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  1. aPamperedBride

    File request for June Guest flyer or OOF

    Hi! I'm hoping that someone with experience could create a June Guest flyer or OOF that includes a picture of the Small Cool N Serve Tray, the Help Fight Hunger Trivets and the Free gift with purchase ($70 for choice of grilling tools) The one from PC only shows the Grilling tools and I only...
  2. aPamperedBride

    Has anyone used only 6 wells in the 12 ct stoneware muffin pan?

    I have a guest who cannot attend my party on Saturday that has ordered the Single Servings Pan, but then realized it might not suit her needs. She really wants a 6 ct stoneware muffin pan (like we used to carry). The SSP holds 1 cup of food while a traditional muffin pan only holds 1/3 cup...
  3. aPamperedBride

    Best Salsa recipe for MFP?

    I have a host who is excited about doing the Taco Ring. In the past, I always prepped a Green Pepper with the v-shaped cutter and poured store-bought salsa in it. Last week, I made some with the following ingredients in the MFP but wondered if there was a tastier/better combination: 1 tomato...
  4. aPamperedBride

    Holiday Bazaar idea

    OK, so perhaps I'm boasting a little bit, but I had the cutest idea on how to display our products for the holidays and I had to share! I hope you like my snowman! The rest of my booth probably isn't that impressive, but I'm including the pictures anyway!
  5. aPamperedBride

    ISO: Cut-n-Seal baked breakfast sandwiches

    Hopefully one of the seasoned cheffers here can help me out! My old computer died and I can't find this recipe on the USB drive. I think it was in the Fall/Winter 2000 catalog and have a customer asking for it. It is a breakfast dish that uses scrambled eggs and probably bacon inside the...
  6. aPamperedBride

    Bridal Fairs: have you done one? Results?

    My city will be hosting a bridal fair in just a few weeks and another consultant has approached me about going in on a booth. It is expensive, though: $795! I'm not sure it will be worthwhile. Has anyone else done a bridal fair as a vendor? Or did you go to one as a bride-to-be? If so...
  7. aPamperedBride

    Help with egg dish that can be prepared ahead of time

    I have a church brunch on Saturday morning and volunteered to bring something (always do as a way to advertise). I was asked to make an egg-based dish. Unfortunately, I can't find my copy of the Twas the Night Before Christmas Omelette recipe where you can prepare all the night before in the...
  8. aPamperedBride

    Make My Cat Famous!

    I'm soliciting votes again for my cat! He's been selected as a finalist in Hallmark's Your Pets competition. He is on a real birthday card that is for sale in stores now! Hallmark is having a contest to pick the Grand Finalist. People can vote once daily through Sept. 14th...
  9. aPamperedBride

    Guest list document needed!

    I've searched and searched, but can't seem to find this anywhere on the site! Would someone who mails out the invitations please post a copy of an electronic guest list that I can email to my host? I have misplaced the triple copy sheets I bought from PC and I'd like a nice form I can send...
  10. aPamperedBride

    When you need a break, please vote for my cat!

    When you need a break from working your business, go to www.hallmark.com/you and click on the "Meet" button under the Your Pets section. They're having a contest for the best pet birthday card and my cat is a finalist! Have fun looking at the other cards, but please vote for the one entitled...
  11. aPamperedBride

    1 Day left on newsletter special through MyEmailDesigns.com

    Inside another post about newsletter services, someone else mentioned www.MyEmailDesigns.com They are having a conference special this month, which ends on July 31st, 2007. If you sign up by tomorrow, you will get one month of service FREE! If you saw the other post, please list her as the...