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    Fundraiser FB Party Posts & an Apology

    Good Morning, Does anybody have a word or publisher version of a Fundraiser Flyer that I may adapt for an upcoming fundraiser that I was asked to help out with. Much Thanks.
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    Discounted New in Box Items

    Cleaning out some inventory - all items new in box Microwave Egg Cooker (item #1372) $10.00 Coating Trays and Tool (item #2605) $10.00 Drainer (item #2406) $5.00
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    Host only dcb

    I'm about to close out a June show. Based on the message above it says June guests can order as long as show is closed by July 15th. One of the guests from my Tuesday night show wants the cranberry DCB - has anyone had a problem with their end of the month June shows in ordering the item for...
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    Most under-rated/over-rated recipe

    Thanks for the responses, I made the Chipolte Cornbread Chili with ground turkey and it was terrific. I poured off some of the extra juice, not all; since it wasn't greasy. New question: Mexican Cheese Lasagna - how long to bake in the oven rather than the microwave? Thanks, Kim Mom...
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    Most under-rated/over-rated recipe

    Morning, I was asked to prepare a demo at our team meeting tonight. Can the Chili Cornbread Bake be made successfully with ground turkey rather than ground beef? Let me know what you guys think?
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    Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch Bars?

    Morning All, I wanted to make these today - couldn't find peanut butter chips in the store, did anyone substitute with peanut butter? Txs Kim Mom to Kayla and Kirsten
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    New Cookie Press

    I tried the new cookie press for the first time tonight using the recipe that came with the press. My dough wasn't crumbly - it was too soft! The cookies came out I used the PC cookie sheets, but they spread - so my trees were fat and buterflys too wide. Any suggestions for this problem?
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    UGGGGG phone fear!

    Here I am 9:20 at night and too late to call. I did manage one call last night to a guest from a July show that loved all things pink to tell her about October's BCA pink products. She was interested, promised to check out my web site and said she would consider a catalog show. So I mailed...
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    Catologs for sale

    I'm interested, please send me an e-mail with your address so I can mail you a check. [email protected]
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    Huge compliment to our smokey barbecue rub

    Sounds delicious. Would it work as well for chicken cutlets? How long in the DDB?
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    I just made $14 in the shower!!

    If I understand correctly, if I have an online show - guests can just order as many Guest pink products as they like during May? Txs, Kim Mom to 4yr old twins Kayla & Kirsten
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    Need help with a name??

    How does this show work? I have a local bagel shop that might be interested as the owner told me she wanted to rent the paalce after hours for small events. Thanks so much. Kim Mom to Kayla & Kirsten 4yr old I/G
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    Re-vamping my catalog show host packets

    So far my only show for January is a catalog show. The host e-mailed me a list of 50 e-mail addresses today, she doesn't wish to have a cooking show becasue she has three small children and is 7 months pregnant. for my past catalog shows the hosts just passed the catalogs around their office...