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    Dimensions of 12qt Stock pot - Executive

    Does anyone know the heighth and width of the Executive cookware 12qt stockpot... I have a cust asking a ton of questions about it and this is the only thing I cannot find in the specs on consultants corner under product information. If anyone has one and can measure or knows let me know...
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    Sales How many catalogs do you give out for catalog shows?

    I am a new consultant still in my first 30 days and am working on my 4th catalog show. My first catalog show I gave out 15 catalogs, but did close out a show of $1892 with 18 guests. This is great and made up for the 15 catalogs, but if I keep giving out this many catalogs or more I will...
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    Does anyone use a laptop for the show checkout?

    I was thinking about using my laptop during check out at the cooking shows and was curious if anyone else does this. It seems it would be nice to type everything in to P3 which totals everything and calculates the awards for you instead of you having to do it on a calculator. Does anyone use...