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  1. krzymomof4

    Help Lost Order

    I have a host who says a guest ordered from my website on her show. I have not gotten an email and it is not on any of my other shows. Does anyone have any idea as to what I should do? She even got the email that tells her that her cc will not be processed until the show is entered.
  2. krzymomof4

    Measure Mix & Pour

    Can anyone tell me the recipe that comes with the mm&p? I had someone ask, but I don't own that.
  3. krzymomof4

    Online Order That Was Suppose to Be For A Show

    Can this be done if the order was placed from the company website instead of mine? I had a customer say she placed an order for a host and it has never shown up in my account individual or otherwise.
  4. krzymomof4

    Mexican Appetizer

    I have a hostess that wants to do mexican appetizers. What ideas do you all have? I can come up with main dishes and desserts, but no appetizers.
  5. krzymomof4

    Kid vent

    I have one about that age. We have had discussions with him about the future. What he wants to be, if he wants to go to college, etc. If you approach it from "if you want to do x, you need to do y" standpoint he may get the picture. My son did. He wants to go to college and I told him that...
  6. krzymomof4

    Biggest Loser TV Show - Current Season

    I like Ron, but only because of Mike.
  7. krzymomof4

    So Weird!

    It is just agrivating that I can get bookings but no sales. That has been happening alot to me lately.
  8. krzymomof4

    I just talked my neighbor out of having a show....

    Becky..you are such a great example!! Love ya hon!!
  9. krzymomof4

    So Weird!

    Okay, so I have this show on the 20th. There were 10 people there. Not a soul ordered there. They all were going to place their orders with the host, but didn't get paid until such and such...so they were going to contact her. We were supposed to close the 31st, so I called the host and she...
  10. krzymomof4

    Dear Pampered Chef...

    I haven't had this problem either. I guess I will keep saving them and hear my DH complain about them. I have an excuse now....they are not sending them anymore LOL
  11. krzymomof4

    Wonderful Call

    She doesn't want to impose on her friends. She was more comfortable in having them get things for themselves if they choose to. I may turn it into a cooking show though.
  12. krzymomof4

    To Facebook or Not??

    I have a myspace and a friend who I haven't spoke to or seen in 15 years found me. I think it is great!
  13. krzymomof4

    Wonderful Call

    I just got a call from a previous customer. She told me that her house burnt down. I told her how sorry I was, she told me that it happened in December and that her insurance check just came in. Then it dawned on me why she was calling. She lost all of her PC items and will be placing a huge...
  14. krzymomof4

    Customer service has me on hold

    I would def try to do it online it you can
  15. krzymomof4

    Food Chopper ?

    I had this problem before. If hers doesn't look like the new one, let her know that the new one has a warranty and try to talk her into purchasing a new one.
  16. krzymomof4

    Urgent Ants, ants, ants!

    I really like that Terro stuff.
  17. krzymomof4

    Looking for invite

    I have come up with one. Not as good as I like it, but at least it is something.
  18. krzymomof4

    Looking for invite

    I have tried to do it myself, but they keep coming out looking funny.
  19. krzymomof4

    Looking for invite

    I have tried to create one myself, but am finding I am really bad at it. I need a invitation that has like a kitchen border or house border. I can come up with the wording, but the graphics are becoming a challenge. I don't have powerpoint anymore which has become the root of my problem. If...
  20. krzymomof4

    Melissa is the new "Dancing with the Stars" contestant!!!

    I know Holly replaced Jewel, but who did Melissa replace?
  21. krzymomof4

    I think I struck gold today

    See if you can borrow it from your director
  22. krzymomof4

    The Bachelor

    What a JERK!!! I just can't believe Molly is going along with this!! Does she have brain damage? If I was Melissa, I would have slapped the snot out of him right there!
  23. krzymomof4

    Housewarming for child

    I have a potential host who would like to have a show, but wants all the benefits to go to her son, which is fine. It was mentioned if we could do a housewarming party for him to get him set up. He is attending school or getting a job (I don't remember details) far away and is threatening to...
  24. krzymomof4

    HELP! How do I fix this?

    Okay, I know I should have went to the website forum, but I need a quick answer. I am freaking out!!!!! I had a show last night and the host wanted me to send out an email to the ones who didn't attend. So I used the standard "sorry you can't attend", even though the show is over. When I sent it...
  25. krzymomof4

    How do I fix this?????

    Okay, I know I should have went to the website forum, but I need a quick answer. I am freaking out!!!!! I had a show last night and the host wanted me to send out an email to the ones who didn't attend. So I used the standard "sorry you can't attend", even though the show is over. When I...
  26. krzymomof4

    Freaking Out!

    We "borrowed" Crystal's format and we called it a Sneak Peak Spring Preview Mystery Host Show.
  27. krzymomof4

    Freaking Out!

    My director and I have a joint open house this Saturday. Between the two of us we invited over 100 people through email and regular mail and phone calls. We have only had 1 person rsvp. I am totally freaking out right now. For those of you that have done these did you have a problem with...
  28. krzymomof4

    Humor Why Couples Fight

    Thought you all would get a kick out of this.... WHY COUPLES GET INTO FIGHTS??? ************************************************* My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels. She asked, 'What's on TV?' I said, 'Dust.' And then the fight started...
  29. krzymomof4

    Debbie Meyer's Green Bags

    The guy with the chopper thingy that does the shamwow products is stinking hilarious!:D My kids laugh when he talks about the nuts.
  30. krzymomof4

    Curious about other companies view of us

    I am always batting back and forth with a Tupperware dealer.