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  1. raebates

    New Policy

    Anyone else excited that customers can now order up to the time the party is submitted? No having to change the order deadline. I think this is a great benefit for us and our hosts.
  2. raebates

    Countdown to National Conference 2020

    Today is May 25. There are 46 days until the start of National Conference. I’m going to be doing a countdown to National Conference. In the past my NC countdown has included a lot of travel tips. With this year’s conference being virtual, those won’t be necessary. I’ll be sharing my suggestions...
  3. raebates

    National Conference 2020

    I'm excited to be going to National Conference this year. I can't wait for registration to open. It's the 40th anniversary, so you know it will be amazing! My first NC was the 25th anniversary. Wow, it seems like yesterday. Tell me if you're planning to go. Are you excited? I'm still looking...
  4. raebates

    I'll Buy Your Conference Bag

    Anyone go to Conference but not want your bag? I'd be interested in purchasing it. Send me a PM or email me at [email protected] (with Conference Bag in the subject line). Thanks in advance!
  5. raebates

    New Spring/Summer 2019 Products

    I have to admit I wasn't excited to see the launch this time. I've been doing this for 14 years (15 years in April). So I couldn't imagine them adding anything that would really excite me. Boy, was I wrong. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Batter Mixer & Dispenser and the Waffle Puff Pan...
  6. raebates

    Batter Bowl Gifts

    I am probably just missing it, but I cannot find the recipe/tag for Batter Bowl gifts. I want to offer these this year. (It's been a few years since I did this, but the white chocolate prep bowls last year were a HUGE hit.) Anyone have these at your fingertips? If I remember correctly there was...
  7. raebates

    Rolling Cookie Cutter Recipe?

    Please help! I need the recipe that comes with the Rolling Cookie Cutter. I'm away from home. I can't currently access the PC website. A pic would be fine. Please and thank you!
  8. raebates

    ISO Dots Pasta Bowls

    I have a customer who is looking for the Dots Pasta Bowls. Anyone still have some new in package they're willing to part with?
  9. raebates

    Great Gifts for . . .

    I'm working on the December posts for my VIP group. One week my theme is going to be "Gifts Great for . . . " It's Pampered Chef products perfect for specific groups. So far I've got moms, men who like to grill, those eating healthy, and those living in small spaces. I'd like to focus on 4 or 5...
  10. raebates

    Off-Label Uses for Products

    Each week I share a Wednesday WOW with my team--an off-label product use. I'm working on my WOWs for October, and I'm drawing a blank. For instance, the one I was able to think of before I went completely blank is to use a flat stone for a proofing oven. Just heat the stone to 200F and wrap it...
  11. raebates

    Scavenger Hunt at Your Show

    An idea we discussed at last night's meeting was a scavenger hunt. I could see this being fun in the middle of a show, but it would also work as an icebreaker. Buy an inexpensive set of alphabet cards. Remove any letters that don't have a corresponding product. The only ones I can think of are...
  12. raebates

    Tic Tac Toe at Your Show

    At our meeting last night we talked about a great show game idea. I plan to do this at the beginning of my shows starting Saturday. It's PC Tic Tac Toe. Print out the attached board. The instructions are right there. Each guest writes the name of a product in each of the squares. Then you read...
  13. raebates

    Pic Request

    Anyone have a pic of the Wahoo Woman? I want it for an vision board.
  14. raebates


    If you've been on here a while you might have noticed that I changed my avatar. I decided that it might be good for someone to know what I look like, not just what my feet look like. :) Life is full of changes. Tonight we'll get to see the newest changes to our Pampered Chef lines. I don't know...
  15. raebates

    Christmas Newsletters

    Do you send out a family Christmas newsletter? If so, please share. Here's ours.
  16. raebates

    Products for Small Spaces?

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is people living in small spaces--dorm rooms, efficiency apartments, senior living apartments, etc.
  17. raebates

    Products for Healthy Eaters?

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is healthy eaters.
  18. raebates

    Products for Moms of Preschoolers?

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is moms of preschoolers.
  19. raebates

    Products for Grillers?

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is men at the grill.
  20. raebates

    Products for New Moms?

    I'm working on my Facebook posts for December. I want to target specific groups for gift-giving. One of them is new moms.
  21. raebates

    Christmas Countdown 2016

    It's that time of year again. There are only 96 days until Christmas. Soon I'll begin my annual Christmas countdown. Stay tuned for my hints, tips, and suggestions.
  22. raebates

    So Many Ways to Use . . .

    I'm working on an upcoming theme for my Facebook VIP group, and I need some input. The theme I've decided on is "So Many Ways to Use . . ." What I want is to highlight products with 4-5 varied uses. Here's what I've got so far. Scoop Loop 1. Scoop out tomatoes, peppers, or mushrooms in order to...
  23. raebates

    Let's Get Acquainted!

    Let's be on the lookout for one another so we can meet in person. This is what I look like. Post a pic of yourself so we can pick you out of the crowd. If you see me, be sure to say hi.
  24. raebates

    Restaurant Ideas

    We're staying at Loews this year. Can anyone tell me what inexpensive food options they know of within a block or so of that hotel? I don't necessarily want fast food, but someplace where I can get a healthy breakfast or quick dinner without breaking the bank.The hotel restaurant looks a bit pricey.
  25. raebates

    What Do YOU Think They'll Unveil?

    One of the most exciting things about NC is the unveiling of new products. I'm always bowled over by the new things they come up with. Do you have any predictions? Is there something you hope they'll bring out? Is there anything you'd like to see go away?
  26. raebates

    Countdown to National Conference 2016

    Today is June 10. There are only 34 days until the start of National Conference. If you’ve never gone to NC before, you’re in for a real treat. They treat us well. I’ll be sharing travel and NC tips in the coming days.Feel free to ask questions. Feel free, too, to add any hints or tips you can...
  27. raebates

    Salad in a Jar Recipes

    I'm looking for the resources for Salad in a Jar workshops. I did a search on CC and, of course, got literally 654 results. None of them have anything to do with Salad in a Jar workshops. Anyone have those and willing to share? Or, anyone know the secret place I can find the resources on CC?
  28. raebates

    Fundraiser FB Party Posts & an Apology

    First, I am so sorry. LOOOOOONNNNNNNG ago I told someone on some post that I'd share what I use for mentioning fundraisers on a FB show. I completely forgot about it. I was just setting up a PC event on FB and remembered. However, for the life of me I can't remember which thread it was on or who...
  29. raebates

    Ordering New Products

    I thought we were able to order the new products today. (I earned most of them, but there are literally four other things I want.) I'm waiting for live chat with the HO, but thought I'd ask here in the meantime. Did I read something wrong?
  30. raebates

    Family Christmas Newsletter

    My Christmas cards have been sent out. Thought I'd share our family Christmas newsletter. I'd love to see yours. Share it here.