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  1. janel kelly

    Anything else on backorder?

    I don't remember getting e-mails from PC about other items on backorder so I was surprised today to get an e-mail saying that my last 2 shows I submitted have the silicone whisk is on backorder. When did it go on backorder? Is there any other items I don't know about that are on backorder?
  2. janel kelly

    Add me to the list now...

    Allright ladies, you have really done something to the chefsuccess water. Add me to the list of preggo ladies. I just took a home pregnancy test. I'm due in August it looks like. I can't believe I'm pregnant already. My second son is only 8 months! This is 3 in 3 years! AgggHHH!
  3. janel kelly

    Wedding registery help!

    When I get notified of a wedding registery order online is there something I'm suppossed to do with it? Do I need to make an individual order or does it automatically get sent out without me doing anything? I'm assuming I don't have to do anything but I want to make sure.
  4. janel kelly

    Whats going on?

    I normally have to log back in every five minutes onto this site if I step away, but the past couple of days I haven't had to log in at all. Its been putting me in automatically. Not that I'm complaining, its kind of nice...
  5. janel kelly

    Handle on chilzanne?

    I had a show last Thursday and there was a guest there that asked where the handles for the chilzanne were that you could buy. Of course I had no clue what she was talking about. I have never heard if we had handles for the chilzanne. She described it as a handle you could attach onto the lid of...
  6. janel kelly

    Does anyone else have a child with eczema? My son is 7 months old and

    Does anyone else have a child with eczema? My son is 7 months old and has had it on his little cheeks since he was 6 weeks old. I thought it would go away but it is still as bad as ever. He has it bad on his knee pits too. We have a military doctor so you can imagine how much help I've gotten...
  7. janel kelly

    Can I pay a supply order with my pampered chef dollars?

    I was planning on doing this, but I can't find anywhere on my non-commissioned order where I input the PC dollars. I'd like to put the order in today. Does anyone know how to do this?
  8. janel kelly

    Iced coffee recipe in the quick stir?

    Does anyone know of an iced coffee recipe for the quick stir. I looked at the quick stir recipe in the files section but the only coffee recipe was the frosty latte. Someone had made some a few days ago and when I asked her what it was she said it was a pampered chef recipe for the quick stir. I...
  9. janel kelly

    Outlet Store changed on our websites?

    Did they change how to get to the outlet store on our websites. I put a how to get to the outlet store in the news section on my website. Before when I clicked on "Our Products" I would get 2 options and option 2 was "place an order" and when I clicked on that a list of things which included the...
  10. janel kelly

    Buying new products question?

    Does anyone know what the different packages of new products will be available for us to buy if we didn't earn them?
  11. janel kelly

    So sorry!

    Ok, I feel so stupid. I just realized today when I came on this site that we have private messages we can check. I never knew that. I have been a member for over a year and had 14 messages I never knew I had. So I just wanted to say sorry to anyone who sent me a private message because I...
  12. janel kelly

    Panorama deadline

    I want to redeem my panorama points but I want to wait to see if my show tomorrow has any cookware sales. The only thing is if I close the show on May 31st my panorama point wouldn't be up for a few days. Do we have to redeem our points by the 31st or do we have a couple weeks in June to redeem...
  13. janel kelly

    Help Whip Clips

    Can someone tell me if the help whip clips that are guest special are magnetic. I assumed they were but I have a customer who wants to know and I don't want to tell her they are and then be wrong. Thanks!
  14. janel kelly

    Tracking panorama points

    I was told and I read that we would be able to see how many panorama points we have earned so far on consultants corner today. I can't find the tracker for the points. I click on view panorama points but its just shows which cookware we earn with a certain amount of points. I also thought we...
  15. janel kelly

    Baster question

    I don't have the baster and I had a guest at my show yesterday ask me a question about the baster and I really can't remember her exact question. I think she was wondering if our baster sucks the juice back up into it whenever you squeeze it. I think she is looking for a baster that doesn't do...
  16. janel kelly

