up? I'm sure they would want to give the donation to the United Way because...
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    Individual Website Order Issues

    Got it!! I refreshed a couple times and then it worked. Thanks!!! Debbie :)