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    ISO Kids apron and hat or cooking making set

    I have a consultant that needs one of the kids apron and hat sets that we dropped a year or so ago. Of if you have the cookie making set that might work too. Thanks!
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    Your Life Your Way DVD

    I finally got around to placing my supply order, and just noticed that the DVDs aren't on the list anymore. I don't remember hearing anything about this. So I guess if you use them, this is a heads up to order them now.
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    Wow! A GREAT registry order on my website

    I was looking at my IPT and couldn't figure out where the extra sales came from. Low and Behold... a $338.75 registry order! And it's a bride that didn't want contact, and the customer didn't either. No work for me, and a paycheck to boot!
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    With 32 minutes to spare!

    I offically got TPC for sales. And with time to spare. Nothing like cutting it close. $55,200 in sales submitted at 11:28 central time. Yipes! I knew I was going to get it, but it is so nice to be done. And YIPPEEEEE!!!!!
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    Did anyone notice the link on CC this morning that says that Fedex is

    Did anyone notice the link on CC this morning that says that Fedex is our new delivery vendor? The link doesn't work, but I bet that is going to be anounced at leadership. Personally I am disappointed, I have a great ups man.
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    Belinda Ellsworth is coming to Northern CA

    Just in case anyone in the area hasn't heard. Belinda Ellsworth is coming to Roseville on January 4th. The registration is still open and we need more people! The early bird price is $27.50 and good through the 19th. You can register from the 20-31 for $37.50. I will try to post the form...
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    Home Depot Gift Cards

    Just wondering if anyone has received their Home Depot gift cards from the July/August recruiting promotion?
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    Looking for an older recipe

    I have a hostess that is looking for the Strawberry cheesecake torte that was in the Seasons Best S/S 2002. Anyone how this recipe that they could share with me? Thanks