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    9x13 expandable holder

    PC used to make a 9x13 expandable holder out of wood for Stoneware. Does anyone have one for sale? I cannot tell you how long ago it was that they sold it. It is not the holder of stoneware that you put on your cupboard. It was probably before the woven basket holders. Please PM me if you know...
  2. K

    OK I thought he couldn't but he did

    OK I thought the hubby would not be able to wreck my Executive cookware 2 qt pan and he didn't pass the test. Woke up to smoke throughout the whole house last night at 1:00 am. Seems he fell asleep while trying to rewarm(yeah right), the hot dogs I had left in the pan with water on the...
  3. K

    Bounced Check

    Quick question-Can you take a bounced check from a customer and write it off as a loss. Won't probably ever see the money, so I want to be able to write it off.
  4. K

    Afterwork show-Happy Hour

    ANy ideas on quick appetizer recipes for an after work show at the office (no oven) Having mock margartias, but need a quick appetizer recipe TIA
  5. K

    Cheeseburger twist!!!!!HELP

    I made the cheeseburger twist from the Margarittaville theme and I found it hard to roll out the bread dough flat and to get to 4 inches wide! ANyone have any ideas on how to do it with ease!. I have a show coming up and don't want it to look hard to make
  6. K

    Barbecue bags/ Jumbo Turner

    I have a customer who gives out the Barbecue kits as gifts. Last year I included the brush, fork, turner, mitt, tongs, and grill cleaning brush in the bag and I gave him 10% off the total. Sold about 30 kits that way. This year with the addition of the Jumbo turner, the bags are very hard to...
  7. K

    Healthy for Kids

    I am doing a fair and the emphasis is on Kids Health- I need to promote Kids eating Healthy! ANy quick and easy HEALTHY recipes that anyone has whether or not it is Pampered Chef (I'm going to burn in HE!!) would be most appeciated. I pretty much know all the cooking links but looking for...