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  1. J

    Co-Hosts Question

    Help - can anyone tell me about co-hosts - I know they can pretty much split their benefits however they want - but what about the Monthly Host Special? Do they both get that or do they have to decide who gets it? Thanks! :)
  2. J

    Pampered Partner - Dec Host & Guest Specials

    Thanks DZMom - it worked! :) Now I know what to do for next time. ;)
  3. J

    Kit Enhancement?

    Hi - I've just finished my 3 super starte months and I was told by my recruiter that December should be my "kit enhancement" month where I could purchase products for 40% off - does anyone know how I can do that? I thought maybe I might've gotten an email from HO or something - but I didn't and...
  4. J

    Pampered Partner - Dec Host & Guest Specials

    Well I'm glad I'm not the only one having this problem - I just tried to enter in my show today from last night and I can't get PP to recognize any of the December specials - there's nothing even there to choose for a guest special in the drop down list. This is the first time I've ever had this...
  5. J

    Recruiting Flyer

    Oh THANK YOU! :D Those flyers are great! And they will more than do the job! I know I can always count on you guys - Thanks Again! :)
  6. J

    Recruiting Flyer

    Hi - I was wondering if anyone had a printable Recruiting Flyer? I have someone here at work who's interested and I want to make sure I keep her thinking about it and give her something but my pamphlets are at home - you know the "Imagine More..." and etc... is there anything anyone had that I...
  7. J

    Got my Roasting Pan today!!!

    I got my roasting pan on Friday! It's beautiful! I did also receive my bracelet but I haven't received my tool turn about tote or my SS bonus package yet - hopefully those will be here this week before my next kitchen show!
  8. J

    Terrible Show

    I know what you mean. I've only done 3 kitchen shows so far and for all three of them not many were paying attention and it was very frustrating. There's usually those few polite people that listen and ask questions but I've found for the most part - at least in my experience - they're just...
  9. J

    Can we still order September Specials?

    I think I already know this but wanted to be sure - I have a catalog show that started in September and I'm closing it this weekend. Now even though it's October it still goes by the original show date right? I just want to be sure I can still have the stoneware orders get 20% off. Thanks :)
  10. J

    Orders from Personal Web Sites

    Yes - it is an order that goes with a current show- sorry I forgot to mention that. So it's only individual orders on the website the PC sends out? I just wanted to be sure that I still needed to enter it in PP. Thanks
  11. J

    Orders from Personal Web Sites

    Hi! I had my first order on my website today! I did get an email about it but what do I do with it? It says it won't be sent until I transmit the show - do I just enter the info in PP like I would if I received it in person? Do I enter in the CC information? I just want to make sure it's not...
  12. J

    Average Number of Bookings...

    I know what you mean about the bookings. I had a big party of 20 people plus outside orders - I didn't get one booking. I asked and I asked and I even sent out an email to everyone a couple days later letting them know how much the host got (it was an $800 show) and still nothing. :( I have...
  13. J

    PP Order Status Help

    Well I checked today and the order has shipped! :D Now I'm just waiting for my other two to get "picky" LOL ;) Thanks for all your help everyone! I'm starting to get the hang of this job!
  14. J

    Need Help with Website Design

    I just updated my website and I'm wondering how you can get the second picture? On the sample designs they show you one picture on the left and another on the right - currently it's showing the stainless mixing set and I can't find anywhere to add a second picture. Am I missing something...
  15. J

    PP Order Status Help

    Wow! You ladies sure are fast! :D Thanks for the info - I was like what?. Ok now I feel better. My first 3 shows and there was a problem with 2 of them already. I rec'd a call from HO about my second show that a credit card denied - turned out it was a debit card and they had to submit it...
  16. J

    PP Order Status Help

    Hi! I've just submitted my first 3 shows to qualify for SS1 and one on my orders has a status of "picking" when I look at it. Does anyone know what that means? The other 2 say "received". Thanks :D
  17. J

    Looking for a good Chocolate recipe

    Thanks for the great ideas! I guess I'm really just going to have to experiment and make a whole bunch of desserts and see which ones I like! I'm sure my friends and family will love that! :D I'm in Worcester, MA which is about 50 miles west of Boston - central Mass. Yep it is going to be...
  18. J

    Light and lean recipes

    I've made the Garden Ranch Pizza many times - actually it's the only recipe I've made since I started a month ago! :p It is healthy - the only thing you may want to substitute is maybe low-fat mayo (you only need 1/2 cup) and maybe some low-fat or part-skim Mozzarella cheese. Everything else...
  19. J

    Looking for a good Chocolate recipe

    Thanks for the ideas. I like the tuxedo brownies. I'll have to try out the recipe first and see how it goes. My issue is that I work until 5pm and all my parties are at 7 and I live about 25-30 minutes from work so normally I just head to grab something for supper after work and head to the...
  20. J

    Looking for a good Chocolate recipe

    I have a host that wants to have a chocolate party and I'm having trouble finding an easy recipe to make. Most of the things I've looked at have a long baking time of almost an hour. Are there any easy chocolate recipes to make for a party? I'd welcome any suggestions. Thanks! :D
  21. J

    Yard Sale

    Oh good! Thanks for the information! :D I suppose it would work out well for me if I get a lot of individual orders to just make it a show with myself as the host - that would really work out well if I have a slow month or can't get anyone to host a party. And I really like that idea of adding...
  22. J

    Good Housekeeping chopper review

    Hi! Just thought I'd let you know that you can purchase that magazine on Ebay. They usually have older copies of magazines available and I did check for you so they do have them but there's two covers - one with Brooke Sheilds and the other with Goldie Hawn - do you know which one it's in?
  23. J

    Yard Sale

    Now I have a question. I'm a new consultant - I just signed up last week. :) Can people put in 'individual orders'? Meaning they don't go to a show and they know you sell PC and just want to place an order with you? Can we do that? Thanks! :D
  24. J

    I'm So Excited

    I just signed up as a PC consultant too! I signed up last Thursday (11th) and I received my kit this Wednesday - so it took just under a week for me to receive it. And boy is it HEAVY! :D There's TONS of information in there so make sure you set aside some time to go through it all. I put...
  25. J

    Reporting Income from Pampered Chef on your Taxes?

    That's a great perk! I just wanted to make sure that I wouldn't have to pay any taxes - I'm used to always getting a refund and I usually have plans for that money too! Of course it usually invloves paying off a credit card.... ;) Well I better make sure I keep a log of my mileage and keep...
  26. J

    Reporting Income from Pampered Chef on your Taxes?

    Hi everyone! I'm considering becoming a PC Consultant but I came across an interesting question: How do I report my earnings to the IRS at tax time? Does PC give consultants any kind of tax paperwork to file? Perhaps something similar to the W-2's you would receive from your 'normal' 9-5 job? Or...