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  1. TrudysOwn

    Share What You've Learned

    The new logo is not exactly like allrecipes. Ours has a smile in the spoon bowl.
  2. TrudysOwn

    White Scissors?

    Does anyone have a pair of white scissors we used to carry? I have the black ones we currently carry but would like another pair of the white ones. If you do, please let me know the price you want. Thanks.
  3. TrudysOwn

    "Freezer Show" - ??

    Mid-August HO will be giving info regarding Freezer Workshops approved by HO. At Our training this morning the directors said the HO info will include tools needed, and station setup cards which will be helpful for us to get going with them. Some great things coming out of HO with Doris back. YEAH!
  4. TrudysOwn

    Leaving the business - 11 1/2 years of business materials for sale

    I'm also interested in the following 2 items. How to Book, Sell, and Recruit Your Way to Success by Ruth A. Fuersten. This was an ebook (I can’t find it online anywhere now), and I printed it out because this was before I had an ereader. I’m not emailing the ebook to you. This is strictly the...
  5. TrudysOwn

    Leaving the business - 11 1/2 years of business materials for sale

    PC Free Hi, I'm interested in the binder only, not the contents. Also the license plate frames. Still Looking. zip 04240
  6. TrudysOwn

    For Sale: 2014 Consultant Planner

    Is this still available? Zip 04240
  7. TrudysOwn

    SOLD Going out of business... lots of supplies available

    Is the host planner the same as the consultant planner? If so, do you still have it? My zip is 04240
  8. TrudysOwn

    Leaving the business - 11 1/2 years of business materials for sale

    zip code 04240 (Lewiston, Maine) I would like the license plate holder if still available as well as the sink fizz and the 2014 consultant planner.
  9. TrudysOwn

    Recruiting Packets

    Deb Bixler, whose web site the above recruiting package info is taken from, has excellent help for marketing and much of what she offers is available at no cost. Her trainings are very affordable and pertinent to Pampered Chef. her web site is http://www.createacashflowshow.com/
  10. TrudysOwn

    OT: Nook Tablet vs Kindle Fire

    Don't ignore your local library. They have books that can be read on these devices too.
  11. TrudysOwn

    Picking up the phone

    I find the challenge is the script. Just took web course that helps with wording. How do you ask for the order or the show? I get awkward there.
  12. TrudysOwn

    Nancy's Artwork Postcards

    I realize this thread is old but are any of these still available? Thanks.
  13. TrudysOwn

    Trying to enter orders on Beta site-awful!

    The beta setup is very frustrating. Do you all have to sign in twice? When I go in first and then want to work on customer list or newsletter, etc., it always reverts and I have to sign in again. grrrrr. The notes section is also frustrating. the oldest note is always at the top. Trying to set...
  14. TrudysOwn

    Why??? Evil Kitty

    Sorry that I just read this but I do have a solution if you still need one. There is only one sure way to get urine out permanently without leaving a stain or any odor behind. This can be used on any surface or carpet or material. It's simple... 16 oz Hydrogen Peroxide 1 Teaspoon dishwashing...
  15. TrudysOwn

    Iso nancy's artwork postcards

    Do any of you have the ones for hosts for parties last year? Don't remember exact wording but it was to contact hosts who haven't hosted in 12 months. I believe they were blue.
  16. TrudysOwn

    Did I miss something? P3?

    I was stumped by getting to the second and subsequent pages too. However, in my variety of attempts I clicked on the arrow for alphabetizing first names and low and behold suddenly the second page of names appeared. Haven't accidentally figured out how to go back a page. :( Anyone have...
  17. TrudysOwn

    Any NEW Team Leaders or Senior Consultants?

    I rejoined PC in January 2010 doing it part time and had my first recruit join yesterday. She already has parties in the works with orders! Do I now get to switch to beta? Or does she work on P3?
  18. TrudysOwn

    ISO - TLC Cookbook - Volume 1

    I've sent it. Enjoy.
  19. TrudysOwn

    ISO - TLC Cookbook - Volume 1

    I have the TPC Celebrity Cookbook which is the first one, which was a PDF. However, i do not know how to attach it or put it in the file. If anyone can give step by step directions I'll post it.
  20. TrudysOwn

    50 guests, no food allowed. How would you do the show?

    If you are referring to Michael Reeves' demo, here is the link on Consultants Corner: https://www.pamperedchef.com/repsonly/the_dish/dish-episode2.jsp I learned a lot from it too.
  21. TrudysOwn

    50 guests, no food allowed. How would you do the show?

    Sheila, wish I was closer to be able to attend one of your shows. They sound fabulous. I love your description of your wording. :thumbup:
  22. TrudysOwn

    Review - Manual Food Processor

    I realize this is an old thread but as I was reading the directions today I had the thought that the Simple Slicer food holder ring would work well for shaping patties. Has anyone ever used it for that?
  23. TrudysOwn

    Microwave Grips

    Generally, the pans we use in the oven have bigger, thicker handles and these will fit but not easily. Also, your hands are not protected from the heat from the oven when using these. So my take is that it is more of a safety issue rather than the grips won't stand up in the oven. They are...
  24. TrudysOwn

    Newsletter Help Please

    Gail, are you a subscriber to the PC newsletter? It may be possible to help you with a workaround if you are.
  25. TrudysOwn

    Garlic and Brie Baker

    Thanks. I thought that double cream was British. Not as easily found as "bonnets" and "spammers" or is that "spanners?" :)
  26. TrudysOwn

    Garlic and Brie Baker

    Is double cream the same as heavy cream? whipping cream?
  27. TrudysOwn

    ISO: Lap Boards

    What a great idea, Julie. I've been struggling mentally with order forms and how to simplify paperwork. I also like your idea of doing their drawing slip at the beginning of the show. Thank you for sharing.
  28. TrudysOwn

    ISO: Table cloths, table runners, wooden peg racks

    The storage racks for stoneware have not been sold by PC for several years. I got some on Ebay and on checking just now, there is one listed http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Sealed-Pampered-Chef-Stoneware-Wood-Storage-Rack-2141-/321108148849?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4ac3898271 Just keep...
  29. TrudysOwn

    DCB Pineapple Upside Down Cake

    Glad to hear it. That was my thought too but haven't had a chance to get to the store to pick some up to try it. How did you do the cherries? Just put them in first and then the tidbits over the tops?
  30. TrudysOwn

    Who's Earned Free HWC Products?

    I'm excited too--I love the picture that shows everything. My 2nd show got sent in Sunday afternoon. It was made up of individual orders that I was able to round up. I've got shows booked for May but my April is dry at the moment. I'm just revitalizing my business and working challenges with my...