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  1. rayday

    Is it safe to guess

    That September will be a stoneware special? I've been dong this for 3 years now and each time it has been the Host/Guest specials. I have a host who wants to wait until the stoneware month and I want to give her an idea. Thanks!
  2. rayday

    Question about Individual orders...

    I know that you can submit a show a month late and still get all the specials. Example: Submit a show for January at the end of February. Can you do this for an individual order too?? I have a customer who won’t have the money until February but wants some stoneware but she wants the January...
  3. rayday

    ISO Microfiber Dish Cloths

    They were the green and purple ones that were a guest exclusive special a while back. I am looking for 2 of them, either color is fine and if they have been gently used that's okay too. I'd like to get them from one person to save on shipping if possible! Please e-mail me...
  4. rayday

    Some products for sale

    I have a few items for sale as I'm trying to make some room in my kitchen. They are all current products though so please e-mail me for a list. If you look in the catalog (;) ) you will find: 2 products on from page 32 (1 demo, 1 new-no box) 1 product on from page 33 (demo only) 1...
  5. rayday

    Few items FS

    I have a couple items for sale that I've never used and are just taking up space. They were all mid-season products from the SS catalog. Please e-mail me for a list at [email protected]
  6. rayday

    Recruit Incentive E-mail

    I just typed this up to send to my contacts. It's an e-mail with the new cookbook and pan incentive. Feel free to use it or let me know if something is wrong with it! :rolleyes:
  7. rayday

    For Sale -- Catalogs, postcaards, DVDs...

    I have some items for sale, I'm trying to clean up and make some room. Please make me an offer on these. I will ship USPS whatever rate is best for you (priority, bulk..) Items will be coming from 33511 15 Spring/Summer catalogs unstamped National Conference 2005 CD- New The Key to...
  8. rayday

    ISO a couple items

    I'm looking for a couple of things and they can be new or gently used. The catalog shoulder tote from supply order form A PC logo water bottle A PC logo sweatshirt (size med or large) New Wedding show invites (can be lose) Also I would like to find some PC logo big clear stickers...
  9. rayday

    New CD

    I decided to try playing a clip of this at my show tonight and it went over VERY WELL!!! I told them all I was testing this out on them and wanted there feedback on if they thought it was good to show & informative. And I told them to honestly tell me if they thought I SHOULDN'T play it...
  10. rayday

    $1000 Show

    I am looking for 2 of the charms for having $1000 shows that directors can get. Please e-mail me at [email protected] or PM me if you have some you'd like to sell!:)
  11. rayday

    Recruiting e-mail

    I just put together something I'd like to e-mail out to my contacts. There has been so much great information on here, I tried to put it all together. Can you let me know if it sounds/looks good or if I left anything out? Thanks!
  12. rayday

    Priced to move!

    Since they are current I cannot post them so please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will gladly send you the list. It's give away kind of items, $15 or less catalog price, and some supplies. Everything is NEW in packages! All items are priced to sell as my husband just received our...
  13. rayday

    ISO the old EAD ring

    I have 2 guests that broke the bottom ring on their Easy Accent Decorator. They are the older style ones. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if you have 1 or 2 that you are willing to sell and how much you want with shipping to 52645. Thanks so much!
  14. rayday

    September Newsletter

    This is my September Newsletter that I mailed off late this evening. I like the holiday hiring ad so I included it also, thanks! I also added at the very end the featured recipe from the website, Upside-Down Carmel Apple Pie!
  15. rayday

    ISO Star Bread tube

    I have a guest who really wants one of our old Star Bread Tubes. If anyone has one and is willing to sell please e-mail me at [email protected] with your price including shipping to 96818. Thanks so much!!
  16. rayday

    Lift & Serve

    Does anyone out there have some good uses for this? I had a host buy one and is now asking me what she can do with it. I know you can transfer rings and pizzas to a different display but any other ideas? I don't have this product so I'm at a lose for ideas. Thanks for all your help!
  17. rayday

    Recipe for Guest

    I had a guest at my show last night who really wanted to know what cookbook a certain recipe was in. I made the Chicken Enchilada Ring but she had one before that she LOVED. All she can remember was the it was the ring with chicken, garlic, and cream cheese. Does anyone know what filling this...
  18. rayday

    Sneak Preview Show Stuff

    I posted on here a while back my invitation but I though I'd add a few new documents. I made a show outline that I am using to keep me on track and I tried to include what the flyers or prized I actually using. I also made a survey for my guests to fill out. I am hoping to get some good...
  19. rayday

    Show Planners

    I have a zillion of these and I don't use them anymore. I always get the free ones and I have ordered some but my hosts weren't looking at them so I made up a one page planner. If anyone would like them e-mail me at [email protected] and just pay for shipping. There are about 60 so I...
  20. rayday

    Those with Laptops...

    We just got one and I'd love to start taking it to my shows so any imput would be great! When you take it to your shows what works best for you. Do you have any tips/suggustions? Also do you make any comments regarding it since I know I've read on here some people think it may turn away...
  21. rayday

    About being a Future Director

    Last month I signed up 2 girls *YEAH* and I've had one who is active from before that. So since I technically have 3 active consultants signed under me that should mean I'm a FD. Am I suppose to get an e-mail from HO about this? How will I know if I get my override if all the qualifications...
  22. rayday

    Has anyone tried a 5/5 show?

    What I mean by that is to get 5 people to agree to help you out. Those 5 people would then collect 5 orders on their own. Then you would put all the orders (hopefully 25+) in as a show. Then draw a name or who ever collects the most... would get to be the host and get all the benefits? I...
  23. rayday

    Flyer overload

    I know there have been a few different flyers posted here for the new specials coming up for host and guest specials, but what's one more? I always print these front and back so that there are less pages to look at and I think it's easy on the eyes. This one is for...
  24. rayday

    If you could only...

    If you could only take 10 items to a show, what would they be.
  25. rayday

    FS- Making Room

    I have a list of stuff for sale. Some items are still in the current and upcoming catalog. Others products are colored items this season that will be discontinued soon as well as the USG! Please e-mail me for a list, [email protected] Thanks so much for looking!
  26. rayday

    Items for Sale, Making Room

    I'm making room for the NEW stuff I will be earning and need to clean out my "extras" in the closet. All of my items are brand new and all but 2 are in their boxes or packages. None have been used or displayed but I don't need so many of the same products. All but one item is in our current...
  27. rayday

    Sizzling Tips

    I just got this e-mail from my awesome H.Director. It's kind of long but it's FULL of great tips for bookings and increasing sales. Anything to help out with our summer months since they can dry up a bit! TIPS for SIZZLING Summer Sales: (thanks Patsy McGovern) 1. Fight the urge to take...
  28. rayday

    3 Months of Specials

    I know there have been a few different flyers posted here for June/July/August host and guest specials, but what's one more? :p I always print these front and back so that there are less pages to look at and I think it's easy on the eyes. I also included my own recruiting bonus in the extra...
  29. rayday

    June Flyer w/extra incentives

    I created this flyer to give out to contacts, post in different locations, and pretty much hand out to anyone I can.:rolleyes: I was hoping for some feedback, all is welcome! I don't mind constructive criticism since it will just help me!;) I have pictures where there are blank squares but...
  30. rayday

    Any lowfat cookies...

    That can be decorated with the HWC small ribbon. I was thinking that before I went in to a few Curves sites that I could make up some cookies. I thought it may be fitting to have them also be lowfat since it is about losing weight! It would also be a great way to show off one of the HWC items...