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    Bookings In Need of Suggestions

    I live in a small town of 2900 people. There is 6 consultants in this town. They have been selling PC for at least 3 yrs. I have been trying to sell for 6 mos. Well, I am now about to become inactive. I can't get a show of any type anywhere around this area. I don't have the time nor do I want...
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    Bookings Paperwork Supplies

    When can we start ordering the new paperwork?? I have tried and it says not found. I have updated my PP. Also, just to make sure, I order the paperwork supplies under Supplies in PP correct?? Thanks
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    Bookings Cancelled Shows

    I am in need of help!! I have had my only 2 Nov. shows cancelled. Host can't get any orders, due to bad time of year, no money etc. I have done lots of host coaching, and have went back to my 100 names. NO LUCK! Only had one show in Oct. so now I am on the edge of becoming inactive. Any Ideas...
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    Missing Products

    I have had ten shows. Only two shows have recieved orders correctly. The other 8 have had missing products from guest orders. Is this normal or what?? I have even sorted the orders myself, and there is always at least one thing missing.
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    December Specials

    Does anyone know when we will find out what the December Host/Guest Specials will be??
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    I am trying to put in host order. I have the #'s for the guest

    I am trying to put in host order. I have the #'s for the guest stoneware. Where do I get the #'s to enter the host 60% off one piece of stoneware???
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    Commision check

    I submitted a show on the Aug. 26. Will I recieve the pay for that show the first part of the Sept?? I have direct deposit.
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    Sales Tax

    Today we change s/h to $3.50. Will PP automatically change this price for us, or do we need to make the change?? and how do we change the S/H??? Thanks
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    Fundraiser Fundraiser check

    How long does it take for the chairperson to recieve their fundraiser check??
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    Shipping Status

    I am waiting on my fundraier order. I checked the shipping status and the 5 boxes are all in differ areas. Some of them have been delived to residental on the west coast, and some have been unable to be delivered due to no one at home. I called home office, and they are gone for the day. I...
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    Fundraiser FUndraiser story

    I had a fundraiser last nite. They advertised it in the paper and everything. Well the strange thing is, only 10 people showed with a couple outside orders. It turned out to be a $1000.00 show. Unbelievable!! They also want to keep it open for another week. We all had a good time. It was my...
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    Fundraiser question

    I am having a fundraiser Aug 23. When talking about host benefits to try to get more shows, do I talk about Sept. host/guest specials?? Or will this take away sales from my fundraiser??
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    I have a fundraiser scheduled for next week. To keep cost down, I am

    I have a fundraiser scheduled for next week. To keep cost down, I am making a veg. platter. Most of stuff will come from the garden. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do with a tomato besides slicing/wedges?? Thanks. YOur input is greatly appreciated!
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    Host Coaching Sept. Special

    Does anyone know if there is a sheet posting on Consultants Corner what the 20% off Stone special price would be after the 20% off??
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    SS qualification

    I have read in differ places about the SS months. Do we need $1250. in commis. sales, or can you just submit 4 shows to qualify??
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    Sales August Discontinued products

    I am having a fundraiser in a couple weeks. If I push the Products that will be discontinued, will all the products still be available?? What's the chances of them running out of a product?? Thanks in Advance
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    Single Orders

    How do I enter a customer order w/o putting it on a show?? and...... any quick games for a fundraiser?? It will be a large crowd approx. 50-60 people
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    I do direct deposit so I get paid twice a month. Can someone please

    I do direct deposit so I get paid twice a month. Can someone please tell me in the adjustments, What does midmonth show offset mean??
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    New Stoneware Mold

    Just rec'd my new fall paperwork that I ordered. And yes, I did get the stoneware mold for FREE!! Ordered it with my first supply order.
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    Qualified for SS1!

    Well, I did it!! I just recieved all my new FREE products for SS1. I love the small saute pan!! Just kinda afraid to use it. I don't want to damage it!! Can you use the bamboo spoons with your pans also??
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    I just rec'd a call from HO. My special shipping orders did not go

    I just rec'd a call from HO. My special shipping orders did not go thru. They told me to download PP13.1. I rec'd my fall paperwork/disc. I downloaded it and then did the updates. I still have 13.0. How do I get the 13.1 download???? My disc just downloads 13.0, and after the updates it tells...
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    Not enough sales

    My last show is not at 150. The host is sick and doesn't want to mess with any more orders right now. How do I go about transmitting this order?? It won't let me cause it's not 150. She is also ordering the host special, so how can I do this?? Thanks for any help
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    Host Coaching Show info

    I have a show booked. Everyone coming to the show has been to several. Do you still do the whole show, or just fix the food, try getting more bookings, chat and place orders?? How do you handle this???
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    Shipment Status

    I sent in a electronic order July 26. The order has been recieved, but the shipping status is N/A. My previous orders have been shipped/delivered in 3 days. Is there a reason that they shipped them so fast, or that it is taking longer this time?
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    Host Coaching Host Discount

    I have a past host that wants to order host special. She can't find her host number. Is there a way I can retrieve this Number??
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    Food Chopper Ideas

    I am doing a veg. plate/dip for a large fundraiser. What would I use the food chopper for?
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    Fundraiser Entertainment

    I am having a large fundraiser in Aug. I will be demonstrating to a very large crowd. Does anyone have any game ideas, or something fun to do with a large crowd?? Thanks
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    Fundraiser Fundraiser info

    I am having a fundraiser next month. They want me to demonstrate the products. Who pays for all this food??
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    Wrong product

    I had a lady that accidentally order the wrong thing. What do I do now?? and does anyone have a problem with missing orders?? When I had a show, I was missing some paring knives, and my host was short a couple things also. I did a product adjustment. Does this happen often?? I just don't know...
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    I am a little confused. Can we hang flyers to promote our business?

    I am a little confused. Can we hang flyers to promote our business? and can we make our own business cards with the downloaded PC Logo? and can we put an ad in the newspapers? Sorry for so many ? This advertising is a little confusing to me. Thanks in advance