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  1. chefliz

    New products shipping schedule

    Thank you! I'm pretty sure I saw it also, and can't find it anywhere.
  2. chefliz

    Comment by 'chefliz' in media 'Gluten Free Mini Banana Breads'

    Thanks for sharing!
  3. chefliz

    New products shipping schedule

    Does anyone know the shipping schedule for the earned new products? I'm sure I saw it somewhere but am unable to find it now. TIA
  4. chefliz

    What price should outlet items be when sold at a vendor event

    I know you've probably already done your event, but I would sell them for the outlet price + tax and no shipping. I don't normally have a lot of cash and carry partly because they aren't warranted and partly because that would be a lot of inventory. I do like to have some simply because it can...
  5. chefliz

    So my recruit recruited

    It sounds like you have 2 team members? If so, you have the potential to be a Team Leader. When your team has $2500 in sales in one month you'll promote to team leader status. With this comes 2% overrides instead of 1% that you're now earning. Your team members have to be active also. The...
  6. chefliz

    Recruiting Flyer

    Love! Thanks for sharing.
  7. chefliz

    Help Identifying Original Products

    I loved it when we could take the home office tour and see all these really cool old products. I've only been a consultant for 8 yrs so many of these I've never sold. Thanks for sharing!
  8. chefliz

    Facebook Liking Club

    I "liked" you Jenni! Please like me too... ;) http://www.facebook.com/lizschefconnection
  9. chefliz

    Facebook Liking Club

    I "liked" you! ;) http:/facebook.com/lizschefconnection
  10. chefliz

    Facebook Liking Club

    I "liked" you! ;) http://www.facebook.com/lizschefconnection
  11. chefliz

    What do you do with the biz at this time of year?

    I do have a show to close out tomorrow. :) I have been going over last year's business, re-evaluating things, and goal-setting. I'll also be re-organizing my office. 2013 HAS to be a better year for me and I'm working on a plan to do this.
  12. chefliz

    Cyber Monday-Outlet

    woohoo! thank you!
  13. chefliz

    Thinking about leaving...

    Obviously you have to do what is right for you...that said, and I don't know what your director's reason was for saying "no children allowed". Being a director, I have told my team members to bring their children, usually no one takes me up on it, they simply do not come. I do know that those...
  14. chefliz

    Guys' Shopping Nite?

    Has anyone ever done a shopping nite just for the guys? I was thinking something with snacks like hot wings, taco dip, chips, etc. I would offer wish lists for the guys to give to their significant others or offer personal shopper services with free wrapping and package deals. My husband says I...
  15. chefliz

    Facebook Liking Club

    Re: Liking Club This wasn't a good link...sorry :(
  16. chefliz

    BBQ Sauce Help!

    So interesting reading all these posts...no one likes the beer yet I use it in my baked beans and in Aloha Pizza and a few other things and this is my #1 seller. How funny is that? I think that we sell what we like the most...Maybe it is a regional thing, but beer is popular here! :D
  17. chefliz

    Just a friendly reminder ...

    Yes, love it!
  18. chefliz

    Red Stamping

    There is a group on facebook that has many cool pics and creations. I love it!
  19. chefliz

    Does anyone use their own version of a Deep Covered Baker Set?

    All our stoneware is made in the USA and it IS awesome!
  20. chefliz

    DCB Set Flyer

    Woohoo!!! Thank you so much for creating this updated version. This is so much better than anything I have done in the last couple of days. Thank you, thank you!
  21. chefliz

    Does anyone use their own version of a Deep Covered Baker Set?

    I know there was one going around for quite a while. Then the company came out with one, but none of my customers are sold on one that is $150. They think it's just too expensive. I came up with a package deal that is $110 including shipping that has DCB, Season's Best, Kitchen Spritzer, and...
  22. chefliz

    Tips for Hot &Cheesy Bruschetta Dip?

    I would like to try this with the pastry rolled out, spread the "dip" over pastry, then cut out as pinwheels. If this has been tried already, I am so sorry. I didn't have time to read the updated posts before I chimed back in here. (will update later) :)
  23. chefliz

    Urgent Help me with the Merrill Ad Generator

    My security software on my computer wouldn't let me see ANYTHING with Merrill except what I think you are describing for the longest time. I finally got the settings changed, but it took forever. I had to call Merrill and they helped me through everything ever so kindly. If you just call them...
  24. chefliz

    Signing a New Consultant (beta system)

    Everyone joins (fills out their new consultant agreement form) in the Beta system. Then they have a choice which one they would like to use. You can sway them so you can help coach them better. I actually have 3 new consultants on my team and 2 of the 3 are on the Beta system. 1 of them had...
  25. chefliz

    Possible recruit on public assistance

    My daughter lives in housing where her rent is based on her income and gets food stamps. They told her unless she made more than $600 per month she didn't even need to report it. At that point, she needed to keep track of her income and expenses, of course. (Actually, keep track of that income...
  26. chefliz

    Label for envelope to go around the office?

    Thanks! Just what I was looking for... :)
  27. chefliz

    Label for envelope to go around the office?

    :blushing: I hope this makes sense to someone...Does anyone have a label that you can put on a large envelope to send around the office so that people can sign off that they have seen it. (like office mail?) This is for an Office Pampered Chef Party.
  28. chefliz

    Ideas for the Cocotte

    I am hoping we get more recipes that call for roasted garlic! I LOVE roasted garlic and doing it in the microwave in the batter bowl isn't quite the same. This will be so nice for it, and I'm hoping this will lead to other things...it has so many health benefits. Roasting it just gives it...
  29. chefliz

    Tips for Hot &Cheesy Bruschetta Dip?

    Oh, okay. This is good to know. We don't need any more overflows than we already have in this kitchen! LOL ;)