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    Apple wedger

    Has anyone had a problem with the apple wedger getting dull? Any ideas on how to "sharpen" it? thanks, mandy
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    What to do with the old products...

    I am just curious what everyone does with their "old" prodcuts when they are redesigned and you recieve the new one? Somethings I still like and can use in my own kitchen but there are somethings I don't need two of...
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    What would you do

    I haven't been part of this but as I was reading (and yes it is like a soap opera), I was bothered by the fact that home office was giving out information about when shows were delivered. I understand why people are calling home office at this point but in the beginning I don't think home...
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    Not Sure What I am Doing Wrong?

    I had also been in the "slumps" with getting bookings from shows. Something I have learned is that it really can be not the "right time" for someone. I have had a guest attend three cooking shows in one year. At the last one she came up to me and said "I want to book a show. I already...
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    Tortes and the rum cake

    I was wondering if anyone has any great recipes for the new torte pans or any ideas on making some modifications to the island breeze rum cake. If your host doesn't have most of those items on hand it can be a long shopping list and for some maybe a little more than they want to spend. Any...
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    Supply Order question

    Not sure where to put this but I have a question about supply orders... If I order through PP how do I get the 40 free recipts. When I typed in the item it said not found. Thanks, mandy
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    Window Decal

    I have a vinyl plotter (the same thing the sign places have) and made me own window signs. It has helped generate some business for me.
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    Silicone Cupcake Pan? ??

    I have wondered about this myself - it is sort of like plastic in the microwave. For years it was said it was "safe" and now some research has pointed at vapors being released that can cause cancer. These people may just be wondering if it really is "safe".
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    Arrggh....When is the latest you call a customer?

    I tend to agree that after 9pm is late. I personally call between 7 and 8pm. For myself though during the winter when it is dark at 4:30 9pm seems way late but in the summer when it is still light out 9pm isn't that late. You'll never please everyone - last week I had the flu and was...
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    Am I the only one who thinks this?

    I was rather "hot" about an issue I was having and called the solution center. The lady wasn't rude on the phone and she gave me different options for the situation - one was cancelling the order and resubmitting it. I didn't want to do that because that particular show had qualified me for...
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    Broken items

    Yes! It had a chunk out of it floating around in the package. It looked like it had been smashed and broke off somehow. Craziness!
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    Broken items

    Is anyone else having problems with broken items? My last show had the simple addition squares, bamboo spoon, and classic batter bowl broken! Today another customer just called because her cooling rack sits crooked. She said one of the legs is bent. I can see how the squares and batter bowl...
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    Deep covered baker

    I have had so many people who want that deep covered baker! Does anyone know when it might come off backorder? People keep asking me and I am unsure as what to say. thanks, mandy
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    Weekend sales

    I haven't done much with PC lately and am trying to get going again. I heard about an idea to send past hosts/customers a postcard having them call Thanksgiving weekend to place their order for free shipping or something like that for the holidays. Has anyone does something like this before...
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    The big day

    I am wondering if any of you do anything for your couples who register when their big day comes? Such as sending a card, etc. I was thinking about a card and possilby a "coupon" of sorts offering a free cooking show to be held within the next year or 6 months - to allow for time for them to...
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    So, the new knives are cool but...

    With the new knives do you think the current knives will be disconinued eventually? I am just thinking about the generation II cookware and how they only kept it around one selling season after the introduced the new cookware.
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    David's Bridal

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone is doing the vendor thing with David's Bridal with a group? A few of us in our cluster are doing it and it has been so disorganized. I was wondering how it was working for others? Thanks, mandy
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    Has this ever happened to you?

    Thank you for posting this! You are not alone! About a month or so ago I had a lady mark maybe on the drawing slip. I talked to her at the show and she said she was interested but didn't know her schedule and to give her a call in a month. I had attempted to contact her by phone but had no...
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    Hi, I have been doing PC for 6 months now and am wondering if June and

    Hi, I have been doing PC for 6 months now and am wondering if June and December are the sell-a-thon months for the new products? Thanks, mandy
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    I just got off the phone and had 2 of my June shows need to rebook for

    I just got off the phone and had 2 of my June shows need to rebook for July! So now I am having a panic attack! I have decided to do the out of the box calls as I have read about on here. My problem is how do I ask about the customer booking for a show during that conversation without coming...
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    Wedding Registry

    Hi, I am going to be doing the David's Bridal thing with some of my cluster. Each week we will take turns having our flyers handed out with the brides. My question is what should I use? Does anyone have anything they are using that is working they could share? I thought about the ones we can...
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    Placed a Newspaper Ad

    I have tried running a classfied a few times before. I got one booking, a order (over a $100) and about 5 send me a catalog but nothing ever came of those. I have thought about running a bigger ad rather than one in the classfieds to see if that would work better. Has anyone tired that?
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    How did you get your fundraiser?

    Hi, I am wondering how everyone has gotten their fundraisers? I have only done one and that was for a Relay Team that a good friend of mine is on. Thanks, mandy
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    Need a bit of advice

    Hi, As a PC consultant I understand about using everyway possible to make contacts/networking but as a full time teacher I would caution you on using the school list that is given out to each parent. I have worked with some pretty interesting parents over the years and can say some people are...
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    Bounced checks

    I have had one check bounce since starting PC. It was written from the same bank I bank at and they did not charge me a fee. I checked back a few days later when I had another deposit to make and they were able to cash it then. If the bank the check is written from is one nearby you, I would...
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    Fairs and other "Public" venues.

    I say something like... "Hi this is Mandy with the Pampered Chef. We met at the Swap Meet. Have I caught you at a good time? .... I'm really excited for you because you have won a free cooking show! Can I tell you about it? (I have never had anyone tell me no) Then I go to say something...
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    DAVID's BRIDAL FOLKS....need ideas

    My cluster has recently signed up to start with David's Bridal in late May. I was wondering for those of you who are sharing this how do you split leads? For example if consultant 1 work one of the shifts at the store and bride 1 gives consultant 1 her info to call her to set up the wedding...
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    Fairs and other "Public" venues.

    I do a local swap meet every month and so far have been happy with the results. I try to talk to everyone that ventures by and then ask them to sign up for my drawing. I then call everyone and tell them they won a free cooking show which means that I will supply the ingredients and mail their...
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    Broken item

    I have a customer who bought a food chopper and it is still under warranty but it broke. She doesn't' have the reciept and the consultant she bought it from is no longer selling PC. Is there anything I can do to help her? Thanks! Mandy
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    Catalog Show

    I have 4 catalog shows that are just well out there! I would like to get them closed by the end of the month and am trying to think of some way to motivate the catalog hosts. Any ideas? or anything that works for you? Thanks, Mandy