    Cutting board question

    Through my year of being with pampered chef I've heard about our cutting boards being made out of polyethalyn or however you spell it and how it keeps germs from being absorbed into the board. I've been told that restaurants are required to not use wooden cutting boards because they absorb...
  17. janel kelly

    Files idea

    Greg, I don't know if this idea is too big a project or not but would it be possible to have an organized "Files Section" Such as all the theme show fliers in one folder, advertising fliers in a folder, games in a folder, etc. It is hard to find files I've seen before because its 73 pages...
  18. janel kelly

    Form for exchanging broken items

    Isn't there a form we can give our customers so they can return to exchange a broken item? I have a customer that says her kitchen shears she purchased in the summer is having problems with the spring. I know we have the replacement part form we can give them but she would need a whole new pair...
  19. janel kelly

    Does anybody know...

    Can I do the turtle fudge skillet cake in the 10 inch skillet? Maybe I could do it with a smaller box of cake mix? Has anyone tried to use the smaller skillet and how did you adjust the recipe so it would fit. Thanks!
  20. janel kelly

    I can't find the brownie pizza recipe!

    I have a host that wants to do the Brownie Pizza for her show on Saturday and for the life of me I cannot find the recipe for it. I can find the banana split brownie pizza and peanutty brownie pizza but I can't find the recipe for the regular brownie pizza. Does anyone have it and are willing to...
  21. janel kelly

    Conference booking notes

    I got this document with notes from a booking class at conference in my e-mail today. It is GREAT! If you have a few minutes take some time to read it.
  22. janel kelly

    Higher priced items

    I can't seem to get anyone at my shows to buy the higher priced items. I don't know if people I've had shows for are cheap or I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. Like the ultimate slice and grate. I show and demonstrate it at my shows and talk about how much I love it and everyone always...
  23. janel kelly

    I just recieved a PC show invitation...

    and this is the first time I've gotten one since being a consultant. I looked on the invite and the consultant doing this show is one of our directors- not mine personally but she is in our cluster. My question is can I actually go to her show and order since I'm a consultant? It doesn't make...
  24. janel kelly

    Watermelon Cake

    I got this recipe in my e-mail today. I thought it was the cutest cake and perfect for summer. I think it could possibly be adapted with using pampered chef tools maybe at a show. The cake could be made in the stones ahead of time. It was just a thought and it was too cute not to post on this...
  25. janel kelly

    Septembers specials

    I was told what Septembers host and guest special is, but am not sure how true it is. Can I post it to ask or is that something I have to wait after conferences to ask?
  26. janel kelly

    Tea party show

    I have a host that wants to do a tea party theme show. I have a couple flyers about it but would like a couple of ideas for recipes or anything else anyone has done at this type of show. I thought about ordering the tea from the catalogue for the guests to try and make some kind of baked good to...
  27. janel kelly

    Dissappointing show

    I had my first tempting tapas show today. I was really excited about it. I host coached as good as you can host coach. I called her last night and she said there may up to 10 people there which made me even more excited because I was hoping to get alot of bookings to fill up my July and August...
  28. janel kelly

    Seasonal Inspirations

    I was just curious to know if anyone uses the seasonal inspiration ideas and flyers they have on the PC website at their shows. If anyone does I would be intersted in how you use them, talk about them, promote them, ect.. If you use them do you have alot of success with it?
  29. janel kelly

    Recipe exchange...

    HI ladies, I'm going to a MOPS recipe exchange this weekend and I want to take a really good PC recipe with me. I'm hoping that maybe I can get some people to notice and ask which of course leads into a conversation about PC which leads to bookings... ect.. Does anybody know of a really eye...
  30. janel kelly

    I need help!

    Can anybody, real quick, tell me how to make a separate order through pampered partner. I haven't done it before and I can't find how to do it on pampered partner. Its not for a show its just an order for someone. I can't get ahold of my recruiter or director to ask them and I really want to put...